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We know that some of you BMW fans have seen this video before, but for the rest of us that somehow missed it – this …

We know that some of you BMW fans have seen this video before, but for the rest of us that somehow missed it – this includes us also – we believe it will be interesting and fascinating enough to post in our website as well.

This is one of these videos that speaks to the true BMW enthusiasts and as you will go through the whole four minutes video, you will understand why. Only a true BMW fan will get excited about a miniature BMW M3 being packed with lights all around and inside. Or….could we be wrong and actually everyone will enjoy this?

The work on this 1:18 scale model(the size recommended by everyone) was done by Jacok Michel who runs a business called “Modell-Lichtsysteme”. You can send it your M3 model to Jakob and based on the options you choose -full lights, only exterior lights, only interior lights – he will retrofit your model and turn it into one of the coolest toys. The price for the full package fluctuates between 130-200 euros, that’s $187-$287 for us in the U.S. An exterior only “lights work” will set you back 70 euros($100).

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BMW fans that have gone through Jakob spoke of his extreme attention to details that managed to bring out the “WOW” factor.

But, let’s see for ourselves…..

[Photo by: Big Windy at M3post]

Thanks for the tip Jezza!

13 responses to “Video: BMW M3 – Full Light Packet”

  1. Victor says:

    very interesting! i want it too ;)

  2. Blaze says:

    Wow…that’s really good attention to detail…either that or a really big hand!

  3. Giom says:

    That is so cool! Gotta get me one!

  4. Mauro Corti says:


  5. viper says:

    really goes nice with the track I think sound system nine or something

  6. Jordan says:

    wow that’s incredible!

  7. Dennis says:

    AMAZING…. SIMPLY AMAZING… even the break lighs work when breaks are applied!!! wow need to get one…

  8. Marc says:

    Hmm…i have every M3 1:18 from the E30 to E46….can he do those iI wonder? I still need to get this particular model.

  9. Lance says:

    I have 10 1:18 BMW’s. The price is a bit steep considering the models only cost about 100. I’m going to try to make it myself.

  10. Lance says:

    Amazing stuff though

  11. Kamil says:

    OMG, that is really amazing… that is pretty much worth the money.

  12. Tan says:

    how to send this m3 model to him?

  13. Kyle says:

    i have a 1/18 kyosho convertible. its new and i really want to get this package done to it. can i send u the car? or can i buy another one? im really interested

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