BMW fan talks about his new X6 M

BMW X6 M | October 1st, 2009 by 7

The “M Sports Activity twins”, BMW X5 M and X6 M, have recently started to arrive at U.S. dealerships and some lucky owners already entered …

The “M Sports Activity twins”, BMW X5 M and X6 M, have recently started to arrive at U.S. dealerships and some lucky owners already entered into possession of the first all-wheel-drive M car ever built by BMW.

Since some of you might be reluctant to believe in the objectivity of the automobile magazines when it comes to these two controversial M models, we decided to go straight to a BMW owner that could share his personal opinion of the car. In this case, the BMW X6 M. SandmanTR from Xoutpost posted the following review:

“A bit of background history on me. When the X6 hit the market, I fell instantly in love with it. There was no question about it. But I do agree with most: You either love it or hate it.

As an X5 owner for quite some time, I was excited to see BMW create a coupe version of the SUV/SAV line so I was beside myself when BMW announced an ///M version for both of these great vehicles. We canceled our plans to order a MY2010 X6 and held on till someone (dealer) knew enough about the ///M version so we could place our order and start the waiting game for delivery.

We were struggling to get a call back from a handful of dealers and 2 weeks ago I found a So Cal dealer that just happened to have the “exact” config we wanted on the showroom floor with 6 miles on it and no test drives. More importantly, they actually called us back to set up a meet and greet. So away we went to see if we could put a deal together. Long story shot, we did…

…fast forward 2 weeks to today.

The vehicle is nothing short of AMAZING or M-AZING if you will. My office is about 14 miles from my house but I find myself driving about 35 to get to it and about the same on my way home. I just don’t want to stop driving her. It’s that BIG of a grin generator.

A couple of quick notes from my stand point:

Power – Low end torque and no turbo lag whatsoever. Can’t wait to try the launch control after 1200 miles. I’m truly amazed at what BMW accomplished with this engine.

Technology – The new iDrive with Top View Camera system is light years ahead of the old iDrive system and a welcome change. It’s fast and looks great!

Ride – Without the “M” button enabled, the ride is quite nice and smooth. With the “M” button mashed is usually where I choose to go and it rides like you think it would. Tight all around.

Seats – The sport seats work out very well for me. No discomfort at all and fit me extremely well for a guy that’s 6’4”.

Color – I’ve always been a sucker for Alpine White, nothing more to say on that topic. The interior is Bamboo/Black. It’s a great color combination.

Looks – It’s a head turner for sure. The X6M’s stance just looks mean as hell to me. It always has.

Exhaust – Without the “M” button mashed it’s pretty quiet but sounds great. With the “M” button mashed it just sounds mean. I’m at about 700 miles and I have noticed that the note is starting to change a bit. It’s getting deeper and is producing more bass.

For all the people out there that are on the fence about this purchase. Do it! You won’t regret it at all.”

We’re looking forward to more reviews in the upcoming weeks, including one of our own as soon as we take possession of the X6 M. We’ve already tested the car on track and it left us raving about it. Would we feel the same driving it in an urban environment? We’ll find out soon.

[Source: Xoutpost ]

7 responses to “BMW fan talks about his new X6 M”

  1. Jordan says:

    I’d love to experience for myself what the new turbo engines that BMW has come out with are actually like. i’ve heard great things about them and i know from experience the 335i is a great engine. I’ve not been a big fan of turbo at all, but lately i’ve been starting to actually read about it and get to know it and it just seems like they can be great engines. I think once the bias has worn off that turbo engines have lots of lag and aren’t really good for performance driving, and ppl get an education about the history of turbo engines and their background in racing, there will be broader acceptance. us North American’s love our big engines and I do as well, but having a light, efficient, and powerful turbo engine combined with a light chassis and car will give fantastic acceleration as well as handling. weight is the biggest enemy of performance. and like ppl say that there is no replacement for displacement…. there is no compensation for weight!

  2. Frederik says:

    This may sound silly, but when living in Europe, it’s pretty important: what’s the consumption?

    And does it always guzzle gas, even when you’re driving calmly?

    I really like the X6M, but I don’t feel like getting gas every other day.

    Does anyone have an idea when it will become available in Europe? You can configure it on the UK BMW site, but that’s about it.

  3. Babken says:

    Dear Frederik,

    If you buy a car with an initial price of EUR90000, the consumption should not be a question.

  4. Aaron says:

    Closed the deal on my X5 M today… delivery tomorrow, it’s going to be a sleepless night!

  5. Horatiu says:

    Congratulations Aaron, we just returned our X5 M car. It was an amazing week

  6. Angelia says:

    I’m so jealous! I have the 2009 X6, Live in Los Angeles and have only seen 2 others here. I love this car/ truck… I understand some love it/ some hate it, but how could you hate it? Its stunning, sproty, mean and lean! what’s not to love. I am in a three year lease so hopefully the X6M will be my next BMW!

  7. Aaron says:

    Anyone having problems with Transmission, All wheel drive, and Stability systems? I’ve had my X5 M for less than 3 weeks and those systems are all randomly failing while driving! It’s happened 6 times now and it goes into reduced power mode and locks in 3rd gear so you can pull over. Restarting the engine clears the errors and it goes back to normal.

    I took it in for service and it spit out pages of error codes but they can’t find the source of the problem.

    Just curious if anyone else is having similar issues.

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