2011 BMW 5 Serie spotted in a garage in Germany

Spy Photos | August 29th, 2009 by 8
Image0000 750x500 2011 BMW 5 Serie spotted in a garage in Germany

With six months to go before the new BMW 5 Series is being released, test mules continue to be seen in the Munich area. Sporting …

With six months to go before the new BMW 5 Series is being released, test mules continue to be seen in the Munich area. Sporting less and less camouflage, the 2011 5 Series entered a few weeks back the Final Evaluation phase going through variety of testing scenarios to correct any issues that might arise in real life driving.

BMW will revive the successful slogan used in the past, “Die neue Klasse”, to welcome its new F10 5er. the 6th generation model of the highly successful and important midclass sedan.
The new 5er will of course replace the successful and avantgarde looking E60 series and will be an all-new car from the ground up. With the new 5 GT model being part of the same family, the exterior design will show slightly similar design cues: mirrors , side indicator lights and door handles.

Every body panel is unique to the 5er, as BMW claims the 5er Gran Turismo is a stand alone premium concept. The idea behind the new 5 Series was to produce a car that looks expensive, but more modern and proportionate than a typical mid segment sedan. The low roofline and short overhangs are typical of this approach and in general the car is evenly proportioned with a wider track to accommodate larger wheelarches.

Image0000 655x674 2011 BMW 5 Serie spotted in a garage in Germany

The 2011 BMW 5 Series preserves the exclusivity of a new BMW and avoids duplicating the 7 Series look as a smaller 7er or as the popular phrase “One sausage different lengths”. What makes the car really stand out will be in the driving experience and the reduction of weight from one generation to the next. BMW needed a new solution that would help take weight off its cars and the inclusion of a press hardening process at the 5er’s production base will make this highly evident. Body shells and platforms are lighter and stronger using this new process.

Efficient Dynamics will be highly featured in the next generation 5er with the usual features. BMW will offer two Active Hybrid 5 Series. One will use the same “mild” hybrid technology as the 7er – The Active Hybrid 5. The other hybrid will be the Active Hybrid 5d which uses the same system as the Active Hybrid X6, but will replace the V8 for a 3.0d.

Interior design will continue down the same path as the 5 Series GT and 7 Series, a more luxurious approach with an driver oriented concept.

If our sources are correct, the first 2011 BMW 5 Series official photos will be released in December, followed by a world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010.

Thanks for the photos Simon!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1631237176 Vaybach Khan

    the headlights looking great…the whole front..but the rear i cant figure it out…

  • viper

    nice copy and paste interior…..this car should be boring as expected.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=664043071 Alex Rossbach

      uh wtf?
      the interior is covered
      but i guess the fact that it has a steering wheel and shifter makes it a copy paste interior.

      lemme guess your an eballer that “drives” a ferrari and has a bentley as a DD

  • wazon

    Front looks great from what I see now. It even started to remember some stylics from Z4 2009’s front: similar lights, huge grill, curves on hood running through it from internal part of lamp to outside and on through center part of it. Something that one can find in 3-er after face-lift. This car is looking better and better.

    Interesting that some people are able to see details of covered interior. Good for them.

    • viper

      well what do u expect to be inside?…wanna bet?….u should know that bmw does this often , x5 copy and paste to x6 , all the 3ers look the same inside , same thing with the new 5er will get a 7er interior and thats it , small very differences but overall its going to be 7er console in the new ‘boring’ 5 series , in 2013 M5 too….man thats so long to wait

      • wazon

        M5 in 2013? I don’t think so, according to rumors, 2011 is most plausible date.

        Actually, I’m not surprise that 3-ers have the same interior. These are the same cars in different exterior variant. X6 has a lot in common with X5, so the same interior is what one should expect. I don’t know what expect from new 5-er. It can have 5GT interior (agree, similar to 7-er), but it can get something new eighter. After all, 5GT is similar size to 7-er, so applying 7-er interior in hard financial time wasn’t unreasonable. The same doesn’t have to go for 5-er, which gonna be smaller than 7-er and 5GT. I would prefer something alludes to 5-er E60 interior and getting some features from well assesed Z4 2009 interior (for exmaple, controls panel in the center of dushboard). Some people close to BMW claims that 5-er gonna be really different from 5GT, so we will see what they mean by calling it different from 5GT.

  • kodey

    Im loving the interior, just like the 7er. I dont see how people get all mad when a part of a much more expensive car is put in a less pricey one? You get a feeling that your driving something much more fancy then what you paid for that is how i see it anyway. btw i love the interior i find it to be one of the most ergonomically designs out there in todays luxury world.

    • kcsnyud

      But becuase of that the 7er sales will get squshed to splinters. Then the 5er sales will go overboard so bmw will cancel the 7er and bmw fans will get angry.

      JUst sayin….