Gallery: The BMW X1 at the media launch in Leipzig

3-Series, BMW X1 | October 1st, 2009 by 5
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We’re a bit far from the BMW Leipzig plant in Germany, but that doesn’t stop us from offering you live news directly from the source. …

We’re a bit far from the BMW Leipzig plant in Germany, but that doesn’t stop us from offering you live news directly from the source.

Our editor Benny over at, takes a trip at the factory where BMW will built their latest Sports Activity Vehicle. Built on the 3 Series platform, BMW X1 is the new entry-level SAV that plans to conquer a new market for BMW.

Exhibition vehicles were sporting the same colors as the ones seen at Frankfurt Auto Show, the now classy Alpine White and the new Marrakesh Brown color. In display, there was also the gorgeous Deep Sea Blue paint that made its debut with the new Z4 Roadster.

bmw x1 leipzig 23 655x491In addition to the extensive photo gallery, we have received some information on the Performance Control in the BMW X1.  You might notice that “dynamic” word missing before the “Performance Control” and that’s not an omission.

This system is known as a stripped down version of the one found in the BMW X6 and the M-variants of X5 and X6. But it would be a mistake to believe that the system is less sophisticated in the X1.

As with the “Dynamic Performance Control” , the system found in the BMW X1 gives more power which improves turn-in. Unlike the BMW X6 , the mechanical component is not responsible for this, but the system is improved  through the extensive software capabilities of the all-wheel-drive system.

To reinforce this effect even further, the inner wheel is automatically braked slightly. The effect is therefore essentially identical to the one of the BMW X6, but the solution in the X1 is much more cost effective.

One other thing we learned was regarding to the question about the “old” automatic gear shifter: there is a reason why BMW has not installed the newer and much more modern optical lever. Technically it would have been quite possible, but there is no new technology behind it that will take advantage of the new gear shifter. From an aesthetic point of view, the new shifter is more appealing, but BMW decided against using a new label on an existing product.

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As far as the interior design, the xDrive23d in these photos comes with the Premium Package, leather and wood trim. Automatically the luxury level has been raised and in our opinion, it is at the same level as the ones in the 1 Series and even the 3er models. In the end, the X1 was built for the pleasure to drive and won’t serve as a limousine. The 5 GT and 7 Series have that area covered.

5 responses to “Gallery: The BMW X1 at the media launch in Leipzig”

  1. Giom says:

    I must admit, from the photographs the interior looks like good quality to me. It actually looks very nice. Can’t wait to see one up close and personal.

  2. wazon8 says:

    Agree with you, Giom. Interior looks like it’s good quality to me too. Althogh since I haven’t seen this car yet, I cannot assess how it feel when toutched. What do you think Horatiu?

  3. Lance says:

    That last article from the newsletter tonight is suggesting that the interior is of poor quality. From these pictures, it looks good to e. I think it comes down to the colour as well. Lighter interiors always have a better feel as opposed to black interior. If this whole interior was black with a slab of titanium matt plastic in the middle, I’d think it’s very cheap. So for those of you considering this car, stick to the high gloss wood trim and beige interior or else you’d make you passengers feel like they are sitting in a Toyota.

    Another point about the inrterior colour combo: That centre airvent with the wood surrounding does not go. Black and wood is not good together. They would have at least put a thin silver or chrome strip in between the two. Attention to detail is lacking!!! The two blakc panels next to the radio and air-con should not have been black! It cheapens the look – don’t these people think of other alternatives before putting the thing together??? Otherwise it’s a good interior that looks high class.

    As for the deep Sea Blue – that colour looks so much better on the Z4 – maybe becasue the Z4 is not surrounded by cheap matt plastics! Just to show you how premium BMW wanted to make this vehicle! Clearly NOT!

    As for the gear lever! Well, thanks BMW, thanks for telling us that this car is put together using old technology. I mean, we all know that the electronics, gearbox, etc. are all from the first generation 1 Series back in the days of 2004, which feeds through into the current 1 and 3 Series, which (can you believe it) is about to be something of the past in about a year or two’s time. So for those potential buyers of the X1 out there, you are technically buying soon to be outdated technology because the new generation 1and 3 Series with completely new systems are about to be launched. Would you wait for the latest soon to be available or buy this piece of old technology soono to be replaced?

    To conclude, it is amazing how BMW can still think that they are able to afford to keep the best away from customers. In this highly competitive world that we live in today, there is no place for stupid business and marketing practices like these. By the time BMW brings out the “new style” gear lever for the X1, Audi and Merc would have something much better. So wait on BMW! In the mean time, wile you think you have a new car, people flock to the Q5 as the exterior is more elegant than the X1. While think you have something in your pocket and try to only bring it out at a later stage (currently nice looking gear lever, which could have been used to light up the interior and techno feel of the X1), it is slowly becming obsolete as other manufacturers are developing something better.

    The otehr side of the coin is that theywant to keep cost donw by giving customers something cheaper.

    • wazon says:

      You have some very good points, however I have to disagree about outdating technology.

      X1 18d is not even supposed to be technologically innovative in a similar way as 316i or 318i are not. But this car will be pretty cheap vehicle to maintain and it’s prehaps its important marketing feature. Similar goes for 20d.

      But X1 23d is part of great brand new technology which will be applied in future 1-er, 3-er and even 5-er as BMW will keep 35i for future models eighter. This engine was introduced year or two ago, so it won’t be outdating soon.

      I doubt that people would choose Q5 over X1, mainly because these cars come from different segments and price difference between them is pretty big. Brand new X3 gonna be Q5’s rival and I believe that it gonna be better in terms of technology and quality.

  4. Alan says:

    Is it me, but it seems the rear legrooms on the photo seems rather tight?

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