Frankfurt Auto Show: BMW 750Li xDrive

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Starting in the 2010 model year, BMW xDrive will be available for the first time also in the BMW 7 Series. In the BMW 750i …

Starting in the 2010 model year, BMW xDrive will be available for the first time also in the BMW 7 Series. In the BMW 750i xDrive and the BMW 750Li xDrive this permanent, electronically controlled all-wheel drive ensures appropriate distribution of the power of 300 kW/407 hp generated by the V8 with its BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology, thus catering for all demands in every situation.

Through a power divider with an electronically controlled multiple-plate clutch, xDrive feeds exactly the right amount of power in every situation to the axle which, through its wheels, has the best grip on the road. Precise and quick control of this power distribution gives BMW’s all-wheel-drive luxury saloons truly supreme and outstandingly safe driving behavior under all conditions.

Through its dynamic operation, xDrive also helps to give the new luxury performance models with this technology the neutral behavior in bends and supreme tracking stability so typical of an all-wheel-drive BMW. In bends more drive power is fed to the rear axle in order to make the car even more nimble and avoid any understeer.

DSC 0405 1280x768 655x438In the process the operation of xDrive is based on the steering angle pre-determined by the driver. While, when driving smoothly in a straight line, the front-to-rear power split is 40:60, up to 80 per cent of the drive power goes to the rear axle in a bend, ensuring spontaneous steering behaviour precisely following the actual radius and course of the bend. Then, when leaving the bend, the distribution of drive power returns to normal in the interest of maximum traction when accelerating again in a straight line.

In some of the summer test drives, journalists across the world have been pleased with the performance and dynamics of the 7 Series xDrive, but we’re reserving judgment until our own test drive.

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  1. Steve J says:

    When I was younger I made the mistake of associating all wheel drive cars with snow. I’ve come to realise that any slippery terrain would benefit from AWD. I’m currently in Africa and the poor state of roads (pot holes, excessive sand, roads mixed up with trails) makes it obvious that any driver would benefit from a reliable AWD.
    Enter BMW and their xDrive. In theory it sounds great, but is the system reliable? Can it function over varied terrain eg sand and snow? It really needs in depth investigation.

    A little side comment: it would be nice if reviewers gave us the exterior colour and code coupled with the colour codes of the upholstery. BMW has quite a number of different combinations and it can be difficult to differentiate similar shades eg titanium silver (code 354) and cashmere silver (code A72); black saphire (475) and azurite black (S34). Afterall BMW gives the tester the car so they must have its spec.

    Furthemore option packages or individual options should be priced, listed and weighed up as to whether they were useful or a waste of money.
    Different reviewers’ opinions will sometimes be at variance with each other. It is always fascinating when two professional drivers disagree.

    The problem is attaining a profound appraisal. I await your in-depth road test. Let me continue perusing the net!

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