BMW says: “This is not the BMW eco concept going to the Frankfurt motor show”

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bmw concept frankfurt

Well, so much for the excitement after seeing the spy photos of what seemed to be the BMW Concept car that will be revealed at …

Well, so much for the excitement after seeing the spy photos of what seemed to be the BMW Concept car that will be revealed at Frankfurt Auto Show.

This is not actually the BMW eco concept to be revealed at the Frankfurt motor show, but a five-year-old design study, according to the company. A spokesman for BMW this morning told Autocar UK that it is a model being moved from the central design facility.

A late rumor showed up on the web yesterday when a source close to BMW stated that this could be one of the multiple design proposals, a full scale clay model, that is presented to the board before a final decision is made. As Autocar confirmed, this was a study case made to explore “different design directions and aerodynamics.”

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Knowing how well the BMW marketing machine works, it is not hard to believe that these photos might have been released to get some feedback from the BMW community or to create some buzz prior to the Frankfurt Auto Show. Did it work? Without a doubt….Are we a bit disappointed? Yes, since we have definitely fallen for it.

BMW still plans to release the eco-hybrid sports car at the IAA Show which most likely it will be the Vision Z Concept.

[Source: Autocar UK ]

12 responses to “BMW says: “This is not the BMW eco concept going to the Frankfurt motor show””

  1. wazon says:

    Interesting, if that’s true, why didn’t I see Lancer grill in any of BMW’s concept five years ago? Anyway, it could be clay statue to prepare for making some noise around new design proposal. Ideed each person who was moved by this “five-years” old concept car, will wait for real concept of new sport car.

  2. patricksixer says:

    Phew. I was not a fan of this one. I did like the rendering better though.

  3. Giom says:

    …five years old, and everybody thought it was a Lancer copy… I laughed out loud!

    • wazon says:

      Well, the strange thing is that they had good shape of grill as in this concept and they didn’t use it or make some alludes to it in production models at all. They even didn’t show the concept to check what people think about it. Hmmm. I don’t understand, why didn’t they do any of these things? I suspect the aswer is that this is not five years old design, it’s rather noise making clay statue recently create. It encircled moto news as new concept, then BMW deny that’s a new concept and everyone is waiting on real one. Great marketing strategy adding new phase to revealing new concepts, people are interesting in it, despite the fact that there are no piece of photos of it. After some time, BMW will reveal tail light shot, wing shot, headlight shot as is in usual practice of all concerns.

  4. _Auday_ says:

    Well, no one said BMW is copying Lancer… 5 years old design or today’s design the “rendering” front has a clear similarity to the lancer front and people where just pointing that out about the rendering. No one accused BMW of Copying.

    I dont know how BMW design department works, but I doubt it’s a 5 years old design concept, first why would they make such a full scale design in actual materials for a design study that is not intended to be shown publicly. Second BMW is known to destroy their unwanted/unsuccessful designs unless they are shown publicly, so a full scale model like that would have been destroyed if the project was canceled or the concept was not to be shown publicly.And last I think the design language is more concurrent, at least for BMW.
    One more point, if they know there is a chance for paparazzi taking photos and they dont want that, they could have covered the car better, it’s not that hard to cover a concept model unless if you want to test it on street and that’s not the case here.

    As the article suggests, It might be one of those marketing tricks by BMW.

    • Giom says:

      Just read the previous thread. Most people accused BMW of copying – just read it.

      And, why would you and wazon suggest it’s not five years old when most ppl commented that it was a backward design? Just look at those two tone aero things on the front and sides, that is so yester year.

      Finally, just because we don’t understand BMWs design proccess, doesn’t mean this is a conspiracy. I know for a fact that hundreds of designs are looked at each year. They never stop researching new ideas. Do you really think they sketch one design per model and what we see on the streets is the result?

      Most finally. I’m glad this ‘misunderstanding’ happend. Hopefully this will shut-up the folks who always cry ‘COPY’.

      • _Auday_ says:

        Dude, no consipracies, we dont have to be that dramatc, companies have marketing tricks and they all do that, nothing bad about it.
        This is a discussion board on a blog, so people would give different opinions and views, some of them wrong some right, some positive some negative… if I agree with some comment I’d say it if I dont I give my reaosns and so on,… no need to be so sensitive about it, it’s a car manufacturer not a religion :)

        And, again, people saying this looks similar doesnt mean that BMW is copying, it could be a coincedince, it could be a common design langauge of the time, or it could be inspiration.

  5. viper says:

    this is such bullshit Im sick and tired of bmw

  6. Vaybach Khan says:

    So the new eco concept car is actually z2?or there will be two new models will be presented????
    What else we can expect at frankfurt…z2 eco concept:3gt??:x1:5gt….what else?

  7. Samir says:

    That thing is soo ugly no wonder why BMW put a cover on it.

  8. digimate says:

    It’s the new concept M1!

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