G-POWER reanimates the BMW 6-cylinder M54 engine

News | September 25th, 2009 by 7

306 hp and 360 Nm for the BMW 330i E46 and BMW Z4 3.0i Ever dreamt of having the same performance in your 330i E46 …

306 hp and 360 Nm for the BMW 330i E46 and BMW Z4 3.0i

Ever dreamt of having the same performance in your 330i E46 like the awesome new “bi-turbo” 6-cylinder from BMW? Stop dreaming. The G-POWER SK Plus NG supercharger system pushes the output of the BMW 330i E46 and Z4 3.0i from stock 231 hp to the level of the current 335i E90: 306 hp.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary G-POWER is offering 25 unites of the G-POWER SK Plus NG supercharger systems for a special price: 3.320,00 Euro.

Do-it-yourself supercharger system G-POWER SK Plus NG for BMW 330i E46 and Z4 E85

G POWER reanimates the BMW 6 cylinder M54 engine

  • 306 hp/360 Nm for BMW 330i E46 and Z4 3.0i
  • Significant output increase of 75 hp and 60 Nm torque
  • Supercharger coming from the well-known German brand ASA in OEM quality
  • Installation without irremovable modifications to your car
  • Easy DIY installation thanks to detailed step-by-step installation manual

The “NG” in the name of the G-POWER SK Plus NG supercharger system is standing for “next generation” and it indicates that the G-POWER SK Plus supercharger system features a complete reworked ASA T3-12 supercharger from the year 2009 on. Thanks to a redesigned supercharger transmission with improved tooth flanks and a modified shaft sealing, the originally for 0,3 bar rel. boost designed ASA T3-12 supercharger is now capable of 0,4 bar rel.

With the G-POWER supercharger system the 231 hp strong “old” 3.0l 6-cylinder M54 engine achieves the same output figures as the current bi-turbo engine, exactly 306 hp. Accordingly the performance figures improve likewise, so that the older version of the BMW 3 series and Z4 for are actually quicker than the current models due to there better power-to-weight ratio.

The G-POWER SK Plus supercharger system for BMW 330i E46 and Z4 3.0i is delivered with TÜV certification (which makes it street legal in Germany). G-POWER supercharged engines feature the unrestricted everyday practicability of the factory engine, combined with an improved specific consumption and the BMW-typical reliability.

  • Parker

    Cool. Maybe I will get an E46 afterall…

  • jim

    loving the colour scheme.

    no inter cooler needed?

  • The Lee

    At ~$4900, plus shipping and whatnot, it’s not a bad deal… I don’t know that I’d exactly consider it an astounding deal either, though. VF’s kit is $5k even, boasts 24hp more (330hp, 275ft-lbs) and has an outstanding customer support team.

    Active Autowerke’s kit is $4400 and claims roughly the same as G-Power’s for AA’s “Level 1″ kit. They have an outstanding reputation for building excellent forced-induction setups for BMWs.

    It’s always nice to see another brand name in the game. I kinda wish they’d used the resources to come up with a turbo kit instead of adding yet another centri supercharger kit to the market, though.

  • BmwM5Fan

    is there for bmw x5 3.0 (2001) and will the gearbox cope with supercharged engine ??? (which im convinced not)

  • Marvelphx

    This is just another redress of the Infinitas SK kit distributed by ASA. It has been out for years, was attempted by Technic Engineering, and others as well. The M54 twin screw superchargers from ESS Tuning is the way to go. Better power curve than any centrifugal supercharger and has hundreds of units on the road already proving themselves.

  • Damien

    Now they ned to make one for my single model 2006 E90 330i!

  • motley

    where is AA kits for 4400?