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Our next stop in our Munich trip was the BMW Museum, the “facelifted” facility that opened last year. With tens of cars displayed there, the …

Our next stop in our Munich trip was the BMW Museum, the “facelifted” facility that opened last year. With tens of cars displayed there, the Museum is the heaven of any BMW fan. The moment you walk in, a gorgeous, unique and spectacular car greets you: BMW M1 Hommage.

M1 Hommage was revealed last year in honor of the M1’s 30th birthday as a tribute to the original model. The M1 Hommage combines the retro style with modern elements, and it stands out by its aggressive and wide body style.

Looked from a side, the M1 clearly mimics the older design, which is easily recognized by the louvered rear window, the BMW badge placement and the metallic bronze paint, just like the first M1 prototype in 1972. It was interesting to see the M1 Hommage headlights, the square design that can be seen in the latest Vision Concept.

BMW M1 Hommage 18 655x438The side mirrors, wheels, front grille and bumper are all unique, unseen in a BMW model before and shows the creativity of BMW designers.

The M1 Hommage portrays that aggressiveness in a BMW that many of us have asked for, or even better, it resembles almost the perfect BMW supercar that we’ve been waiting for a while.

Unfortunately for all of us, the purpose of the new M1 Hommage is strictly a design exercise meant to celebrate the past of its supercar. The car displayed at the BMW Museum is a non-functional prototype, with no engine and interior, but with working lights and steering.

If you’re in Munich, then the BMW Museum is a must, as a BMW fan and even as a simple automobile lover.

11 responses to “Photos: BMW M1 Hommage at BMW Museum”

  1. housejunkie85 says:

    please make it its too much orgasmic!!!

  2. michael says:

    I absolutely adore the M1 Concept
    I count myself very lucky in that I got to see this in the flesh at the melbourne motor show this year. It’s a truly outstanding design :)

    Maybe now I have a reason to go to Germany ;)

  3. Giom says:

    Wow, Horatiu, thanks for these photos! Now one can see details like never before! :)

  4. Morten says:

    Thanks for all the nice photos from BMW Welt. Really have to visist that place sometime soon. Have to correct you a little bit though. The car from 1972, that you call a M1 prototype. Was infact a concept car called BMW Turbo. It was not a M1 prototype.

  5. Vaybach Khan says:

    o men thank u for this post…this is the most beautiful car ever….

  6. P.wong says:

    although im a bmw enthusiastic, i see why they said not to put in into production. It is a great design project but since they put out that vision efficient dynamics i calmed down a bit and really believe that if a bmw supercar were to be it should be directly drawn from that

  7. Doug says:

    I’m starting to think that this was the basis for the vision concept design, considering how many similiar elements exist in the latter.

  8. Jimmy Swanson says:

    One of the most beautiful supercars that I have seen.It would be a great move for BMW.

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