Spy Photos: Next generation BMW M5 shows up at Nurburgring

Spy Photos | September 17th, 2009 by 11
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With the next generation BMW 5 Series Sedan still going through the latest testing phases, the new, redesigned M5 F10 increasing its testing sessions. Still …

With the next generation BMW 5 Series Sedan still going through the latest testing phases, the new, redesigned M5 F10 increasing its testing sessions. Still carrying the plastic fake body parts, the new M5 has been spotted at the famous Nurburgring track and to our surprise, for the first time, it reveals the new front bumper design.

To our surprise, the front bumper design lines resembles the one found on the BMW M3, a front fascia that seem to have imported some design cues. Still being early in the testing stages, it is possible that BMW is currently testing several front bumper solutions, but unfortunately, we can’t confirm neither of these allegations.

The hood also features the oversized bonnet seen on the X6 Hybrid test mules, but most likely this is just a way for BMW to test some cooling solutions.

1014942 655x436Let’s recap some of the things we learned in the past about the 2012 BMW M5. The drivetrain of the F10 BMW M5 will feature a similar KERS system as the one found in the Formula 1 monoposts which will offer fuel savings technologies as well the ability to shut down cylinders while city driving. The KERS will also feature a boost button imported from the F1 cars that will allow the driver to unleash all the energy stored up.

The new V8 twin-scroll turbo engine from the X5M/X6M models is being considered for the new M5, but sources close to BMW say that an experimental V10 turbo engine based on the V8 with two extra cylinders added is also being evaluated.

Two gearboxes are being considered, an updated 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DCT) or a more advanced 8-speed SMG.

While being at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week, we learned that the new 5 Series will be a masterpiece and BMW has high hopes for the new car. From the interior design to the exterior one, the new 5 Series will be moving up a notch, both in terms of design and performance. The new 5 Series will be unveiled next March at the Geneva Motor Show, followed an year later by the M5 model.

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11 responses to “Spy Photos: Next generation BMW M5 shows up at Nurburgring”

  1. Alan says:

    Putting in a SMG gearbox back into an M5? Isn’t that like going backwards in time? Unless the DCT can’t handle the torque that is pumping out whatever engine that lurks inside that M5 mule.

    IMO if Audi managed to squeeze 2 turbos in their v10s, I’m sure BMW could do that as well, and probably a better job as well. It would be rather dull and boring if they just squeeze in the X5/X6M engine.

  2. viper says:

    that m5 looks mean with that camo tape…..I hope they put a V10 inside with 600hp, that should be enough for win

  3. elis says:

    on this site there is video too

    and spy photo of BMW X3 in Nurburgringhttp://www.alvolante.it/news/spy_foto_spia_bmw_x3-71435

  4. 1ill says:

    what is wrong with a good old fashion manaul?

  5. bunker says:

    sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick front end…

  6. marc says:

    let’s get a supercharger on that v10 – wooh!

  7. kcsnyud says:

    or, even better, while this might not be effecient, put two superchargers, and two turbochargers onto the v10, and use kers to shut down supercargers and turbochargers, and have an eco button, and a boost button, then max horsepower would be about 800 to top speed of 240 WOOT! Then, put the same engine and technology in the next M6, and use it to pwn the next MURCIELAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. V10 turbo plus KERS would be great, provided emissions legalities are met…

  9. John Pham says:

    omfg it looks fricking hawwwtttt. E63 AMG and RS6 – you’ve got trouble coming your way!

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