Owner rebadges Audi R8 with a BMW roundel

Interesting | August 20th, 2009 by 19
dfddfc01daa8 750x500 Owner rebadges Audi R8 with a BMW roundel

We’ve been looking at these photos for a few hours now and we really cannot tell if they are simply a photoshop or the “real …

We’ve been looking at these photos for a few hours now and we really cannot tell if they are simply a photoshop or the “real deal”. If this Audi R8 re-badged as BMW is indeed real, then we have to wonder what went through the head of this owner.

The Audi R8 is a beautiful supersport car, without a doubt and unquestionable even by BMW fans, but to go to this extreme automatically raises some questions.

Could this owner be such a huge BMW fan? But then why would he buy a $120,000 Audi? Is he trying to make a point that BMW is not…yet…offering a supersports vehicle? Or maybe the most logical explanation: craving for some attention, of course, on the internet.

4de011cb868d 655x491 Owner rebadges Audi R8 with a BMW roundel

Regardless of his/her reasons, we got a laugh of it and we can put this article in our “odd things book”.

  • paul

    IMO, it’s a prank or a marketing “game” just like those audi vs. bmw ads before

  • wazon

    Maybe, there is really need for BMW supercar.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=124900584 Alex Vintu

    ha, some reach Russian guy trying to impress a woman who had affairs with M owners before only

  • http://mattrogowski.co.uk Matt Rogowski

    Ha, that made me laugh. Didn’t make such a good job on removing the rings from the engine though :P If it was Photoshopped that would probably have been done better.

  • http://Peterrkman.webs.com Peter rkman

    Ha ha really funny. I think that bmw needs a supercar so he has the bmw r8

  • Gord

    I don’t think a BMW badge would properly fit on the Audi R8’s hood.

  • http://www.ox.ee Ezh

    In Russia this car costs the double+.

  • Slim Tim

    thats my car my parents wudnt let me get a bmw cuz they said only spoiled gets get bmws audis are a sensible brand so i did the next best thing

  • viper

    what a loyal audi dickhead….really pathetic putting bmw badges on other car , but that not just any car…..

  • X5SoB

    Spelling, puncuation, and grammar not your strong suits? I mean, really!
    The Fiat was understandable, the Chery was amusing, but this… is strange. What this may say about the owner is that he has more money than sense, and he is truly the kind of douchebag that the unwashed consider BMW owners to be.

  • mical

    well I Think it’s a photoshop, if you zoom in on the engine(BMW R8 photo1) you can see some lines on the glass are interrupted where the audi logo should be,
    the lines on the glass as well as the shadow of the lines..
    correct me if I’m wrong…

    • Bogg

      You should calibrate your monitor, the lines are not interupted…

  • anndii

    As crazy as this might sound the car could be stolen, and have fake documents, stating its a 850i! In countries like Russia this probably a quick fix to having a R8 for cheap! Where i come from you can get any stolen car (70,000+ euros) for 15,000 euros, from X5, Q7, X6, anything!