2011 BMW 5 Series – Best Spy Photos So Far

Spy Photos | August 20th, 2009 by 11
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We have just hit publish on our 2011 BMW 5 Series article and new, revealing photos of the next 5er showed up on the web. …

We have just hit publish on our 2011 BMW 5 Series article and new, revealing photos of the next 5er showed up on the web. The fellows at Bimmerpost are bringing us new spy shots of a 5 Series test mule spotted in Munich.

As we announced last week, the fist Final Evaluation Phase prototypes are being tested currently, an indication that we might indeed see the new 5 Series, completely unveiled before the year ends.

Sources within the company speak of an official launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010.

While maintaining the class and sporty allure of a 5 Series, the new model will play an important part in the EfficientDynamics strategy. Several features of this technology will be available in the new 5, from brake energy regeneration to specially designed aerodynamics wheels. Every details counts when it comes to fuel efficiency.

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Two mild hybrid models are also being considered by BMW with both gasoline and diesel engines.

The new 5er will have an unique design which will differentiates itself from other models within the brand, an indication that BMW wants to stay away from consumers labeling the car as a  “smaller 7 Series”. The car will maintain the typical 50-50 weight distribution and it is rumored to weigh less than the current model.

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The interior quality has been upped a notch with many design cues imported from 7 Series and the new 5 GT. It is said to be at the same level with the 5er GT when it comes to quality and design.

Some of you might already wonder what is the exterior paint seen on this 550i, well, we’re here to tell you that we are looking at the Sophisto Grey, the same one available on the new 7 Series.

With the Frankfurt Motor Show just around the corner, expect to see more information being leaked released by BMW.

[Photos via Bimmerpost ]

11 responses to “2011 BMW 5 Series – Best Spy Photos So Far”

  1. Rad Dockery says:

    Not ugly, not hot. average so far

  2. Kevin says:

    I liked the eagle eyes better.
    They should have retained that look . .

  3. L. Hamilton says:

    I think that the actual 5er is better than this

  4. Giom says:

    I love how you guys pass judgment on this test mule… lol.

    Anyways… Interesting to read about the ‘unique’ design for this model. From what I’m seeing so far, it seems to follow the same design elements as the 7 and 5GT. It’s not the same difference as with the previous 5 and 7. Everything about their designs were different.

    But, we’ll see.

  5. L1ndja says:

    I disagree with all of you i like it a lot even though i havent seen the real deal.
    I am confident and hopeful of L-shape taillights i think that you can see them in this photos.

  6. wazon says:

    BMW seems to back to watered down design. After appearance of E60 on a market many BMW customers complaint that E60 is too far away from previous 5-er design language. New 5-er stylistics will aim to satisfy demands of both proponents of E60 and of E39. It would somehow allude to E60 but will drop some of its too distinctive elements. Altohugh I personally like E60 a lot, I believe that it will be a route BMW will try to go.

    I like shape of its headlights and L-shape tailights. Especially, the last one is good idea since it’s recently characteristic mark of BMW cars. Such taillights were applied in E46 egihter – a car which many of BMW funs consider as great expression of BMW spirit. I’m glad that front design allude to 5GT since I like this car a lot. Can’t wait to see unveiled F10.

  7. bunker says:

    please give the new 5er a couple of extra dollars so she’ll take off the rest of her clothes…!

  8. klier says:

    Those two pics is not the same car, check the licence plate. One is blue, and the other is grey. The one with plate MD J 2288 is BLUE, not grey.

  9. John Warner says:

    It’s great to see some development of combining hybrid and diesel. It seems that this would give the best all around combination of fuel efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and general “greenest”. I recently read an article on http://www.BMWStory.com about this as well. There’s obviously a growing interest.

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