AutomobileMag: “BMW continues work on the BMW Z10 Supercar”

Rumors | September 9th, 2009 by 18
0910 07 z+bMW z10+front three quarters view

The first rumors of a BMW Z10 model were encountered back in March when the UK based magazine Autocar wrote an article on the EfficientDynamics …

The first rumors of a BMW Z10 model were encountered back in March when the UK based magazine Autocar wrote an article on the EfficientDynamics supercar being developed by BMW. The rumormill was mentioning a Vision Concept as the base for this smaller car with more modern styling than the Z8. Some CS Concept design cues were also rumored to be featured on the Z10 ED.

Several months later and Automobile Magazine does a follow up story on the BMW Z10 and brings upfront more inside information from the Munich based automaker. The Z10 is being engineered as a coupe and a roadster and with a target weight of 3,300 lbs. While the original plans included the powerful twin-turbo V8, recent developments shifted the strategy towards efficiency and a smaller, but still powerful six cylinder 3.0 liter twin-turbo engine is in the game.

Outputting 450 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque, the new engine will be matted to an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Unfortunately we couldn’t confirm these allegations and we have to admit that we will be very impressed if BMW will manage to squeeze out that much power out of the 3.0 liter engine. The 450 horsepower could indeed be achieved with the use of a hybrid system that could have one or two electric motors.

0910 07 z+bMW z10+front three quarters view

Automobile Mag continues to speculate that a lighter and more compact twin-turbo V6 is being tested by BMW as well.

As seen in the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept as well, the Z10 will feature cutting-edge elements, including carbon-fiber, magnesium chassis parts and lots of aluminum panels. To improve efficiency, a thermal-management system will preheat the lubricants with exhaust gas and it will restrict internal airflow.

Positioned above the M5, the Z10 would be priced in the $110,000 range, but we shouldn’t expect to see the first road model until 2014.

Our advice is to take these news with a grain of salt since we weren’t able to confirm the story ourselves.

[Source: Automobile Mag ]

18 responses to “AutomobileMag: “BMW continues work on the BMW Z10 Supercar””

  1. Marc says:

    The 450hp (crank) could be achieved by mating larger turbo’s to their existing N54 engine architecture…upgraded internals with the intake and exhaust manifolds, bigger downpipes, remap the ECU and its easy as pie….schucks I make almost 400hp WITHOUT upgrade turbos/internals.(long-term effects have yet to be noted as the car is a 2008)…I have NO doubt it can be done.

    • The Lee says:

      There’s no doubt as to whether or not it can be done. The issue has never been having the ability to get large amounts of power out of a relatively small-displacement engine using forced-induction. Hell, look at some of the numbers Supra owners are getting out of 3.0Ls…

      The problem with “I can get ____hp out of ____ engine” has always been reliability, longevity, and whether or not the other systems of the vehicle can compensate for the additional power (drivetrain, suspension, braking, chassis, etc). It’s one thing to say “oh, if you put our XYZ Boost Controller on your 335, you’ll gain 152hp!!!!” It’s quite another for the company to actually step up to the plate and offer to cover anything and everything on your vehicle that may break after such modifications (as BMW would have to do).

  2. Giom says:

    Obviously, the Z10 will not look (exactly) like the Vision, but I do hope it’s a close resemblance. The car looks light and very futuristic – unlike the rendering above. It’s a nice rendering, but there’s nothing ground breaking about it.

  3. Dennis says:

    BMW never ceases to amaze every time they show a new concept… this car looks amazing.

  4. L1ndja says:

    The 450hp wouldnt be that much of a problem to achieve.Bmw has easily squezed 326hp from the 3.0Twin turbo and that with very small turbos so if u fit a little bit of bigger turbos they should be able to squeze 400hp easily,then they could add some kind of hybrid motor and there you go 450Hp.

    • The Lee says:

      There’s A LOT more to tuning a turbo engine than “slap some bigger turbos on there”. With “bigger turbos” typically comes more lag, which most BMW owners would find absolutely inexcusable. Go drive a “big turbo” car. They’re tons of fun… once you get the damn thing to actually spool. Until that point, they’re usually pretty gutless. BMW compromised with their N54 turbo engines. They pretty much had to; it was going in a publicly-available street car, not a trailer-car dyno-queen.

  5. Shawn says:

    Great news – I really hope they deliver on or better the target weight. The R8 is over 100lb more than this target, but has AWD. The F430 is 100lb less than this target and the new 458 italia is 3,042lb, almost 300lb lighter (with staggering performance in return). The new SLS AMG is around 200 lb heavier. Porsche 997 is around 3100lb, 200 lb lighter. At the 110K price point, it would be impossible to match Ferrari’s weight with a CarbonFiber chassis – but at least an aluminum space frame would be nice : ) No doubt BMW would use their new metal hardening facility to produce a very light chassis, even if it is more conventional – and that would keep the cost down. I would like to see the weight kept closer to the 911 at around 3100 lb.

    Weight is the key, but secondary to that I really hope for one last hooRAH!!! with a tuned version of the X6/5 ///M engine. Pull back the boost a bit and increase the redline to 8K with an output of 600 hp, 500 lb-ft. That should crush any offerings from Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Porsche, etc. Inline with BMW’s Efficient Dynamics focus, offer this M engine as an option with the standard engines being small 3.0 turbos with Hybrid Drive as seen on the VED concept.

    I desperately hope that BMW produce a Supercar. Every time I see the M1 it makes my blood run a little faster.

  6. Bryce McKenney says:

    In my opinion, the front half of that rendering looks awesome while the rear half looks bulky. That car has way too much junk-in-the-trunk. I would like to see more of the Vision concept designs incorporated into a Z10 model.

    • Doug says:

      Well, considering that the nose is too small for a V8 or inline-6, it’s quite possibly mid-engined. Although… the rear proportions seem a little short for a longitudinal I6.

      Aesthetically, I agree, especially those rear “haunches”; this ain’t a mustang. However, overall, this design is actually very well developed for a speculative rendering.

  7. viper says:

    great looks is all I can say but the rest is sci fi crap from bmw as usual….
    so much hp from small engine is something vw did with tfsi engines…make that 2114 not 2014

  8. X5SoB says:

    BMW needs this car to stand favorably against the R8 and SLS. A hybrid setup would set it apart and trump the techno front.

  9. Guido says:

    It is not BMW’s intention to follow the R8 it wont be mid engined and it will be powered by a boosted in line six.
    Think of the Z8 and it’s proposed sucessor “California Spyder Project” and you will understand the purpose of this coupe and Roadster.

  10. wazon8 says:

    Is it confirm that they gonna use 3.0 litre twin-turbo? I doubt that hybrid will be the way they will go to achieve their supercar. I’m suspicious mainly because up to now electric engines delivers their maximal output and torgue only for while and short period of delivering maximal output and torgue is something that doesn’t fit to supercar well. Suggested output sounds to me rather as they will apply something bases on N54, but with three small turbos. Something that will go along the line with tests devoted to 35d’s counterpart with three turbos. Such construction would allow them to increase power and torgue without loosing responsiveness of engine. Moreover, we’ve heard about plans of producing small four cylinders pethrol engines with three turbos. This research direction makes presence of 3.0 litre three-turbo in supercar the most plausible hypothesis for me.

    I’m not sure whether I understood what you meant by “target weight”. Is it the weight that neighter of planned vesrions gonna exceed? Then roadster shouldn’t weight more than 3300 Ibs and that’s good news since coupe should be lighter above 200Ibs easly. If it’s planned weight of coupe, hope that they gonna reduce 100-200Ibs somehow.

  11. Marc says:

    @The Lee: I mentioned longevity when I posted about the increased HP using the N54 architecture. Note that I also mentioned changing internals and some externals to compensate for said increased stresses. Of course using bigger turbos causes more lag….the question is: how much lag are they willing to allow for? So I suspect they could/would increase the NA torque output under 2500rpm to combat the slight amount of lag they would have with increased turbo size. Mind you they are not putting some 80mm turbos on these things.

  12. Andrew says:

    I wish we could have a heavily bored out Inline 6 producing some heavy power figures for this ala the M1( hey, it worked for TVR, right?) But seriously, I think this car could be incredible given it’s styling, power and weight. Who needs a V8 when you have a lighter, beefy turbo’d 6?

    @ X5SoB – I don’t think the SLS is really a car worth trying to compete with. The SLS appears as more of a one-off vehicle like the Z8 while we have the 6 Series to battle the top-end coupe/convertible SL class. Also – I have a feeling the SLS will be a flop given it’s sad rehash of a iconic car.

  13. Doug says:

    450hp – 80hp for KERS is 370hp, roughly the new m-power package for N54. *If* KERS is even being continued after F1. Just a mathematical coincidence.

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