The Sun: “BMW 5 Series GT is Gran Deft Auto”

5 Series GT | September 24th, 2009 by 8
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Despite the initial criticism it received after the official photos hit the web, the new, somewhat controversial, BMW 5 Series GT is starting to collect …

Despite the initial criticism it received after the official photos hit the web, the new, somewhat controversial, BMW 5 Series GT is starting to collect more and more praises from automobile journalists around the world.

Many of the recent reviews have been quite positive, especially after the initial test drives that put several journalists behind the wheel of this Gran Turismo 5 Series. With an exterior design that takes time to get used to it and looks better in reality than in photos, the 5 GT has all the right “ingredients” to follow the successful steps of another past controversial BMW model, X6, a vehicle that has exceeded the expectations in sale numbers.

This week, the UK fellows at The Sun gives us their take on the 5 GT, a car they like to call “Gran Deft Auto”, and yes, in a positive way.

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Quirky This BMW is the ultimate car for the urban and suburban needs of the 21st century. In the age of Grand Theft Auto, this is the Gran Deft Auto. It’s clever and it can deal with anything the streets can throw at it. The Germans believe the GT gives occupants first-class comfort compared to economy class of rivals.

There are two trim levels – SE five-seater and Exec four-seater – the latter gets a business-like console that sits between the two seats in the back. The cockpit is classic BMW, with a slightly sporty twist. The dash and console is very crisp and minimal with a classy combination of leather, wood and piano black materials. The seats are brilliant, with soft initial cushioning and firm support beneath them – you can even electronically adjust the seats in the back.

It sits on the same wheelbase as the 7 Series, so there’s plenty of space. But it’s been cleverly worked out. The design of the dash and front doors flows beautifully into the rear.

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8 responses to “The Sun: “BMW 5 Series GT is Gran Deft Auto””

  1. X5SoB says:

    OMG, positive praise for a BMW! Whoda thunkit… ;)

  2. Jordan says:

    it looks a lot better in pictures when in this color… im sure it looks even better in this color in real life. the beige color doesn’t make it look flattering at all.

  3. Reece says:

    This photo angle is very flattering as well. I cant wait to see it on the streets

  4. efoza says:

    i have seen it and its the best bmw yet

  5. Sven says:

    Ik like this BMW a lot. I bought one in sophistograu, with 20″… i’can’t wait to have it!
    This afternoon i will see one , here in Belgium. Maybe I can take some pictures, it’s a black with dakota leather and 20″ wheels.

  6. Giom says:

    THis car is destined to be a hit. The look will grow on ppl and the function will win over hearts. This IS a beautifull car!

    I’m also really glad to read so many positive posts from the BMW community here at this blog. Sadly, it’s still miss-understood by the UK public – just read the remarks on the Autocar forums. But eventually they will come around – takes a bit longer, but they always do;)

  7. viper says:

    this car is massive with 20inches , would look great with M sport pack and some tuned 50i

  8. Kalganov says:

    Чуть больше 2х лет регулярно работаю над этой проблемой и нахожу ваши мысли слишком поверхностными

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