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We support the BMW Joy campaign and some may ask why. Is it because it’s cool to jump on the bandwagon? Or is it because …

We support the BMW Joy campaign and some may ask why. Is it because it’s cool to jump on the bandwagon? Or is it because the new bimmers inspire joy and emotion?

A little bit of both, but we mostly support the “Joy” theme because it’s different, viral and shows that BMW is quickly adapting to the new online media tools, embracing popular platforms like Youtube, Twitter or Facebook.

It shows that BMW has learned how to connect with the new digital generation as well, taking advantage of videos and tweets to spread content and reach a broader audience. TV ads still work, same with print, but online advertising is where things happen these days. Results can be measure, interaction with consumers and fans can be created within minutes, and most important, it creates a more personal connection between the brand and its advocates. The formal communication slowly fades out while informal, spontaneous talks arise, but still keeping the professional level at high standards.

Looking at the latest viral video released on BMW’s Youtube Channel, we can see some inspiration from the MINI campaigns and once again, that feeling of openness that comes with Joy.

So, we will continue to support the campaign without jumping into a debate whether the new BMW vehicles  “inspire” Joy or simply are more relevant to slogans like Ultimate Driving Machine, Sheer Pleasure and others. In the end, we all know that BMW stands for joy to drive or pleasure to ride, and that’s something that we think it will never change.

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  1. The Lee says:

    I’ve always thought that “Ultimate Driving Machine” was a dead-on way to describe BMW’s brand image, and their vehicles. This whole “joy” campaign just seems too… well, honestly, it simply reeks of them trying just too damned hard to be trendy.

    How many current BMW products spew “joy”? Can a vehicle be both austere, typically monochromatic and joyful at the same time? Does a 750iL spew “fun”? Is a 128i quirky? Does an X5 have a care-free character?

    I simply can’t buy into the “joy” marketing campaign. I don’t think that’s what BMW is, what they’ve ever been (aside from maybe the isetta), or what they necessarily should be. That’s not their market.

    • Jag says:

      The global slogan of BMW is “Sheer Driving Pleasure”, and from “driving pleasure” to “joy” is a decent evolution. IMO, it means you don’t only have the pleasure of dring a BMW but also the joy of owning it, using it daily and being inspired by it to do “extraordinary” things (although after watching the video above you may say “crazy” :P).
      Other manufacturers, Infinity for example, have copy BMW style. That means BMW has nothing to do with “trying to be trendy”, it is the trend – or at least, the trend maker.

      • The Lee says:

        Perhaps you misunderstood what I meant when I said they appear to be trying too damned hard to be trendy.

        I’m not saying that they are designing their cars by ripping off the work of others (although every single car company in business is most-definitely guilty of that). I’m saying the ad campaign is a ripoff of the same BS that “trendy” ad agencies have been spewing at us for years. “Hey, check out our cars! You can buy happiness with us at your local ______ dealership! See? Even the actors in our commercials are doing seemingly ridiculous things because our cars have brightened their moods so much!”

        That, to me, is ridiculous and a little below BMW’s brand image. VW and Mazda (as Jag mentioned) have both gone down this route because that’s their brand image. Cheap and cheerful (to borrow a Clarksonism) cars that are typically light, nimble, available in bright abnormal colors, quirky design components… Not BMW’s typical black/white/gray tanks with utilitarianly austere interiors and subdued exterior design components.

        “Sheer driving pleasure” and simply “joy” don’t really translate into the same feelings, or at least they don’t to me. BMW has a reputation for building responsive RWD cars. That’s pretty well-known. They can be a pleasure to drive. To say that they’re jovial, though, just doesn’t fit into the personality that their cars actually posses. That’s like saying an Audi or Mercedes is “playful and light-hearted” when it’s just not the truth. Neither are, nor does BMW make vehicles that exude “joy” from every orifice IMO.

    • Auday says:

      I’m with you Lee, this is a good ad for Mazda or maybe VW. I dont see it improving BMW picture at all. I

  2. The Lee says:

    All inferences from the term “joy” aside, the commercial doesn’t tell me that BMWs are a joy to drive. It tells me that whomever came up with that idea had an unhealthy fascination with the Dukes Of Hazzard. The clip spent the vast majority of the time showing people preparing to enter their vehicles. If they were truly a “joy” to drive, wouldn’t the actors forgo such foolish time-wasting and just get in their cars instead of stretching on the front lawn for 10 minutes when that time could be better served behind the wheel?

    If you want to convey that the vehicles are fun to drive, show me someone driving them. If you have to resort to imagery, show me someone that takes the 30 minute route to work when their office is in the same building they live in. Show me someone power sliding an M3 into their driveway. Show me people taking the back roads so they can enjoy the BMW’s superior handling while escaping the monotony of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Cliché, sure, but no more so than this stupid trendy “viral” crap with people doing everything but using the actual product advertised…

  3. guest says:

    Who funds this blog anyway?

    Just marketing fluff we’re seeing here. In regards to recent campaigns, I can agree with TheLee. A true driver will buy the right car regardless of this. I hope.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I fund the blog and work 40 hrs a week on it. I wish someone would fund us, but unfortunately, it’s mostly personal work and investment.

      With that being said, YES, Joy is a marketing campaign and as long as all the other auto blogs talk about it, we have no reason why we shouldn’t. In the end, we are BMW fans here and talk about the brand, with its good and bad parts.

      Btw, we talked about the MINI campaigns for a while too and they don’t fund us either.

      And don’t be afraid to leave your email, no one will delete your comments and we all conduct constructive conversations here.

      • Auday says:

        I totally agree that this video has to be here on this blog, its a bmw marketing campaign and this is a bmw blog that talks about everything bmw. what I dont agree with is “we support the BMW joy campaign”statement. I know it’s a personal view, but since it’s too controversial and so not BMW fans’ style, I would have just put it on and maybe said something in the end like “it might be a controversial one but I personally like it” instead of saying the “BMWBlog supports the campaign”, … my 2 cents

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Point taken. I’ll be more careful how I word posts in the future.

          • guest says:

            Sorry to come off like that. No disrespect to you, HB. I appreciate all your work. I wish I could have a 40hr passionate job like that. It’s good to stay anonymous and cookie free sometimes.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            No worries, I didn’t take it the wrong way, I see your point. I should have probably mentioned that this is my personal opinion. And yes, passionate job, but tough sometimes :) Soon we will have to expand and bring more people on board to help out, but that implies funding and with the economy these days…

            :) Cookie free. If you ever wanna get in touch, you can always use the contact form and I’ll make sure I will reply to the email.

            Thanks for your support, that’s one of the things that keeps me going with the blog.

  4. tony says:

    Why oh why is BMW now relying on gimmicky viral marketing? Not to mention poorly produced cgi.

    Sorry, but the new commercials for the 2010 E-series inspire much more confidence.

    As a BMW owner, this makes me a little wary of the brands direction, talking about everything other than the product they produce. Much like Microsoft and ‘Bing’, overproduced crap adverts that entirely miss the mark of what the product is designed to do.

    ‘Less but Better’ – Dieter Rams

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