Car and Driver tests the BMW 5-series Gran Turismo

5 Series GT | September 13th, 2009 by 6
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The folks at Car and Driver took the 5 Series GT for a spin. So far the reviews have been mixed, with some publications being …

The folks at Car and Driver took the 5 Series GT for a spin. So far the reviews have been mixed, with some publications being intrigued by the new niche model from BMW while others were not so thrilled by it.

In a way, mixed reviews are expected since the 5 GT is a model that clearly targets a specific demographic and sometimes the reviewer’s opinion can be biased.

But let’s take a look and see what Car and Driver has to say:

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Drives Well, but It Isn’t Particularly Fun

The 5-series GT driving experience is closer to that of the taller X5 than the regular 5-series. In fast corners, the GT tends to initial understeer, but it is easy to apply power oversteer, which gets the stability control busy. The active steering—not our favorite way to wheel a BMW, it must be said—is effortless at low speeds, taking the fear out of tight parking situations.

The GT boasts an adjustable suspension with multiple settings, and it does its best to mask the car’s two-plus tons. The comfort setting tends to foster bobbing and swinging motions; normal—a good compromise between sporty and soft—makes the driver feel more secure. As soon as the road turns extra-twisty, we advise activating the sport setting, which further firms up the suspension and heightens powertrain responses. The difference between sport and sport plus is nearly indiscernible beyond the latter’s relaxing the stability control enough to allow drifting, something we would encourage you to think twice about, considering the GT’s mass. Overall, despite BMW’s efforts to make the GT as sedanlike as possible—witness all the stuff with the multifunction hatch and cargo-area divider—it’s not a vehicle that tempts you to get up at six a.m. on Sunday for a day of spirited driving.

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6 responses to “Car and Driver tests the BMW 5-series Gran Turismo”

  1. jkp says:

    I don’t think it’s supposed to be fun. It is supposed to be a substitute for a sport utility vehicle, which are absolutely no fun at all and unsafe.

  2. Giom says:

    It’s like, they completely missed the point of this car. Why can’t they put themselfes in the shoe of the target market? Isn’t that what jurnos are supposed to do?

    Anyways, 5 series GT is still the choice for me!

  3. wazon says:

    To be honest, I wait on times on race-tracks. Such statistics from race tracks would be good basis to form oppinion about driving features of 5GT. But I agree with jkp, 5GT is not a car that was designed to be particullarity fun. It’s not M or coupe, it’s – first of all – utility car and I bet that it drives better than SUVs and any other car from its class, which is extremaly limited to R-class recently. I saw 5GT on Autobahn and it’s really huge, bigger than I thought. I wouldn’t expect sportiveness of coupe from this car, although I still believe that it will give enough fun to average driver.

  4. badger says:

    honestly i have no idea why BMW built this car. A gt car is suppose to be a luxary fun car to drive on long distances. So far all i can see is the luxary. Where’s the sportyness!?

  5. Stjepan says:

    Seriously, how could you expect from something that is two tones heavy to be fun to drive? While it’s no 3 Series, I’m pretty sure that it’s far more agile than the Merc R-Class.

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