135i and 335i Performance Power Kit Pricing Announced

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Back in February, BMW announced the introduction of a new Performance Power Kit for the BMW 135i Coupe and 335i models. BMW performance power kit …

Back in February, BMW announced the introduction of a new Performance Power Kit for the BMW 135i Coupe and 335i models. BMW performance power kit was announced to include both software and hardware components that will give a boost to the existing models.

No pricing or additional information were released back then, but last week, BMW released an internal memo containing more information regarding the Power Kit, including pricing. As we mentioned back in February, the upgrade will come with a hefty price and it seems we were on the right track.

Will the performance boost overcome the high price tag? Let’s learn some more about the BMW Performance Power Kit.

bmw performance car geneva 0041 655x436Aftersales is pleased to announce the launch of the much anticipated BMW Performance Power Kit for the 135i and 335i models. With sporty performance, outstanding driving dynamics and innovative technology, the BMW Performance Power Kit maintains all of BMW’s key attributes but allows our customers to put a personal touch on their BMW.

The effects of the modifications to the engine tuning parameters include:

•Increased torque of 317ft-lbs (manual transmission) or 332ft-lbs (automatic transmission) available from just 1,500 rpm.
•Increased power output of 20 horsepower from 300 to 320hp
•Faster acceleration from 0 to 60m/hour (0.2seconds quicker than the standard model) and from 50 to 75m/hour (0.5seconds quicker than the standard model).

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, meanwhile remain the same as for the standard model. To deal with the extra heat generated as a result of the engine modifications, an additional radiator, air intakes and a more powerful fan for the main radiator are incorporated into each kit.

Note: The performance modifications of the BMW Performance Power Kit in no way void the vehicle warranty. Additionally quality standards are not compromised in any way.

At this time there will be no center installation of the Power Kits until further notification. The Power Kits will be available for the pre E9x LCI models at that time as well.

Cost of Power Kit with Exhaust:
Dealer cost of Power Kit MSRP $1,795
Dealer cost of Air Duct Kit MSRP $ 195
Dealer cost of Exhaust E90 MSRP $2,327
Installation at Port (6 hours @$85) Labor $ 510
Total $4,827

Dealer cost of Power Kit MSRP $1,795
Dealer cost of Air Duct Kit MSRP $ 195
Dealer cost of Exhaust E92 MSRP $1,862
Installation at Port (6 hours @$85) Labor $ 510
Total $4,362

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16 responses to “135i and 335i Performance Power Kit Pricing Announced”

  1. X5SoB says:

    I can see this for the 135i, but doesn’t the M3 fill the role of higher powered 3 series?

  2. Parker says:

    I just wish it was more HP… But the cooling is a very nice added effect.

  3. Shawn says:

    It sounds like BMW Performance has been created to fill a niche market for performance upgrades while a totally out-fitted vehicle would not approach the ability, prowess or exclusivity of an M car (consider, this gives the 335i 320hp while the M3 has 414hp – a very large gap, not too mention chassis and suspension tuning, brakes, aero, etc which I presume would also have a large gap in performance).

    My personal choice would go to Dinan. They have proven themselves over the years to be a name I trust, and they now match the BMW factory warranty on their parts and cover any consequential damage caused to your engine from their parts. Their Stage 1 kit is less than half the cost ($1,500), but provides 366 hp @ 5700rpm and 379 lb-ft @ 4300 rpm. Dinan have always followed the BMW mantra as their upgrades are very discreet and understated. (No 8′ plywood airplane wings hanging off the back of the 17 year old’s civic beside you)
    You can visit their site at http://www.dinancars.com/bmw/

    • Doug says:

      What are the equivalent torque at 1500 and 4300? It’s interesting that the torque peak is so high considering that it’s the same engine, of course that assumes that BMW is quoting the actual torque peak and not just at 1500rpm.

      Isn’t the Dinan stage 1 actually several different parts sets, including stage 1 intake+throttle, stage 1 exhaust, etc? Do you get all this stuff for 366hp for $1500, including installation and warranty?

  4. Shawn says:

    Dinan also offers high quality suspension parts for the 135i. This car suffers from very heavy understeer (I was surprised/dissapointed with this at a track day). Dinan offers suspension solutions that totally eliminate this handling characteristic and make the car very neutral on the limit.
    At a minimum, I advise any 1 series owners who track their cars or drive them beyond 7/10ths pace to check out Dinan’s camber plates. They go a long way to reduce the car’s understeer and cost only $300. You’ll probably recoup that money from reduced tire wear once you stop plowing over your front tires. Probably the best 300 big ones you’ll ever spend on your 1 series.

  5. Anybody know what the part number is?

  6. Marc says:

    @Shawn: Camber plates AND a stiffer front swaybar would be the best money spent to reduce some of the understeer….camber plates alone really does not reduce it much. Speaking from a 135i owners perspective.

    On another note this performance power kit is nice for those who want the factory warranty on the parts etc, etc….those not worrying about that type of thing will definitely be spending waaaaay less money going with aftermarket options. Namely replacing the small intercooler with a larger, more efficient unit and/or getting a better oil cooler….just a couple of suggestions…

  7. Shawn says:

    Marc, the Dinan parts warranty literally matches the BMW factory warranty and covers all consequential damages, so the warranty is not really a factor with Dinan. They are nothing like your typical aftermarket parts company, think more Alpina. As for the camber plates, they do make an improvement – but of course a stiffer front swaybar would do the trick (at a greater cost). I’m thinking BMW intentionally tuned in so much understeer to keep (traditionally) poor drivers in America from getting into trouble? I wonder if the Euro spec 1 series has the same handling issue?

  8. Marc says:

    @Shawn: From what I know of Dinan yes they supposedly match the warranty (although there ARE stories out there of each company (BMW/Dinan) blaming each other for a problem on a vehicle. As for myself I know that I have the “sickness” and cannot be burdened by worrying about certain parts of my warranty due to the absurdly high cost of warrantied items (the above story is case in point). So I personally take the risk of getting aftermarket parts……is my car faster than stock? No doubt about it….will it last as long without the warrantied parts? Time will tell…..this is no knock on those willing to spend 4k for better cooling though.

  9. E92-TORONTO says:

    Faster acceleration from 0 to 60m/hour (0.2seconds quicker than the standard model)


    • Smoss says:

      I just got home with my 2011 335 i xdrive after having the power kit installed at my BMW dealer in Moncton NB.I find the biggest difference is the tourque feel in the car it really hauls.I had purchased the extended warranty on the car so I wanted an upgrade with out voiding it,I think this was a great choice.
      Steve Moss

  10. bunker says:

    Horatiu – any idea whether similar offerings will be available for the 328?

  11. Andrew says:

    I think for the money, the power kit isn’t worth it unless you’re heavily tracking your car. .2 seconds faster? That just isn’t much. As others have said, I’d much rather $1,800 towards suspension components and tires than a few extra horsepower.

    I’m sure the reaason why we don’t see huge power gains is that BMW doesn’t start running into warranty issues with other drivetrain parts if they cranked the power any higher.

  12. mike says:

    Just because you can’t afford it you are knocking on the power kit. I make great money and want only bmw parts for my car.

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