Autoblog drives the BMW 535i GT

5 Series GT | September 21st, 2009 by 2
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More reviews of the new BMW 5 Series GT are starting to show up. This week, the friends over at Autoblog took the time to …

More reviews of the new BMW 5 Series GT are starting to show up. This week, the friends over at Autoblog took the time to drive the new 535i GT with the 3.0-liter twin-scroll turbo inline-six engine.

Here are an excerpt from their detailed article:

“First things first. There’s no point in dodging the obvious: Aesthetics will be the primary topic of discussion whenever the 5 Series Gran Turismo comes in for scrutiny. And with good reason – we haven’t seen anything quite like it before. Up front, the 5GT’s enlarged kidney grilles cant forward ever so slightly, creating an aggressive look reinforced by twin corona headlamps and muscular front fenders. The grille’s rake isn’t as deliberate or convincing as, say, an E28 5 Series, but it does lend the face a degree of menace without running afoul of European pedestrian safety standards. Follow the headlamps along their main character line, and you’ll run across a traditional high-waisted beltline. But it isn’t really until the rear end that the shock sets in – the 5GT’s jarring, fastback-like greenhouse that terminates in a novel (if controversial) dual-hinged liftback arrangement.”

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Having spent some quality time both driving and reflecting upon what BMW has created here, we’re convinced that Munich has come up with a far more complete product than we might have reasonably thought. It drives very well and it offers a number of unique functional attributes that we can see being of real value for some customers. What we’re still foggy on, however, is how BMW will successfully market this thing.

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2 responses to “Autoblog drives the BMW 535i GT”

  1. monolith says:

    Why is BMW giving them the 535i? Why not drive the 550? I know they will sell more of the 6 than the 8 engine but why not have the top of the line for reviews? Is something amiss?

  2. Rob Evans says:

    Will there be a 335iGT in 2011? This would be a good-seller as you would have a GT with the 335i engine but would not have to have to pay the extra money for the 5 series. I presently have a BMW 325i T which I have had for six years and enjoy very much but the 335i would give it extra power and the GT would still add the luggage space as the 325i T? Would appreciate a response.This is my second BMW and I would not buy another car? You get what you pay for. Please tell BMW to leave the counter-weighted hood.

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