2011 BMW 5 Series enters the Final Evaluation Phase

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Despite the low-resolution quality of these new spy photos, we are quite excited to see the first FEP shots of the 2011 BMW 5 Series. …

Despite the low-resolution quality of these new spy photos, we are quite excited to see the first FEP shots of the 2011 BMW 5 Series. For those of you not familiar with the term, FEP stands for Final Evaluation Phase which represents the last testing stage that a BMW prototype has to go through.

The FEP phase itself is broken down into sub-phases as the car progresses through the testing process. Judging by these new spy photos and based on the tentative launch date – March 2010 – we’re certain that by December, the new 5er will lose most, if not all, of its camouflage.

Looking at the two oval exhaust pipes, we can pretty much deduct that we’re indeed looking at the 2011 BMW 550i, a vehicle powered by the almighty powerful V8 twin-turbo engine found in the X6 50i or the 750i matted to the new ZF 8-Speed automatic transmission.

2009 8 14   erlknig bmw5er    dm25963

The headlights and taillights are still a bit of a mystery and the camouflage does its job very well hiding those last pieces from the puzzle. Based on some of the spy photos seen before, many people went ahead and speculated on the lights design, some even believe that some cues from the Coupe taillights might have been implemented.

The wheels on this test mule are the one thing that really stands out, great multi-spoke design, very dynamics and sporty, as it should be on the top 5 Series model.

With the risk of repeating ourselves, by early fall, an abundance of spy photos will make their way onto the web and we will be able to learn more about the new design.

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6 responses to “2011 BMW 5 Series enters the Final Evaluation Phase”

  1. Stoli says:

    Very very interesting. Head lights are no secret any more, they are so obvious :-) still the tail lights have some mistery. all the renderings so far were so SO wrong. flame surfacing is not gone also, in contrary the hood will be very dinamic. i’m just hoping BMW will put x drive on 535d and there will be no car to compare. The best overall vehicle is arriving and i’m looking forward to buy one :-)

  2. Mauro Corti says:


    I agree with you, but price and weight of this car will be extremely important to determine its success against competitors; I am not saying that weight is important on a luxury sedan, not at all, but hence this will be the base for the development of the next M5, I really hope there will be a weight reduction from the nowdays 5er.

    And, of course, it needs z4 and 5gt interior design and quality, but I’m sure this will not be a problem :)

  3. wazon says:

    Looks different than renderings posted earlier suggested. Headlights remind me 3-serie’s headlights. Car is lower than rendering suggested eighter and it gives it more agressive appearance. Can’t wait to see it fully unveiled.

    I don’t worry about mass of M5. Brand new E-class gained mass when comparing it with previous model, so E63AMG will be fatter eighter. Audi A6 is really fat and RS6’s weight is closer to X6M weight than that of recent M5. One thing we can be sure – M5 will be lighter that X6M and with its twinturbo 4.4 V8 plus new 8-speed gear-box it will provide a way better performance than X6M. According to some rumors, new M5 will have similar mass to present model, so it will be around 300kg lighter than X6M. Hence, the mass difference will be huge. I will have enough for both E-class and RS6. I wonder whether M5 will get carbon roof. Maybe wieght reduction is not impressive, but influence on handling is. And what about KERS in upcoming M5? Does someone have any plausible infos about it?

  4. satio.wong says:

    the new 5 series will be indeed fatter which i dont really have a problem with , im sure dynamics and driving orgasms will make up for it. the more i look at it the more im thinking this some way a bigger 3 series, very different from the current 5series that slender and at times very simple looking, i cannot wait…lol

  5. Samir says:

    I knew it! I knew it will look like the new 7 series. Kidneys are huge! Cars nose is butt ugly and that styling wont last for long.

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