Autozeitung test: BMW M3 vs. Audi TT RS

BMW M3 | August 28th, 2009 by 15
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Talk about an unusual comparison, BMW M3 Coupe versus the new Audi TT RS, but we don’t mind it. We’ve always been fans of these …

Talk about an unusual comparison, BMW M3 Coupe versus the new Audi TT RS, but we don’t mind it. We’ve always been fans of these unusual tests since it makes all of us step out of the reasonable boundaries and compare cars that no one would ever dream of putting them in the same class.

The German magazine AutoZeitung decided to bring up-front two interesting cars, but with different characteristics. BMW M3, in our opinion, is the leader in its sport luxury coupe market.

The M3’s V8 powerplant has two more cylinders than its predecessor, delivering 420 horsepower from 4.0 litters and maximum torque of 295 pound-feet at 3,900 rpm. In keeping with BMW’s high-revving “M” tradition, maximum engine speed is 8,300 rpm. The engine is the lightest V8 in the world, weighing less than the previous M3’s inline-six.

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It is also a rear-wheel drive vehicle with a 7-Gear DSG transmission. The M3 reaches a top speed of 155 mph(250 km/h). The car tested by AutoZeitung ran from 0 to 62 mph in 5.1 seconds.

At the other end, we have the new Audi TT RS, also competes in a tough market amongst “players” like the new Lotus Evora, the Nissan 370Z and the revised Porsche Cayman. The 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder puts out 340 horsepower and 332 lb-ft torque running through a six-speed manual transmission and Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive system.

AutoZeitung managed to take the TT RS from still to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds.

While the BMW M3 is available in the U.S. as well, the new TT RS has been on the “Christmas wishlist” of the all the Audi addicts in the U.S.

The test performed was quite comprehensive, based on a points system that rated the car from bodywork and comfort, to engine, dynamics and emissions. Some of us might disagree with the final results, especially since some of the areas, like the engine and dynamics, have been known to be BMW’s turf.

But we cover all things BMW, so we thought we should share it with you.

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15 responses to “Autozeitung test: BMW M3 vs. Audi TT RS”

  1. clast says:

    the tt interior mainly the center console doesn’t look nearly as thought out and the spoiler just looks plain old cheesy…BMW will always be the best in my opinion -_-

  2. viper says:

    its not unusual…the cars look similar…although Z4 is a true competitor , I never liked audi TT but this new tts really looks nice!

    • Doug says:

      Yeah, why are they comparing the TT to the M3? TT=Z4; RS4=M3. Somebody smack them.

      I don’t like the new TT… it’s a mismash of design elements; they should have redesigned the TT completely, rather than smoosh R8 elements into the TT’s “cylindrical” core design.

  3. Giom says:

    To me, that end result means nothing. I too, don’t like the TT – not even the new one. (Worse in fotos than in the flesh.) It’s an odly shaped blob that would look good on the bow of an oil tanker – below the water line.

    The M3… well, I really don’t have to say anything further.

  4. ferrarifan says:

    @Giom: About looks, to most people, I guess an E92 just looks like an ordinary, beefed up 3 series.. very saloon based look. The RS looks more sports-car”ish”

    As for performance though, I still think the E92’s the better car.

    • Giom says:

      My feeling about general E92 opinion is that most people love the looks. Thats why most ppl wanted to see coupe eliments on the sedan. After the E90 facelift, it looked more like E92 – not a bad thing. But the coupe still stands alone in the looks department.

      If you want to talk looks… A5. Now there’s a looker.

      • Horatiu B. says:

        A5 is a looker, no doubt, S5 even more, but…that driving experience….not even close. As much as I want Audi to get close to BMW and provide more competition, they are not there yet.

  5. Babken says:

    0-62 in 5.1 seconds. Th reviewers simply can’t drive a car. M3 runs 0-62 in 4.6 seconds. And on the track it will eat any car for breakfast.

  6. Fast says:

    My M3 runs 0-62 in 3.2 seconds, and an 11.00 quarter mile. My car will eat your car for lunch.


    M3 looks like a plain old car; TT RS looks like something that was designed, not just engineered. Each car is different and shouldn’t be compared, but each car has its strengths and weaknesses.

  7. Andrew says:

    M3 is a legend, but TT-RS is an innovation. Deing ” stick-shift-only” actually add man-instinct to the TT’s feminine culture. but 340 hp and 4.6 give her a pass to the big-boy’s club that used to occupied by guys like M3, Cayman and some Japs..

  8. 1Mc says:

    The 1M v TTRS v Cayman S will be my most sought after reviews of 2011!

    Come on BMW, don’t let us down.

  9. Twining says:

    Opinion; “BMW M3, in our opinion, is the leader in its sport luxury coupe market.”

    Fact: AUDI RS5

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