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Augmented Reality is a buzz word these days, okay, phrase. Those of you that own one of the new iPhones, you might have noticed the …

Augmented Reality is a buzz word these days, okay, phrase. Those of you that own one of the new iPhones, you might have noticed the few applications available the brings augmented reality in front of our eyes. But what is Augmented Reality and why should we care?

MediaIte has a simple definition for it: “augmented reality is any technology that overlays virtual information on top of the real world.  You look through some sort of device (to date, mobile phones have turned out to have the most traction) with a camera on it, it shows you a view of what it sees, and, combining that view with it’s positional awareness, adds in meaningful information about what you are seeing.”

A bit more clear now? We certainly hope so since in the next few months and years, the buzz word will just get bigger and bigger with many new applications being developed. So how does it interact with our BMW cars?

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Well, in early 2008, a Youtube video released by BMW made the headlines of many websites. Using augmented reality, a BMW mechanic receives additional three-dimensional information on the engine he is repairing, for example, to help him in diagnosing and solving the fault. Apart from the real environment, he sees virtually animated components, the tools to be used and hears instruction on each of the working steps through headphones integrated inside the goggles.

As you can see in this video, BMW Augmented Reality guides the mechanic through the entire repair procedure. The advantages of this technology are immense, from the higher quality level of service to reducing costs or improving repair times.

While BMW suggested last year that Augmented Reality will be made available in the future, we’re unclear if it has been already deployed internally, but we’re making the proper calls to find out more. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the video Kash!

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15 responses to “BMW Augmented Reality”

  1. okeribok says:

    With one of those, I wonder why we need mechanics at all, especially at €90/h…

  2. Esper says:

    Honda tried to use that in 2003. They were using Microvision’s Nomad Augmented Vision System but I have no idea if it works.

  3. oneill says:

    Isn’t the heads up display (HUD) on the 7 series an example of Augmented Reality?

  4. X5 SoB says:

    Just give the BMW owner a set of tools(like they used to) and the googles and we could do our own damn repairs!

  5. bunker says:

    the Matrix has you.

    knock knock Neo…

  6. Mauro Corti says:


    Yeah wtf, if that’s how they will repair my car then I’d rather pay for a pair of googles with all the information I need and do the job myself… what’s the point in paying (a lot of money) for an expertise handwork if it’s done by someone who does not know what he’s doing??

  7. Gord says:

    So basically anybody with decent motor skills can fix cars with this tech. I’d love to have one. :)

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