Spy Shots: BMW continues testing the future M5 (F10)

Spy Photos | August 17th, 2009 by 11
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There are rumors and then there are controversial rumors and of those ones revolves around the future BMW M5 which will launch in 2012. For …

There are rumors and then there are controversial rumors and of those ones revolves around the future BMW M5 which will launch in 2012. For months there have been several reports that BMW is shifting their M cars towards turbo engines and the M5 will make no exception. But the plot thickens around this model, especially when people close to the company speak of the testing stage where two engines are being scrutinized: V8 and V10 twin-turbo engines.

The V10 engine is based on the V8, but features two extra cylinders. Two gearboxes are being considered, an updated 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DCT) or a more advanced 8-speed SMG. Speculations around the M5 have already begun with many people mentioning a power output of 550 horsepower or more.

A decision has yet to be made, but we should learn more shortly after the 2011 5 Series will be unveiled. In the mean time, we know that the drivetrain of the F10 BMW M5 will feature a similar KERS system as the one found in the Formula 1 monoposts which will offer fuel savings technologies as well the ability to shut down cylinders while city driving.  The KERS will also feature a boost button imported from the F1 cars that will allow the driver to unleash all the energy stored up.
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Unfortunately not much is being revealed in these latest spy photos, mostly because the F10 M5 has not yet entered the final evaluation phase where the plastic fake body panels are being replaced with the psychedelic camouflage we all became accustomed to it.

But as usual, one of the BMW insiders has some thoughts to share with us:

It’s no longer a question of how much Power is necessary?
Now it’s all about making sure cars like the M5 will be relevant in the future. BMW are not concerned regarding the Power aspects of the M5 against it’s competitors. As per always BMW have understood that the base car has to be really really good before handing it over to the M Division. And that is where the new F10 excels it’s a drivers car.
And when you see it towards the end of the year you will see how BMW have delivered a car of brilliant proportion with it’s wide track and lower stance and then you say “This is going to be a great M car”

When we went back to discover what made people fall for the M5 one thing we found surprising was that it had an advantage over the competition(At first) V10. So there it is from a marketing point of view everybody had a V8 , BMW had a V10.

So they began a rebuild on the new twin-turbo V8 by adding two extra cylinders and a unique cylinder cut-off system. To incorporate our then F1 ideals similar to the V10 and SMG marketing with the E60, We decided to follow through on how would the M5 of the future look like how would it be powered? how would it store and regenerate energy?

And the KERS technology then being integrated for F1 was straight out of the “Efficient Dynamics” rule book , so we thought about how would KERS apply itself to a street car so we assigned both divisions @ M and F1 to work on the development of a system for a car with original development mules in stripped out M3 Coupes behind closed doors. And although the tech was temperamental on an F1 car , M division and Motorsport managed to perfect and apply the technology for road car use, even with an F1 style boost to which prototypes are running the system within BMW tech facilities and have begun real-world testing in F10 prototypes.

Although with marketing resorting to determine another approach now that BMW have dissolved it’s F1 activities. Labeling the new technology under “Efficient Dynamics” is one option another is labeling it under a new term specifically for the M Division.

11 responses to “Spy Shots: BMW continues testing the future M5 (F10)”

  1. Simon says:

    I was at Hengersberg service area the other day and there was a 5, an x6 hybrid and a 7 series all sat with there people eating ice creams. I can say when the 5 series left it sounded “throaty” and seemed to have 4 exhausts although 2 seemed to have been blanked off

  2. viper says:

    I think its going to be a V8 no matter what eveyone says its not gonna be a V10 anymore…V8 with 560hp , wish I was wrong and a 7 not 8speed DCT , its not going to be that much better than the current M5.

    • Nick says:

      Totally agree. Why do you need 8 speeds? It will constantly look for the right gear.

      • wazon says:

        “Why do you need 8 speeds?” Hmmm, Maybe for making gear shoter and let car accelerate faster without lost on max. speed? Actually, I’ve heard about 8speed gear box for M5 F10 for two years and this info had been comfirmed many times by many people close to BMW. BMW even applied such gear box in 760i and it could be basis for M brand product. BTW, why will it constantly look for right gear? New engine will have its max. torgue from 1500rpm, so there won’t be a need for searching for a gear which set engine on right rev. It will drag from lowest speed for given gear. Making gear shorter could be a problem if BMW left n/a engine, but since they switched on twin-turbo, I don’t see any objections to 8 speed gear box.

        Engine stays still mistery, but V8 560hp would surely improve M5 a lot. You need only image what performance gonna have car lighter around 300 kg than X6 M, which is according to some infos faster than M5 on Nurburgring. There is no doubt, M5 F10 gonna be great improvement.

        • Nick says:

          Why will it constantly look for the right gear?

          I’ve driven a Lexus IS-F with it’s 8 speed gearbox. In town driving, it constantly changes gear and gets really annoying. The beauty of an M car is that it’s a capable track car and a comfortable cruiser. The new 8 speed gear box really limits one function. Seven gears should be MORE than enough.

  3. BmwM5Fan says:

    An M5 is mostly used for cruising around the city at nights at incredible speeds, and at day time listen to magnificent v10 sound. there is no sense of making a v10, if it wont deliver the souind, that the current one has. For instance think, u have a choice of v8 twin-turbp and the v10 with same amount of horsepower, and there is pretty no difference in the sound, what would u choose? of course v8. Why? less fuel consumption, less weight on the chassis, less oil consumption, and reliability. I might be wrong but its my opinion. Anyway people, who have money, do buy the m5 because of the engine, its sound and the look, and nobody uses it as everyday car.

    • gelo says:

      Nobody uses it as an everyday car? Cruising around the city at nights at incredible speeds?

      Boy are you wrong and misinformed.

      I own a 2008 M5 and it is my everyday car. I bought my car because of the engine and the way the car drives. Stop making assumptions.

      I’ll buy a twin turbo V10 with more power to replace my current M5.

  4. Howie_in_AZ says:

    “The V10 engine is based on the V8, but features two extra cylinders.”

    NO WAY!

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