August BMW Group sales down 21%, but best month so far this year

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With 24,343 units (-21.3 percent), the BMW Group in the U.S. (BMW and MINI combined) reported its best sales month so far this year. The …

With 24,343 units (-21.3 percent), the BMW Group in the U.S. (BMW and MINI combined) reported its best sales month so far this year. The BMW Group also reported a year-to-date sales volume of 160,044 vehicles, down 26.5 percent, compared to 217,821 vehicles sold in the first eight months of last year.

BMW Brand Sales
The BMW brand also had its best month this year with a total of 19,232 units (-24.5 percent). Year-to-date, BMW brand sales were down 28.6 percent to 129,176 vehicles compared to 180,889 vehicles sold in the same period of 2008.

“We are happy with BMW sales this month because it shows a strengthening of the premium market,” said Jim O’Donnell, President of BMW of North America, LLC. “On the other hand, we always knew this month would be difficult in comparison to August 2008, because it was one of our strongest months on record.”

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BMW Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)
Sales of BMW’s Certified Pre-Owned vehicles were slightly down 1.2 percent, to 9,342 CPO vehicles versus 9,453 vehicles reported in August a year ago. Year-to-date, CPO sales were up 10.1 percent, to 76,482 over the 69,437 reported in the same period of 2008.

MINI Brand Sales
MINI USA reported sales of 5,111 automobiles (-6.5 percent) making August MINI’s fifth best month in its U.S. history dating back to 2002. Year-to-date, MINI USA also reported sales of 30,868 automobiles, a decrease of 16.4 percent, compared to the 36,932 cars reported in the first eight months of 2008.

“Cash for Clunkers brought some new, more pragmatic customers to MINI who would probably not have considered the brand without the program,” said Jim McDowell, Vice President of MINI USA. “This is good and shows that for MINI, Cash for Clunkers was not just a ‘pull ahead’ of sales.”

[Source: BMW ]

On another note, the competitors were showing strong numbers as well. Audi is up 25.7% when compared to the same period a year ago, Mercedes-Benz down 7.54% and Lexus keeps close to BMW with 21.82%.

Courtesy of Autoblog, here is a chart with all the carmakers’ sales for August.

car sales august 2009

10 responses to “August BMW Group sales down 21%, but best month so far this year”

  1. wazon says:

    These and those published earlier show that BMW really need to replace X3. I

  2. eracer says:

    …and 6 series

    The Z4 number is really surprising to me, the new one sold less than the outgoing model from a year ago, tells you they overpriced that thing.

    • wazon says:

      I would rather blame financial crisis for smaller sale of Z4 2009. I think that after weak financial period Z4 2009 gonna be best selling BMW’s roadster ever.

      Yes, 6-series stoped being so attractive for customers right now. BMW should accelerate their work on new model and deliver it as soon as possible. But up to now, this model didn’t even entre to its final evoluation phase.

      • Lance says:

        There is no blaming for the financial crisis. BMW lost market share to both Merc and Mercedes, its main competitors. The loss of market share can only be blamed on management and no other external factors. What’s most shocking is that Audi managed to increase sales at the expense of BMW. Merc dropped only 7% as compared to BMW’s rediculous 21%.

        This should be a huge wake up call for BMW. Customers are finding your products less attractive than Audi’s. It is time to consider plans of action. The main reasons for the poor performance are: lack of publicity on BMW’s main core competence: Sportiness (instead too much advert focus on Efficient Dynamics, Audi is filling that gap!) – the new concept should boost brand image a bit though, RFT (as mentioned before, it should be about time that the first lot of RFT customers upgrade their vehicles (are we seeing them moving over to Audi with a less troublesome ownership experience? Harsh ride could knock out all the driving pleasure a car could potentially give. Furthermore, is double the normal costs on tyres really neccessary, let alone the compulsory replacement everytime you have a puncture?), exterior design has been perceived by many to be unattractive and YUCK (like the X1, 7) They should have seen this coming when most praise Audi designs as being beautiful such as A5, R8, RS…! All you have to do is see the public’s reaction to your new cars (The Vision ED is definitely a plus, so lets see if BMW will give what customers want or force what their handful of staff think are good ideas on millions of potential customers worldwide).

        WAKE UP!

    • Lance says:

      That’s correct. BMW is digging its own grave! Well, you can blame it on the CEO’s so called strategy no.1 where they planned to increase prices at the expense of Volume, yet want to remain top seller. DREAM ON. You increase prices duing these tough economic times, you lose sales. Soon you’ll lose economies of scale and your cost will push your business over.

      And I urge customers to hold off purchases until prices come down…. they want to make more profit off you per purchase. So in essense, in the past, for e.g., 2 people buy BMWs and each pay a profit portion of $3000. Now they want to increase prices so that they can make $6000 off your one purchase, knowing that the other person will not buy. I AM NOT GOING TO BE SO STUPID TO LET YOU MAKE DOUBLE PROFIT OFF ME (IN THIS CASE, I AM INFACT EXPECTED TO PAY THE OTHER PERSON’S PROFIT PORTION AS WELL!, HELL NO!)

  3. Joe says:

    I think we are all over reacting here. BMW still makes great cars that are well priced from a “get what you pay for stance” simply shrinking in volume does not mean profitabiilty. I really seem them taking a lesson out of the Porsche chapter and attempting to become a more exclusive product rather than your standard car for everyone. It will help their resale values and always keep people like myself happier.

  4. kcsnayud says:

    Dont forget guys, Audi sales were horrible. So what if they were hit a little harder? Its probably caused by 2 things, they are independant, and some of their models are old. All of Audi’s models are NEW. BMW is still doing better than all of its competitors but here is a suggetstion to BMW.


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