Video Teaser: BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept

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Courtesy of IAABlog and BMW.TV we have the first teaser video of the BMW Concept which will be unveiled next month at the Frankfurt Motor …

Courtesy of IAABlog and BMW.TV we have the first teaser video of the BMW Concept which will be unveiled next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

And for the first time, one of the rumors around the Vision Concept has verified: the concept name will be BMW Vision EfficientDynamics!

The teaser video doesn’t show much, other than a teaser photo at the end that we can’t really make anything out of it. But what we know for sure is that the marketing slogan will still be “Joy”. According to IAAblog, more teaser images and information will be revealed on Friday.

Stay tuned! Video after the jump!

bmw vision efficient dynamics 655x369

11 responses to “Video Teaser: BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept”

  1. PVF says:

    “We are the creators of EMOTION…”

  2. Alex M. says:

    I’m trapped in a glass box of EMOTION!!

  3. badger says:

    The picture is pretty useless.
    You cant tell what is it…

  4. Eli Sarver says:

    Well, it sorta looks like the back of a flex-frame ‘carver’ style 3 wheel (two front one rear, or one front, two rear) that would seat two people tandem and tilts into turns. Carver is the re-named Vandenbrink company’s new name. Mercedes had a concept called F300 Life-Jet in a similar line.

    Just a guess based on the taillight being separated from the rest of the design. It’s either that or a really fast Isetta :)

  5. viper says:

    ur right u dont build cars…..u are so right about that bmw!
    call me crazy I think this thing is gonna be a bike or some shit , a bullshit to be exact….
    another concept plus a vision which will make this thing even more sci fi because its not gonna see the light of a day ever….
    instead of making a fancy sports car, a four door coupe or some other cool stuff u make shit vision caras , sorry bikes or something , what a piece of shit this is going to be

  6. Phillegal says:

    that’s definitely the rear view of the car, the tail light is “floating” , you can also see what may be the back of the headrests. Regardless, this may answer many people’s call for a lightweight BMW sportscar, or as Viper put it, another design study that will never come to fruition. I appreciate BMW’s effort in pushing the limits of design, but COME ON we NEED an R8 Killer, BMW needs to understand that most people that can afford an M car, care little about MPG and more about handling and MPH, the R8 is such a success, it made me respect Audi, and shook my belief in BMW. A BMW M1 would sell out before it was even made….

  7. Eli Sarver says:

    Well, the Ariel Atom is around $50k and can outperform anything, and it’s a tubular frame racer, the closest a four-wheel vehicle comes to a motorcycle. You can build a monster engine (///M’s latest) or you can build a CSL (past ///Ms)

  8. Eli Sarver says:

    Oh, I see it now, nevermind what I wrote above. That’s the right hand tail light. I wonder how far back the rear wheels are on the concept. Looks like it’d be more ‘at the corners’ like a mini.

  9. Whats that Now,
    that looks something unusual,
    If thats The rear View so when we going to see the final car,

  10. LBoogy says:

    I Agree, we need a R8 killer dammit!

  11. viper says:

    no…..we need a SLR kind of car , something that size and superiority and power..and price and something like R8 too , something that Italian designed along with bmw men.

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