New details on the next generation 2012 BMW 3 Series

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489924259677356x236 New details on the next generation 2012 BMW 3 Series

With the years before the official launch, details around the next generation BMW 3 Series are still sketchy and guarded well behind the Munich HQ …

With the years before the official launch, details around the next generation BMW 3 Series are still sketchy and guarded well behind the Munich HQ gates.

Let’s recap first what we know about the 2012 BMW 3 Series and then go into the latest details revealed by Autocar UK.

The proportions of a typical 3 Series will remain, meaning squat proportions, short rear overhang and wheels placed to each corner. The overall look is slimmer and more toned than the E90.
9580671 New details on the next generation 2012 BMW 3 Series

Rendering – not the actual design
The front of the car receives a widened, but not too large kidney grille , smaller than the F10 5er with shapely lighting units surround the grille.

The rear of the car offers a typical BMW layout with the classic L shape lighting units the larger part of the L shaped lights that sits on the corner and wraps around the rear of the car dips at the lower edge.

Here is an excerpt from the Autocar article posted today:

BMW is poised to completely reinvent the 3-series family for the low-carbon age.

Talking exclusively to Autocar, a senior BMW source revealed that a ground-up rethink of the company’s biggest-selling model will ensure that the next-generation 3-series will “remain relevant even when it goes off sale in 12 years’ time”.

489924259677356x236 New details on the next generation 2012 BMW 3 Series

The new 3-series is expected to make its public debut at the 2011 Paris motor show. In its first incarnation, the new model is expected to offer class-leading aerodynamics, with a Cd figure of 0.24, as well as pioneering the use of three-cylinder engines in premium vehicles.

The 3-series is part of a new BMW strategy in which ‘premium’ is defined in terms of environmental compatibility. It is this strategy that has prompted BMW to pull out of Formula One from the end of this year.

Hilton Holloway blog: Premium sustainability

The reinvention will step up a gear in 2016 when the 3-series undergoes a mid-life revamp. This is expected to represent the biggest technological step-change in car design for decades.

Sources say much of the underskin technology — such as the climate control system — will be completely re-engineered. Many of today’s in-car systems have in principle remained unchanged for decades.

Some details are interesting, but at the same time, remember that many of them could be simple rumors or assumptions. More accurate details will start to be revealed next year as the first full test mules will hit the streets.

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27 responses to “New details on the next generation 2012 BMW 3 Series”

  1. Andy Pan says:

    Looks like they Z4-ed it.

  2. paul says:

    front fascia looks mean and smiling… like up to something sinister

    are those 20-inch wheels?… they look awesome!

  3. Vitric says:

    I… I…. I really, absolutely without a doubt LOVE it.

    • Vitric says:

      I mean the look of the car, I love the look of the car. Very futuristic, but not over the hill.

      After reading the article, I can’t say I’m all that impressed anymore. “Premium” redefined as how friendly a car is to the environment? What the hell does that mean? Are BMW cars not going to be the same class they are today? Fun to drive, with lots of extra gadgets and whatnot to go along with it? Is BMW going to become the new god damned Geo?

      This is truly a sad day, when a car maker geared on fun to drive cars instead grades them on how “green” they are. This climate change bullshit has really, really killed everything that used to be good about cars. It’s no longer about fun, but about worrying about something that doesn’t even exist in the first place. I absolutely love BMWs, but a real car has a 4 barrel carb, 8 cylinders, a huge rear diff and spits in the face of mother nature. If those cars are gone, and now BMW looks as though they’re willingly going to forsake what a car should be, this really is the end of the automotive industry.

      You can’t even buy a performance car like an M3 or a Corvette ZR1 without the manufactorer boasting about the “incredible” fuel efficiency or technologies that make it more fuel efficient. Fuck you government propaganda, you’ve ruined my last love.

      • Michael says:

        You make made me laugh out loud Vitric, thanks for not holding back on how you really feel….hahaha.
        I agree that some of the environmental measures are taking the fun out of driving, but look what happened to GM and Chrysler when they went the traditional guzzling route. People are going to care because of the environment, and secondly because of the additional strain on their wallet due to taxes, oil price, etc.
        If BMW wants to be competitive in the future, it’s good for them to try and be proactive. If any manufacturer can merge efficiency with fun, it’s BMW that I trust in.

      • Lance says:

        I don’t see how having Efficient Dynamics would ruin the fun you wouold have with a BMW. BMW will have additional features to save fuel and be a responsble corporate citizen without giving up its core values of providing fun to drive vehicles. As for the environment, I have mentioned before that it is not a propaganda by the government. It is a serious problem and we all should take responsibility to live sustainably and stop livng like a pig. You also need to take more responsibility yourself in your unjustified outcry. If you particularly enjoy big V12 and V8’s, then by all means go for it. But just to let you know that they belong to the 90’s and it is going out of fashion at a rate that you won’t believe.

        The modern society today values efficiency. If you can provide both together, great! This is what customers want and this is what companies will give. If I start a business today, a huge chunk will be on corporate sustianability and a huge chunk will be environmental preservation.

        • Vitric says:

          What happened to GM and Chrysler when they went the gas guzzling route? If I remember correctly, SUVs were all the rave near and after the turn of the century, regardless of the extra money that people paid for them. If you want it, you’ll pay for it, that’s simply how it is. It is good that BMW is being proactive and trying to lead into the future, but come on, how good your car is is now how green it is? How about how well it performs? Or how reliable it is? Or the quality at which it is constructed?

          ED won’t ruin the fun of BMW. Restrictions and guidelines, and precedents ruin all fun cars. For example FWD, ABS, TCS, drive by wire, I could go on and on listing “advancements” that to me are really nice creature comforts to have, but really just take away the amount of skill needed to drive something without these fancy gizmos. I guess I’m just old fashioned… that’s all.

          Aside from my ranting and temper tantrums, I really love the 335d and that will most likely be my next commuter car.

          • wazon says:

            Vitric, you talk as if BMW will resign from producing V8, inline six and similar. I assure you that they will provide such cars despite eco-fever. But this cars are adressed to a little bit wealthy customers. In my country basic 335i costs 70000$, 335d – 74500$, M3 – 111000$. And they will get only more expensive in Europe when new emission tax gonna obtain (43$ for each 1g of each carbon dioxide above 125g/km or so). Will they find buyer? Sure, after all their price will grow up from few hundreds to few thousands $ which acceptable for most of buyers of six, eight, ten cylinders cars in Europe. But still, these cars are out of range for many potential customers. If BMW wants to find customers between them, it will have to provide cheaper cars with smaller engines. For such people, 316i and 318i was created years ago and they had pretty good selling in Europe. Both cars don’t provide too much fun from drive, but who does expect much fun from pretty heavy car with small engine? Working on smaller engines is needed, since BMW’s rivals are planning to produce cars with smaller engines. If BMW slept this, result could be tragic. Mercedes’ and Audi’s incomes would higher and higher and competition with them would getting harder and harder for BMW. All ideas with 3 cylinders, I-setta are aimed earn more money which allow on developing BMW group by embracing new parts of market and selling more cars.

            You appreciate 335d, I had had this car for two years and all I can say about it is that it’s indeed counterexample to your point that fun and efficiency don’t go on a par. This car offers to you ability of driving economically and of pushing it, if you need driving experienced. You will be surprised how low its fuel consumption is. I think that it’s of Audi’s or MB’s 2.5 litre diesel or even lower.

  4. wazon says:

    Wow, it looks great, some alludes to fronts of Z4 and 6-er.

  5. Rich says:

    Any chance we’ll still see the N54 or updated N55 in the new 3 Series?

  6. Dennis says:

    BEAUTIFUL… absolutly BEAUTIFUL…. makes me proud to be a BMW fan…

  7. MiguelBM says:

    I hope the real cae lookes like this!!

  8. Artmic says:

    Climate fucking change my ass…
    Fucking idiots paying carbon taxes and the government using that money on what??? Someone fucking tell me they will clean the lakes, and plant trees with that money, otherwise we are ALL FUCKING IDIOTS for not raising our voices against this big FRAUD that they call climate change, AKA: Global Warming.

    • Michael says:

      Seriously, what is the government doing with the carbon taxes they raise? I live in a place where I now pay 12.5 cents in carbon tax alone on every liter… Given the 1547 liters of fuel I purchased last year, that’s $156…

    • Doug says:

      There you go again. Fuck your fucking goddamn profane diatribe!

      I’m glad you’re expressing yourself, but you must realize that the conversation is moving on without you.

  9. Teddy Khan says:

    Carbon Taxes are just another thing to be traded. It’s going to be the most highly traded commodity in a few yeas, and a few friends of mine from Morgan Stanley are already specializing in that. But I believe if anybody, then BMW is the company that can really strike a balance between green and sporty. I have full faith in their philosophy and the commitment to making the ultimate driving machines. As for green cars like the Prius, which jerk and drive like shit, well….thats just sad. BMW will show everyone how its done. I do hate green propaganda, and the exaggeration that is portrayed in some forms. But it’s pretty self evident that we can do a better job as a society by not polluting more than we need to, and that is the only issue here. Cars back in the day, even BMW’s used to have large V8 with crappy fuel efficiency and just very in inefficient ways of burning fuel overall. Today a I6 from BMW can output more power, more torque, drives better, and gives better MPG. Innovation should be embraced.

  10. viper says:

    wow and that second picture is stunning…..thats the best looking bmw ever , wish they make 3er just like that one

  11. marc says:

    Auto/ Stilista contro Bmw, Pm Roma delega indagini a Gdf

    Investigatori delle Fiamme gialle ricostruiscono vicenda
    Fonte: APCOM del 05/08/2009

    La Procura di Roma ha delegato alla Guardia di finanza accertamenti rispetto all’indagine nata dalla denuncia contro la Bmw, presentata da uno stilista secondo il quale la casa automobilistica teutonica avrebbe copiato l’idea del rivestimento in stoffa della carrozzeria. Quel progetto è stato per attuato in una concept car, la Gina, acronimo di ‘Geometry and functions in ‘n’ adaptions, presentata in alcune rassegne di auto di lusso e per molto tempo ospitata nello stesso museo della Bmw, a Monaco. Secondo quanto si è appreso il pm Marcello Monteleone, dopo aver ricevuto una consulenza tecnica di parte, ha deciso di vederci chiaro ed ha dato disposizione agli investigatori della Gdf, prima di sentire lo stesso stilista, Giuseppe Bianco, e poi di ascoltare tutta un’altra serie di testi che erano stati indicati nell’esposto che era stato depositato nei mesi scorsi a piazzale Clodio dal difensore del piccolo imprenditore, l’avvocato Carlo Cirillo. Nella denuncia si spiega che Bianco, nel 2005, ha ideato un esclusivo procedimento con il quale si poteva applicare qualsiasi rivestimento, dalla pelle, alla stoffa, ai materiali più tecnici, sulla carrozzeria esterna di auto e motoveicoli “rendendo i rivestimenti stessi impermeabili e resistenti agli agenti atmosferici”. Dopo la registazione del brevetto, l’esposizione al Motorshow di Bologna nel 2006, un servizio televisivo del Tg5, Bianco era tranquillo, sicuro di aver inventato qualcosa d’innovativo. Ma ecco che in pieno 2008 lo stilista scopre che la Bmw ha presentato la Gina. E allora ricorda la visita, nello stand che aveva a Bologna, di un manager della casa tedesca che si disse molto interessato alla sua scoperta. Nella consulenza svolta dal perito Corrado Cesaroni, si legge: “Il modello Bmw non ha capacità distintiva rispetto ai prodotti che incorporano il disegno o modello registrato da Bianco”.

  12. Samir says:

    Looks like a 4 door 6 series. I think it looks good.

  13. Doug says:

    Looks far too much like the previous acura TL. To me it seems overly safe and lacking in character.

  14. Horatiu B. says:

    Okay guys, let’s focus on the topic…we try not to moderate anything, but still….

  15. LBoogy says:

    The car is magnificent, just love it!

  16. L1ndja says:

    Love it.Makes the current one look 10years outdated.

  17. enri says:

    very gud wouu

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