Spy Photos: Next Alpina F10 B5 spotted

Spy Photos | September 29th, 2009 by 8

The new BMW 5 Series has not launched yet nor any official photos made their way into to the hands of the anxious BMW fans, …

The new BMW 5 Series has not launched yet nor any official photos made their way into to the hands of the anxious BMW fans, but the automobile manufacturing company based in Buchloe, Alpina, is already testing its own version of the 5 Series, codename B5.

Some of you might be surprised to see the Alpina B5 being so far into the testing process, but truth is that BMW’s ties with Alpina are very strong and their close collaboration has been known for years.

Sporting the same funky camouflage seen on the BMW test mules, Alpina B5 is already showing a more aggressive rear-end with wider side skirts. Now many of you might wonder how one can distinguish between this test mule and the BMW ones, and is it truly an Alpina car?

alpina b5 f10 655x491Well, there are a few things that gives it away. One, the oval shaped quad exhaust tips specific to Alpina. Second, no flared fenders and third, the license plate code says “OAL” which stands for Ostallgäu where the headquarters is located.

Unfortunately our detective skills only get us so far and we have no other information, but with the first spy photos out already, photographers will now keep an eye on these test mules as well.

[Source: Motor-talk.de ]

8 responses to “Spy Photos: Next Alpina F10 B5 spotted”

  1. CMack says:

    Cool! The new 5er is going to be amazing and this Alpina B5 looks sick! I hope they bring it stateside!

  2. Frederik says:

    I wonder if they’re putting another engine in too.

    After all, the current B5S is a tuned 4,4 twin turbo V8.

    If they want to keep up with the new M5, they’ll either have to tickle it really badly or put a new engine in it.

    Also I hope it doesn’t take too long before they can be delivered.

  3. Thijs says:

    @ Frederik

    The B5 will mos likely be powered by the same powerplant as can be found in the B7. The curent B5S is not the twin-turbo eninge but based on the powerplant of the 545i and has a single turbo.

  4. steven says:

    my GUESS is that the B5 will not be more powerful than the next M5…and it doesnt really have to either. it will, in its own way, slot between the 550 and M5, since it will be a unique, faster, more luxurious version of a loaded 550. it probably wont be as “loud” (in many ways) or full-on sport as the next M5. im guessing it will be priced accordingly.

    of course, if im wrong and it cost close to an M5, then it needs to have very close to, or more horsepower.

  5. viper says:

    I hope not 4.4 this time Im sick and tired of 4.4 , why not put a brand new big engine , for example BRABUS will build only 10 E classes with 800hp and

    it has more than 1000Nm of torque more than M3…thats insane and thats what I like about them , I hope Alpina will do something crazy too because everyone is talking about it , the Black Baron

    • The Lee says:

      So, what you’re saying is that Alpina should take a perfectly good BMW car and make it completely undrivable?

      Numbers are great. More torque and more horsepower does numbers for your e-penis while bragging to e-buddies. “Yeah, my Brabus puts out 900 ft-lbs of torque…”

      Take one out onto the highway, though. Push the throttle into the floorboard. See what happens. You’re either going absolutely nowhere as the traction control system pulls back the reigns and shuts down your fun, or you’re going to spin wildly into the nearest tree/street sign/light pole/convent full of orphan paraplegic nuns.

  6. Hantra says:

    I know you aren’t talking about that HIDEOUS E class with the Batman looking wheel covers. . . Makes me nauseous just thinking about it. .

    Regardless, it looks as if this new 5 is going to have the homogeneous Lexus LS tail lamps just like the new 7. Sad.

  7. Andrew says:

    I agree with Lee. Who cares if it has the most horsepower? Is it drivable? No? Great, now you’ve got a very expensive driveway knome.

    Odds are the B5S won’t come here as they don’t make enough and its expensive to federalize. Alpina, while still a full-on manufacturing group, probably doesn’t think its worth it to spend money on all of the testing a regulations you have to meet in order to sell cars in the U.S.

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