Track Tested by Edmunds: BMW X6 M 0-60 4.3 sec

BMW X6 M | October 7th, 2009 by 9
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We’re glad to see that some automobile magazines are starting to agree with us. Back in July when we drove the new BMW X6 M, …

We’re glad to see that some automobile magazines are starting to agree with us. Back in July when we drove the new BMW X6 M, our initial impression was extremely positive. Driving the car on a race track showed us what it can really do and those that compared it to the X6 xDrive50i, are far from the truth.

The X6 M is not a slightly upgrade over the 50i, but rather a fairly new vehicle, engineered by the talented people at Motorsport. While we didn’t have the possibility to time its 0-60mph performance, the fellows over at Straigthline are here to satisfy our curiosity.

In their track test, the BMW X6 M ran from 0 to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds, but that’s not all, the overall handling and dynamics managed to leave a positive impression on them. Let’s see what they have to say:

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“When BMW introduced the idea of the SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) with the original X5, we scoffed appropriately. Then we drove it and were shocked that the ungainly beast was not ungainly at all. Then BMW took it a bit further and rolled out the X6. It appeared even more useless, yet it, too, was a surprisingly entertaining drive.

BMW didn’t stop there, of course, as it rolled out Motorsport versions of both the X5 and the X6 earlier this year. There was no good reason for them to exist, but BMW went ahead and built them anyway. After testing the X6 M, we’re glad BMW took the time.

You see, this X6 is so fast that its odd looks, big sticker and pointless existence don’t really matter. You simply have to respect it for what it can do. And we’re not just talking about going fast in a straight line. It stops and turns amazingly well, too. It’s a triumph of engineering over design and marketing. Just take a look at the numbers if you don’t believe us.”

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9 responses to “Track Tested by Edmunds: BMW X6 M 0-60 4.3 sec”

  1. ferrarifan says:

    Actually, it’s the 60-0 I am impressed with. A jaw dropping 107ft!

  2. badger says:

    Who is the BMW X6M for?
    Seems like BMW have entered the new M Sav into a market which does not exist.

  3. 100$ GUY says:

    I gotta say I am hugely impressed with the all around perfomance of this bavarian machine….just wow, my jaw dropped and I can´t shut my mouth yet lol.
    Really, this is vastly superior than the cayenne turbo (his main competitor given prices) and even superior than the turbo S that costs like $40k more….
    Goodness, bmw is the king of perfomance SUVs right now, no doubt.
    How could someone prefer the cayenne? Im sorry only if u are deaf,blind, or just a moron. At least that is my opinion.
    It just too quick….too fast and quick….oh my God.

  4. elitecrete says:


    I own a 2008 BMW X5 3.0, a 2004 Porsche Cayenne Turbo and previously owned a 2003 BMW M3 and I have to say that Porsche makes a much better vehicle than BMW.

  5. mike says:

    Porche aka volkswagon will never be better than BMW

  6. aj says:

    You have not idea how good this SAV SUV what ever the name is; It is absolutely amazing. It puts most sports cars to shame and it drives very well in the snow. I had it for a few weeks now and im loving it even more. If you have a sports car, try not to pull up for a race, you’ll try to find a logical reason why you just lost. If you engage in a highway battle, you’ll end up selling the ferrari. THis car is a beast and is undeniably the fastest and scariest SUV on the planet.
    All you people who just like to post for the sake of posting, you need to really understand the technology and the advancement that this car has.
    There’s a reason why all the bmw , porsch and Merc guys are trashing it. THIS 5400LB car if not beat them , it can come pretty close to them. They call this car Darth Vadar, I wonder why.
    Don’t believe the people who make arguments like 1. Not Room 2. Can go offroad, Bla Bla BLa. Its all talk. Once you have it. All that goes out the door..

  7. aj says:

    Sorry, I wasn’t directing the comments to you people who just posted. I was actually answering on a racing forum but posted here by mistake. OOPs.

    Its a great SAV. Love it. Don’t race against it. Its idiot proof too.

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