“BMW i-Setta” – A fourth BMW Brand or a sub-brand?

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Update: In a statement issued today, BMW CEO, Norbert Reithofer, talked about the new “i-Setta” being sold as a sub-brand. We’re not sure if it …

Update: In a statement issued today, BMW CEO, Norbert Reithofer, talked about the new “i-Setta” being sold as a sub-brand. We’re not sure if it will be indeed a fourth brand without the BMW name in front of it or simply a sub-division as the Motorsport one.

After months of debates and strategy planning, sources close to BMW confirm that a fourth BMW Group brand will be formed. It will be marketed under the name “i-Setta” and the megacity vehicle will be sold under this new brand. Quoting the source, “i-Setta” will be a reimagining of the original cult classic using today’s and tomorrows technology to provide urban mobility and sustainability in a lovable modern design wholly inspired by the original.”

Sounds fancy? Sure does and in our opinion, this is the best solution that BMW could have chosen in this current economic climate. Creating a new and fourth brand that focuses on electric/fuel efficient cars, will allow BMW to maintain their image of a sport luxury automaker without diluting that brand.

The i-Setta brand will allow BMW to create the Megacity vehicles that are geared towards congested cities. The same source confirms that within the MINI brand, a new electric vehicle will be also sold under the name MIN-i.

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An Isetta/i-Setta marketing campaign has already started today when a new image campaign was launched by the BMW Museum.

We’re working on getting more news related to this latest development, so stay tuned.

15 responses to ““BMW i-Setta” – A fourth BMW Brand or a sub-brand?”

  1. monolith says:

    Wow! I-setta. I get it. Where did they ever come up with such an original name?
    Also I-setta should sound more urban should it not, to promote its city dwelling cars.
    I am very curious to see what battery they put in these.

  2. Dede says:

    Living in San Francisco, I like this idea. Definitely a difference between urban vehicles and others.

  3. Gord says:

    How did they get all those Isetta toys ?! :D

  4. So this is why they scraped the F1 team ;)

  5. Mathis says:

    Great video and I am happy they recycled the Isetta name instead of coming up with some design mumbo jumbo as they do recently. If the car is just remotely similar to the old Isetta design wise, it will sell like crazy – just look at the Fiat 500.

  6. jkp says:

    So now we know where that 3-cylinder engine that BMW’s developing is going to go….

  7. Mathis says:

    maybe a 3 cylinder, but more important will be a version with an electric engine…

    • tseemann says:

      C’mon you guys … if a car fits in a drinking glass, no way you’ll be able to squeeze a 3 cylinder engine into it.

  8. Tine says:

    Yes, there will be Isetta brand revival, and due to marketing reasons (brand recognition, dealerships etc) it will follow the original one – with “BMW Isetta” name. So it will be kind of sub-brand within BMW Group. As the CEO said: like M. BMW M3, M5, M6 etc

    There will be a whole family of BMW Isetta vehicles. There is an idea to follow the original naming here as well. So “BMW Isetta 300″, BMW Isetta 600” – BMW Isetta + numeric designation.

    BMW Isetta has a huge name recognition among iconic microcars. It has a cult status, and promotional activities will use the fame formula as in MINI case. Enhanced. Going even further with marketing / promotion / advertising solutions. Creative & innovative. It will be independent from BMW marketing strategies – yet BMW brand marketing activities (image campaign activities) will also use some Isetta references when needed (sustainability & green-ness of the brand etc).

  9. rob hartzell says:

    Reminds me of a Brando picture. “I coulda been a contender!” The BMW people HAD a great idea: Make a Leaner, like the Carver, then mass produce it and people will be happy to have an affordable , green super fun to drive vehicle. They made prototypes, even to the point of test crashing them. The isetta idea is less clever than the BMW Clever, the project killed in 2006.

  10. james blake says:

    great my 1958 rhd 4 wheeler will be worth a mint , not that i would ever sell too much fun.

  11. Henkjan says:

    Does anyone know something about the foreseen/forecasted volumes they will produce per year? When will they start the production of the cars?

    They’re produced under the umbrella of “BMW Megacity” right?



  12. Gonzalo says:

    we finish our isetta last month and we are enjoy driving it, you can see our videos in http://www.renault4cv.blogspot.com

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