New Teaser Image: BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics

Spy Photos | August 28th, 2009 by 15
bmw vision efficientdynamics exklusiver iaablog com teaser 556

IAABlog is back with another teaser photo of the upcoming BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept. While we’re just two days away from the official revealing, the …

IAABlog is back with another teaser photo of the upcoming BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept. While we’re just two days away from the official revealing, the teasing game continues and at least this time we get a better  idea of the design….or at least some tiny bits of it.

The Concept will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motorshow and the BMW marketing machine says that this Concept will look like no other BMW Concept before.

The Vision Concept takes advantage of all the groundbreaking EfficientDynamics technology and will showcase these features available for any car tomorrow.

bmw vision efficientdynamics exklusiver iaablog com teaser 556

That’s all we have for now, but keep an eye on the blog tomorrow, we’re pretty sure more information will be leaked released

15 responses to “New Teaser Image: BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics”

  1. Funkee says:

    BMW spends so much money and time to develop concept cars but rarely make into production…

  2. Doug says:

    Yeah, that’s definitely a spoiler element that glows, functioning as a taillight. Interesting idea. The only doubt is the vent fins you can see just behind the red element. It has to be the rear of the car because of the aerodynamics of this structure, but why would they need a vent there?

  3. Mauro Corti says:


    Mmh… I’m scared to say “Rear engine” because that will never happens unfortunately… and of course it would need much bigger vents… probably it’s not a vent, I think it’s a decoration or part of the rear blue spoiler

    Anyway, I’m a bit confused. Looking at this picture you see the red light curving and continuing horizontally, but from the picture in this page I just see the vertical and curving shape, not the horizontal one.. where is it gone ?

    • Doug says:

      I don’t know either. It might be out of view, or the fins could be the top surface of that structure. The bottom of this red thing might be painted. There are “lines” inside the glass, that could be the top of the red thing and the fins might be an optical effect at this view.

      But if it was a vent, I agree– not likely a rear-engine. Although…. didn’t the Isetta have a rear engine? Has anyone seen the concepts for the new ones?

      It’s hard to tell, they really didn’t make it easy. They might as well have posted a closeup of hoydoonk’s nostril.

      This whole structure seems to be stepped back from the edge of the trunk lid. Those fins could be the surface of the top of the red glass horizontal portion (what purpose?), or an optical effect of lines “inside” the glass.

      If it is a vent, I agree — likely not a rear engine.

      • Doug says:

        crap!!!!!! We need a bigger edit window. I”m constantly pushing edits down and forgetting about them. Disregard the bottom half.

  4. bmwm6 says:

    could that red light be movable and that vent probably is just for design unless its rear engine like people are saying and no its not small for a vent a porsche 911 is rar engine and no vents except on the turbo models

  5. Ignace says:

    @ Funkee, that’s not entirely true, quite often technology and styling elements make it into production. Next to that, several concept cars have actually made it into production model, for example the Z07 concept –> Z8, Z9 concept –> 6 series, iDrive, CS1 concept –> 1 series.
    Even my BMW Z1 used to be a concept car which made it into production model.

    • Giom says:

      YOU’VE GOT A Z1!!?? You’re so lucky! This was my dream car since it came out. Now you won’t find one anywhere :(

  6. Giom says:

    O oh! When BMW says something like ‘This will look like now other BMW.’ it usually means something extremely polarizing. Great marketing strat tho!

  7. Ignace says:

    @ Giom:
    depends on where you live, here in The Netherlands (and Germany),
    you can get one for about € 25,000 (about $ 35500).
    Currently about 6 for sale in The Netherlands.
    Was it imported in the US ?
    Some pics of my Z1 :
    Spare parts, especially the ones that are for the Z1 only, for example the rear wing shaped muffler, are more difficult to find and rather expensive.
    Most components (engine, brakes) are basic 325i (E30) parts, so maintenance is easy.
    Great fun to drive, kart feeling with the doors down :-)

    • Giom says:

      Yea, I’m in South Africa… and although I’ve seen – at most maybe five, nobody is selling theirs. And I can understand why. If you’re a car nut, Europe or America is the place to be. No doubt!

      Thanks for sharing your pics! It must be a real joy driving it around – I love them when the doors are down – that last pic is stunning!

  8. Dede says:

    The only Z1s in the US are grey market imports. I am hoping this is going to be an exciting concept car.

  9. Horatiu Boe says:

    First photos of this concept should be out tomorrow

  10. buzatu marcel valentin says:

    nice car sorry no money 4 buy 1bmw is number 1 in the world

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