Rumor: BMW 0 Series based on next MINI platform?

Rumors | October 7th, 2009 by 14
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The latest print edition of Car Magazine features a story on BMW’s plans to build a 0-Series model based on the next generation MINI platform. …

The latest print edition of Car Magazine features a story on BMW’s plans to build a 0-Series model based on the next generation MINI platform. The rumor – yes..still a rumor to us – is certainly not new, back in 2007, Forbes reported that a new BMW City vehicle will roll out in the future as a response to Audi’s A1 model.

The so-called “BMW 0-Series”, a naming convention that we find hard to believe it will ever see the daylight, will be based on the third-generation MINI platform, therefore, it will be a front-wheel drive car. Internally the project is refered as UKL1, short for Untere Kompactklasse, and is scheduled for a market release in 2013.

0-Series will slot between the new 1 Series and MINI, and will directly competing with aforementioned Audi A1 and Mercedes A-Class.

438924865 655x328The “0-Series” will supposedly come in three different body styles: a three-door hatch, five-door hatch and a two-seat roadster. Power would come from brand new 3 and 4 cylinder engines, a measure of compliance with the latest fuel efficiency requirements.

To speculate even further, the magazine mentions that the BMW 0-series will likely be built at the MINI plant in Oxford, U.K.

We’re classifying this as a rumor at this point, but there were plenty of reports in the past suggesting a similar vehicle. We also know that BMW’s plans tend to change quite often and also, the 0 Series naming convention does not make sense from a marketing perspective.

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14 responses to “Rumor: BMW 0 Series based on next MINI platform?”

  1. YD says:

    From the marketing perspective, 0 series naming is possible – if it will be an electric or fuel cell car, meaning – A zero (get it?) CO2 emission car.

    • Lance says:

      Sorry but I don’t think a 0 Series is all that attractive! I think it is kind of STUPID. It’s be different if the car was named BMW ZERO. But a 016i? Please! I don’t want to tell someone that I drive a 0 Series, it’d be a different story if it was BMW ZERO.

      • AutoCritical says:

        I don’t think naming this car should be a stumbling block to a potential new client base. Our creative friends at BMW should be able to come up with something savvy.

        Its always good to see smallER cars making it to market, as the small cars of the past get bigger over time (generally speaking).

  2. dennis says:

    yee i read this today and i think its good that bmw are making a smaller model than 1 series… aparantly its to rival the baby audi concept…

  3. Vaybach Khan says:

    im not glad bmw making a smaller car of 1 series…bmw have mini for that….or they should use isseta name for the class,and all different design approach ,then its ok…

  4. clast says:

    i think there just overdoing it right now with everything

  5. I think they’re loosing sight of who they really are. The 5 GT was ALRIGHT, the SAV’s up to a certain point are alright, but this is just absurd. I was upset about the 1 series, and the 0 series is worse. I don’t think the name is what people want as status (“Oh yeah, I have a BMW 0 series.” “Oh, you mean 0 class?”)

    I also think they’re loosing their head with just how heavy and big these cars really are getting to be. I’m not saying they can’t grow in size, but they lost their minds! I looked at those new 6 series spy photos, it’s a boat! Most of the time, they can pull it off, but I’m scared to see just how really big they’re going to get in the next few generations.

    Sorry to babble, but just my 2 cents…

  6. Ramon Juarez says:

    I think it’s a nice idea, and an X0 would an interesting thing, too.

  7. Tine says:

    What a BS by CAR.

    No 0er, and no BMW built in Oxford! Pure wet dreams by UK carmagazines. BMW even consider to move some MINI production to Germany since Oxford plant is already at full capacity – and BMW have no intention to expand it again.

    UKL is just a code for new MINI platform. Nothing more.

  8. Tine says:

    Btw, eg. RR Phantom ASF platform is also listed as BMW platform (internally @ BMW AG) – yet no BMW car is built on that platform whatsoever.

    So are the Prince (MINI) engines – also nothing to do with BMW brand, just MINI.

    Regarding the future platforms: they will be modular & very flexible & fully compactible with hybrid / electric drives. Meaning: the platforms are design to feature either battery or engine (ICE or electric) on any possible location: front, middle, or rear.

  9. David says:

    When you say “internally the project is referred to as UKL1” where exactly are you talking about. Because that makes it sound like internally at the actual BMW company. So if it is being discussed at BMW, then its not a rumor is it?

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Well, that’s part of the rumor, we’re just relating what Car Magazine said. I’m still not sure about this whole new project since we haven’t heard anything recently, We did learn in the past about similar plans, but mostly around a MegaCity vehicle.

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