BMW. Jump for Joy. Part 2 – A “stab” at Audi

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The BMW Joy campaign has been a heated subject on here, some people enjoyed the new viral videos, while others are being reluctant to the …

The BMW Joy campaign has been a heated subject on here, some people enjoyed the new viral videos, while others are being reluctant to the image the new campaign portrays on BMW, but truth is, we enjoy the videos and we believe this campaign is fun, personal and dissipates the “corporate cloud” around the brand.

While the first Jump for Joy video focuses only on BMW and its customers, the second viral goes a bit further and takes fun poke at Audi, a continuation of the “Billboard War” started earlier this year by a California based BMW dealership and reported first by us.

The first minute or so of this video is identical to the first one, but it builds up to the point where……well, we won’t spoil the surprise….

Thanks for the tip Markus!

28 responses to “BMW. Jump for Joy. Part 2 – A “stab” at Audi”

  1. BMW Driver says:

    What a stupid ad.

  2. Parker says:

    HAH! I liked that ending much more :)

  3. Lariv says:

    That is a fabulous advert.

  4. It’s awesome, but the whole point is something utterly different but so true – Audi is trying too hard to be something it actually isn’t.

    • Auday says:

      if it’s not a threat what so ever than BMW wouldn’t have put it in this adv. Audi is getting closer, and if you ask me, Audi is closer to bmw than it ever had been, not only because they are doing very good, but because BMW is doing bad. 10 years ago I wouldn’t have even thought of Audi.

      • wazon says:

        Why do people forget so easly that most of BMW cars that are actually in sale, are cars which generation is ending? It’s little wonder that RS6 is faster than M5 E60 since M5 is 5 years old construction, similar goes for 3-er which is still better from brand new A4 when you compare diesels and top petrol engines. Anyway, BMW is not doing bad. They are ambitious, they produce technologically advanced engines, which are totally brand new construction when compared to previous engines, whereas Audi still provides the same 4.2 litre with new packages. They did similar with 1.9TDi which was offered to customers for almost 10 years. If someone is doing bad here, it’s not BMW. Take newer models: is TT better than Z4 2009? Is Q7 better than X6 or X5? Is S5 better than 335i e92?

        BTW, Audi recognized that it’s not good period for V10 bi-turbo and they’re planning to change it on V8 bi-turbo with similar power. I guess that there will be huge turbo lag in it, since BMW has pathent on most responsive charged engine that has ever been provide.

      • They are a threat – but for showroom appeal only. There is no doubt that Audi is doing a great PR job because some people are even convinced that Audi is more prestige than BMW.

  5. Cereb says:

    Dumb ad. Did they cange their agency?

  6. dennis says:

    brilliant ad.. lol at audi cars…

  7. Artemiy says:

    Absolutely fabulous! Those BMW guys really have an awesome sense of humour.

  8. wazon says:

    Pretty funny ad, it reveals something really true about Audi – their cars are really boring to drive and overpriced as rivals for BMW.
    First comes from well known facts: you can get more powerful models only with 4×4; their handling is rather poor due to understeering since they have engine installed on front axle and balanace of mass is in most cases 55/45.
    Second comes from the two facts: (1) best selling models which are also lower models from palette, are totally composed from VW parts. Most of parts for A4 match to Passat or Seat and that make their “premium” cars looking ridiculous; (2) developement of technology is poor. In top models you can still find 4.2 litre V8 in which only packages change. I saw this engine first in 2002 as far as I remember. Their turbo technology hasn’t improved too much – it relied on the same traditional two turbos in sequence construction. Contrary to it, you can learn that BMW is developing all the time, they exchange their engines despite the fact that they could go easier way by simply charging them. But it’s something that is in contrdiction with BMW’s philosophy. They always provide most advanced engines: 3.2 inline 6 from M3 e46 was amazing, but 4.0 V8 from M3 e92 amazes even more. V10 from M5 e60 is greatest N/A engine ever made, but V8tt is the best and the most innovative charged engine so far. Similar goes for ActiveHybrid, how much does it differ from each hybrid that was sold so far?
    Audi – boring to drive and poor developement of technology, but they have great marketing developement.

  9. Adam says:

    Audi drivers are the biggest A-holes!

    Great ad.

  10. msosa says:

    jajajajajajajaj :P :D :) wooww bmw

  11. L. Hamilton says:

    I only say one thing

    AUDI R8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 100$ GUY says:

    Hey wason this article is for u and it shows what audi can do and in fact is doing today:*

    Read how it surpasses the bmw 335i in all around perfomance, with a competitive price vrs the bmw (it can be bought at the same or nearly same price of the bimmer) and it even says good bye to the 4.2L V8 u just cant stop talking about.

  13. 100$ GUY says:

    And forgot to say, achieves all that even thou it has awd, weighs about 400 pounds more and ……it even has better fuel economy.
    Now isnt that something special?
    Bmw has a great car in the 335i but now has a very worthy rival, and it is an audi.

    • wazon says:

      Better fuel economy than what? Than 335i or 335xi? It doesn’t have. 335i(335xi) is claimed to need 6.7(7.1)litre/100km on autobahn and 13.2(14.1) in the city, whereas Audi needs 7.3litre/100km on Autobahn and 13.7/100km in city. I don’t see it’s better than neighter of BMWs.

      Indeed it has overall better performance on paper: it’s faster both on 0-100km/h and 0-200km/h, has more torgue, more power, has better time than 335i e90 on Hockenheim Short, perhaps has better responviness than 335i (however I still wonder whether 35i in brand new 7-er has greater resposiveness than in 3-er, after all engine was improved since his 2006), but still it cannot offer to you the fun of drive that you can find in 335i, just because it still has some poor balance of mass and awd, which even offer less fun than xi.

      And engine: I don’t see much improvement in it when I look on its characteristic. It has max torgue at 2900rpm which is pretty poor achievement when you take max torgue of 335i at 1300rpm. Morover, Audi has its max. power at 5500rpm, whereas 335i achieves it at 5800rpm. These stats suggest to me than BMW has indeed better engine.

      And finally: don’t forget that S4 B8 is 2009 construction whereas 335i was introduced in 2005. It’s pretty normal and expectable that car from next generation will be better than cars from previous. Wait a little bit on new 3-er and we will see where BMW is and where Audi is. After all, 3-er serie starts in 2004 and right now it’s rather on the end of its generation than in its strongest time. You can easly recognized that e90 surpass in all areas A4 B7 which was its most direct rival. Audi did something rather unusual bacause they switched to new generation after 4 years, most of producer change their cars after 6 or 7 years of production, so it’s pretty normal that they gained some advantage over 4 years construction.

  14. michael says:

    who says germans don’t have a sense of humour!

    that’s funny :)

  15. Very smart of them to not include the Audi R8 because that is one of the nicest cars.

  16. kc5486 says:

    Best. Advert. Ever.

    we all know audi is a good car but just plain isnt nearly as much fun as a BMW, this advert demonstrates this perfectly. Keep it up BMW!

  17. 100$ GUY says:

    Wazon, since u didnt understand. Check this one out*

    Again, that is why audi is important, audi is moving forward, thats why they stab at audi and other commenters here talk about audi, that is it. No big deal. Its

    Check the USA numbers for fuel economy by the way. Its very easy to understand that.

    I know for someone like you would be difficult to acknowledge how strong is audi now, but try it, competition is always good.

    And well, its because u think stuff like these:

    In top models you can still find 4.2 litre V8 in which only packages change. I saw this engine first in 2002 as far as I remember
    Audi – boring to drive and poor developement of technology

    But reality is showing you otherwise….just open your mind. :)

  18. nsiba says:

    Beemer rules

  19. Jom Beam says:

    The jump Pt2 one…Dunno what I’d do if I owned an X5 and the wife was standing on the roof…and that guy jumping into a 1 series cabrio, that isn’t even his…. LMAO

  20. Spade says:

    I love BMW’s, but this really was a bad advertising. BMW should focus on making better advertising, showing how good their cars are and what they offer, rather than poking fun at their rivals. 

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