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Anne Forschner, a student at the German Pforzheim University, created a design exercise titled: BMW Lovos Concept. Anne, 24 years old, received a second bachelor’s …

Anne Forschner, a student at the German Pforzheim University, created a design exercise titled: BMW Lovos Concept. Anne, 24 years old, received a second bachelor’s degree and during the study period has been trained at the Munich studio of BMW, at California studio of Mazda, at the Mercedes studio.

The Lovos branding stands for Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity – a lifestyle of conscious simplicity. The project is a philosophical idea, critical thinking about design, construction and use of vehicles in their usual form. The designer noted that a world in which we live, more and more complicated, and in this chaos we forget to stop, look around and think, what influence we have the products and services and how they suppress us. The car is the world in the form of a physical object.

Body Lovos consists of 260 identical interchangeable particles contained in the hinges on the overall structure. These individual elements are mobile and can be closed, as fish scales, or open. Scales operate as an air brake, and turn with the sun, gathering energy through solar cells located on them. 12 scales, closing each wheel is also functional. As soon as the car begins to move, they change their position, moving into the wheel, creating a semblance of turbines.

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The interior is soft and warm, which makes the contrast with respect to the mechanical and technical appearance.

Anna portrays the theme of this concept as inspiring contrast, emotions and provocation.

An interesting approach to unconventional design and a great design exercise. We’ve seen in the past several BMW concepts created by independent artists, some of them sponsored by BMW and the creativity of these designers doesn’t stop to amaze us.

See the concept in our gallery below.

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17 responses to “Artist Project: BMW Lovos Concept”

  1. Brookside says:

    Clever, Fun & very creative.
    A similar kind of conceptual analysis (Gina Concept) to get professional designers to look at things differently. Free pass to coolness.

  2. Lance says:

    This car hurt my eyes! What a terrible thing to look at!

    • The Lee says:

      I agree.

      I’ll give her credit for the whole “outside the box” thing, but mechanically and aesthetically speaking I think it’s pretty horrid.

      Let’s put aside the aesthetics for a moment, since it’s very much eye-of-the-beholder. How many electric actuators does that thing use? Couple thousand little motors and switches to operate those panels? When we, as a society, figure out a way to make the comparably few we have in cars currently function reliably I’d consider possibly signing off on making such a monstrous electronic clusterf***. Until that point, it will be a maintenance nightmare.

      I understand the whole “look at what we could do” technological marvel thing. Cool. That’s freakin’ sweet that you can make a car look like Sonic The Hedgehog. Kudos. There comes a point in time, though, where you waste too many resources daydreaming about making an armadillo with 4 wheels when you could allocate those resources into coming up with implementable solutions for legitimate issues facing the automotive community now. And no, not having a vehicle that looks like a Stegosaurus isn’t one of those legitimate issues.

  3. kodey says:

    I have to say i dont really hate anything Bmw but wtf is up with this thing? its so ugly what is the point of it?

  4. Doug says:

    Yes, agreed, this is bizarre and ugly.

    However. Aesthetically (that’s a stretch.. let’s call it “Structurally…”) this is an exploration of BMW’s new design concept of a car having a “skin” that’s layered on top of the actual structural (load-bearing) and mechanical elements, such that you have an aesthetic/aerodynamic layer and the mechanical/structural layer revealed beneath it. This is especially evident on the Vision, but also on the M1 Homage, and in another direction the Gina.

    The actual benefits of all of the movable plates is questionable and just an exercise (and a wasteful one, as Lee says) in exploring a single solution for several converging needs/opportunities. Solar power is a little goofy, but the idea of active aerodynamics is a very interesting one. You could not just var downforce, but have profound effects on the control and balance of the car in many ways (with enough speed). Of course, this is totally impractical with so many moving parts. It would also totally suck trying to detail this thing.

    Also, note that the Aerospace industry experimented with tiny moving fish-scales on the wings of plane to substantially reduce turbulence and drag. This is actually a big deal, but the downside is the same of having far too many parts to manufacture and maintain. They also experimented with thousands of tiny holes to suck air into the plane through, creating a supersmooth cavity that reduced drag considerably. Neat, huh?

  5. Kevin0909 says:

    OMG! Truly ugly and not a concept at all…

  6. StevenB says:

    I agree. I am wondering what people are getting hired in the car industry!

  7. ACCDJames says:

    Pretty girl, ugly car. Nice story for a bad movie. Avoid it.

  8. SpeedHarry says:

    Without those fins it is just an ordinary (boring?) car. Where is the innovation?

  9. JohNY says:

    Do you notice how emotional you get? :) To me, the project is a total succes – if you like the look of it or not – its provocative and you are getting freakin emotional about it, and if you think a bit deeper in the reason of design, you will find out, that design is ALL about emotion. good OR bad! And she did that very clever, well done to her!!!!!

  10. Ivo Spasov says:

    in first look i thought that these ‘leaves’ are for aerodynamics :)
    but they are for sun electricity which will be not so efficient :)

  11. n8n says:

    I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I wonder how anyone could wash it? xD

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