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Yesterday we started our second phase of the “Be A  Designer” project with the new BMW 7 Series being in the center of attention. To …

Yesterday we started our second phase of the “Be A  Designer” project with the new BMW 7 Series being in the center of attention. To stat on the same subject, the new 7, we are going to show you a new review of the car, this time published by Motor Trend.

Overall the new BMW 7 Series F01/F02 has been well received by the BMW community and most of the reviews we have seen were quite positive, including ours.
Does Motor Trend share the same feelings?

But let’s take a look at this new review:

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Okay I’ll come right out and admit I’m one of the haters. The iDrive era 7s and I have never gotten along. I’ll be the first to grant that this iDrive is WAY better than the old ones. In fact, there’s quite a lot to like here. The new styling is pleasing from most angles (the nose is maybe a bit blunt from pure profile). The displays are superb. I’m not sure I’ve ever used a better head-up display (it disappears when you wear polarized glasses, but I think there’s no avoiding that). The reverse camera image is higher definition than I can recall seeing in any other recent lux machine.

You can read the full article here, but let’s focus for a moment on their last paragraph:

I suppose the 7 Series may be the best handling of the leviathan luxobarges, but who cares? How much time will owners spend at the limits of adhesion in such a large car? I spent my week trying to shuttle three passengers around in comfort, which I think is more the idea of these whoppers. And the 7 just isn’t great at this task. Between a heavier-than-necessary throttle and possible turbo lag or jerky transmission response, it’s trickier than it should be to waft smoothly and swiftly away from a stop. No, I’d take an S-class today or maybe wait to sample the new Jag XJ. I remain uninterested in the 7.

We’ve come to realize that each car has different “owners”, to some the new 7 was still too soft, even in Comfort, while to others is simply to harsh. Same car, different perception, but it is somewhat expected. As far as the turbo lag….sure, there is tiny lag in there, but it is far from being noticeable by many people and truth is that these turbocharged engines have come a long way.

It’s the new 7 Series the perfect car? No, most likely it isn’t, but as we said before, it’s the best, for now, in that segment. When the new S-Class will come out, a more accurate comparison would be available.

8 responses to “BMW 7-Series reviewed by Motor Trend”

  1. monolith says:

    Quoting the author, “Yes, I did PhotoShop the button. And okay, maybe it turns fully off with a ridiculously long pause on the button (Start-Stoooooooooooooop?) The point is, this car is terrible for impatient people like me. And I’m still waiting for a fan-boy to explain the “benefit” of the cornball door pulls and double-pull inside releases…”
    He cant afford one anyway.

  2. Jag says:

    we all know that those guys at MT hate BMW. remember when they put up a comparison between the 7-series, s-class and a8? those things are crap!

  3. _Auday_ says:

    I’d take their closing statement as a complement (except for the Turbo Lag).

    BMW 7 is a luxury large sedan but IMO it’s still supposed to be a car driven by it’s owner who is probably an older executive or high-tech guy coming from a background of smaller more agile cars but needs a more luxurious and business like daily driver, yet still wants to be in charge of the car and still considers driving to be an enjoyable time behind the wheel anytime during the day.

    At least that’s my picture of the 7 and probably BMW’s own picture of the 7 in the 80s/90s, probably this has changed since and the 7er became more of an S class type car (especially the E65) where the driver cares more about comfort than anything else and would rather be driven around if he/she could afford a personal driver.
    Maybe the F01 is bringing some of that roughness and involvement back?

  4. wazon says:

    One thing makes me laugh about this review. On the one hand, author claims that handling is not important feature of 7-er because most of 7-er customers traveling on a back seat (I would like to see any statistics confirming it – contrary, I’ve got intution that most of customers of these cars are also its drivers). On the other hand, he complains on (harder to notice than in other charched engines) turbo-lag. One could similar question to one he put in case of handling: Who cares about turbo-lag since 7-er is car for back seat passanger?! Why back seat passanger should car about turbo-lag? Doesn’t she/he care more about comfort, smooth accelerating (which is the case in 7-er as far as I know) and smooth breaking?! This contradictory attutiuda toward 7-er only shows that MT doesn’t like 7-er and aims to find whatever “flaw” (of 7-er) to hang on it their negative opinion. I’m disappointed by their unprofessional way of considering 7-er. Almost in the similar way, when I’m disappointed when some journalist repeats stereotypes about BMW’s drivers and hanging on it his opinion about brand new product.

  5. kcsnayud says:

    What on Earth. This car does indeed serve its

  6. kcsnayud says:

    Purpose. You buy a car to drive it, not to hire a chauffeur. BMWs are the best selling premium cars today because it does what a car should do: drive well. I am a bit biased here, but I feel the only way the s class will see its true potential is if the owner hires a chauffer, which I believe that most people that buy these cars wont hire one, so the 7 does serve its purpose very well. Its the car for those that love to drive but need extra space and comfort. 7 beats S hands down

  7. efoza says:

    i just bought one and its great. it has no turbo lag and above all its smoother than my old S Class. so there you have it.

  8. Babken says:

    BMW 7 Series is the best luxury car in its segment. An optimum blend of comfort, performance and luxury. BRAVO, BMW!

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