Autocar drives the BMW 5-series GT 530d

5 Series GT | September 6th, 2009 by 13

The moment has come, the 5 Series GT test drives are starting to show up. The British magazin Autocar had the opportunity to drive the …

The moment has come, the 5 Series GT test drives are starting to show up. The British magazin Autocar had the opportunity to drive the BMW 5 Series GT 530d and share their impressions with everyone.

Being one of the most controversial BMW models built in the past few years, the 5 GT will make the front cover of many automobile magazines during the test drive period.

While we won’t see the GT 530d in the U.S., at least for a while, the Autocar article will give you an idea of what to expect from BMW’s first Progressive Activity Vehicle.

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What’s it like?

All of that evangelism can turn you off a car before you even drive it, but that would be a mistake with this car.

For starters, there’s the technology. It has the latest generation of 3.0-litre diesel, which is expected to comfortably outsell the 535i GT in Europe. It deserves to as well, because it has 241bhp of power at 4000rpm and 398lb ft of torque from 1750 to 3000rpm.

It will help that it’s the cheapest Gran Turismo, but it’s also the best of the GT’s engine range.

But while it’s not the fastest, it never actually feels wanting. Our side-by-side charges showed the 535i consistently pulling away, even in rolling in-gear sprints, but the 530d version was never humbled as it smoothly charged through its eight gears, swapping seamlessly regardless of whether the brilliant new transmission was in its softest or sportiest settings.

BMW claims it will pull 43.5mpg on the EU combined cycle, but we didn’t come close to that. In fact, we comfortably halved it without even trying and, with only a 70-litre tank, the GT might be stopping to refuel more than we’d like.

Short-range tank apart, it will be a legendarily good cruiser. The engine idles at 700rpm, and at 62mph it’s only ticking over at 1350rpm. At 80mph it’s only pulling 1700 revs – which isn’t even at the torque peak yet – and at 124mph it’s still only around 2200rpm. Relaxed? You bet.

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13 responses to “Autocar drives the BMW 5-series GT 530d”

  1. Giom says:

    Wow, they actually like it! It’s funny how you automatically expect British car mags to put anything BMW down. I’m really surprised at this outcome. It only stirs up my passion for this car :)

  2. Matt Stokes says:

    Good review for the GT, and it was only the base model! Can’t wait to see one of these in the metal.

  3. Stjepan says:

    I wouldn’t say that the UK press has it on BMW, they are famous for being objective and unbiased (mostly because they don’t have automotive industry anymore, and that what’s left is in foreign hands) and Autocar is the oldest, most respectful and probably the most influential car magazine in the world.

  4. Foxfire says:

    Most respectful and influential? Hardly! Their reviews are often inconsistent or inaccurate… Still, good review :)

  5. Stjepan says:

    Edmunds loved the car too, while german Autobild said that it rides untraditionally smooth, while the handling remains BMW’s traditionally good :)

  6. TheFazz says:

    i have a silly question: if the 5 series GT shares exactly the same wheelbase as the 7 series – shouldn’t it be called the 7 series GT instead?

  7. Kyle says:

    I saw one on PCH 3 days ago 97% uncovered and it looked quite interesting to say the least. Not catchy at all IMO, very awkward would be more precise. I have a pic as well…

  8. efoza says:

    I just had mine delivered 2 hours ago and it feels great. I will carry on driving it until I get tired and will then let you know. i am now going to get powered up as this car is the future of all cars. well done BMW

    • Giom says:

      I didn’t think they were sold yet! Where do you live to be so lucky?

      Congrats on your new ride! Please give us updates on your experience!

      What trim did you choose?

  9. efoza says:

    All I can now say to you people is that this car is best ever big car that BMW has built. It is joy joy and joy. Get one if you want to be part of this wonderful history

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