Rumor: BMW M1 Concept Hybrid to be unveiled at IAA

Rumors | July 31st, 2009 by 26
bmw m1 concept iaa

The chatter between us and our sources close to BMW has increased these past days, mostly due to the BMW Formula 1 announcement but also …

The chatter between us and our sources close to BMW has increased these past days, mostly due to the BMW Formula 1 announcement but also because of the BMW official statement regarding the unveiling of a new concept car at the upcoming IAA Frankfurt Motor Show.

For the past few months, we’ve been hearing that BMW is preparing to show two different concepts at German auto show, one of them confirmed several times: the new Z Vision Concept(future BMW Z2).

The details surrounding the second concept have been sketchy and no one would like to comment on that, so the German publication Auto Motor und Sport caught us by surprise when they announced the name of this second model: BMW M1 Concept Hybrid.

bmw m1 concept iaa 655x436

Rendering – does not represent the actual model

We won’t say they’re wrong, but at the same time it would be irresponsible to take this rumor as valid, so we’ll let you be the judge of these news. Apparently the BMW M1 Concept Hybrid is based on the beautiful, highly acclaimed and admired, M1 Hommage.

The BMW M1 Concept Hybrid is less massive than the Hommage model, similar to a 3 Series with a 2+2 seating arrangement. The “green super sport car” is set in motion by a small internal combustion engine combined with an electric motor at the front and rear axle.

The speculations continue around the performance of this new concept which alledgely can reach speed levels similar to a Porsche 911. One thing that we can probably agree on immediately is the use of lightweight materials, an initiative that BMW has been focusing on recently.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport -English Translation]

26 responses to “Rumor: BMW M1 Concept Hybrid to be unveiled at IAA”

  1. patricksixer says:


    That picture…it seems to me that it started its life as a Dodge Challenger. Maybe it’s just the roofline and the color, idk. Not bad, but still.

    A new M1 would be crazy awesome…I’d forget all about David Ortiz juicing…!!! but I don’t believe it, not now anyway.

  2. Heosat says:

    If they release a car styled on the M1 Hommage then I may have a much lighter wallet. Count me in as a customer!

  3. viper says:

    maybe a Z2 and thats all , I doubt they will come up with something as good as SLR or SLS or even R8…bmw just isnt capable of making such a good super sports car , they dont follow the leader , if u know what I mean , even audi is doing that and that the reason they make such great and powerful cars lately….

    • Lance says:

      That’s if you consider great and powerful cars based solely on hp. Most value a whole lot of other factors that make a sports car successful. PS BMW is probably the most capable premium company to make a goof sports car based on its resources, history and potential. The question is whetehr they are willing to risk doing so in the current climate.

      • viper says:

        well it has to a really shitty climate over Munchen then because in Stuttgart and Inglostad it is very sunny and promising as far as for supercars , they have SLR or the new SLS , audis got R8 , theyve got V12 diesel , they will come up with a 4 door coupe , they cover almost every segement just like the Benz , of course Benz has AMG badge on almost everything. I admire them

        • Lance says:

          That’s why BMW’s M is so much more exclusive than Merc’s AMG and Audi’s RS. BMW’s M really mean something whereas AMG is just slapped on “almost everything” . Audi’s s is a joke – cosmetic freaks with no substance.

          • viper says:

            I disagree , for me AMG cars are way more exclusive than M cars , and that is my opinion , I think MB as a car is more exclusive and better than BMW however thats not mine opinion thats the truth.

          • Doug says:

            I think a lot (if not most) of the AMG badges and parts you see are aftermarket. AMG and M are really equivalent in exclusivity, at least IMHO.

            However, BMW is undermining M with M-sport and other options, these should have been labeled ZHP or similiar.

  4. michael_h says:

    Audi has been making shit cars forever. Their cars are plagued with electrical problems and the like. So what Audi has the R8. They don’t sell the volume BMW does and BMW shouldn’t be focused on creating the next limited run sports car. They are focusing in the right areas: affordable, high quality cars that are fuel efficient.

    Audi has a lot of catching up to do in that area.

    • Lance says:

      You forgot to mention that it is actually a VW filled with VW parts. Just different exterior body pannels, badge and some well put together plastics and leather for the inetrior to boost up its underlying inferior standards. The current fad about Audi’s came about becasue they had a massive improvement compared to their own past. But the fact of the matter is that they are still way off the benchmark set by BMW.

  5. Gord says:

    As long as it is mid engined I am excited …

    unless it turns out to be a VW Bluesport.

  6. Vaybach Khan says:

    m1 hommage is one of the most beautiful sport car ever!!!!
    who knows what they hiding …lets just hope its m1…and they should call it the 8 series…

    • Lance says:

      This rendering looks terrible though – looks somewhat like an alfa, which is ugly. The M1 H had a great stance, this rendering looks like it’s got down syndrome

  7. Paul says:

    “One thing that we can probably agree on immediately is the use of lightweight materials, an initiative that BMW has been focusing on recently.”

    You have got to be s***ing me…where??? the fat ass 5GT or the almost 200kg heavier new generation Z4…who writes this crap???

    Plus if they are showing a concept m1, whats the point?? this bmw board doesnt have the balls to make one anyway

    • viper says:

      I had to agree on what u say….they dont have the balls to build one , I am so disappointed in bmw , but hey I really dont give a shit about them anymore , bmw is out

    • wazon says:

      It seems to me that they could change their mind concerning production of supercar. After all, great car would be great thing to improve their undermined image after unscessfull 2009 season in F1 and pretty bad (at least when one takes into consideration BMW vs Audi/VW competition) 2008 season in WTCC. Maybe marketing needs will tip scales in favour of supercar. From many sources there comes rumor that BMW indeed gonna spend money freed up from F1 on supercar.

      Disagree with your point about weight of cars. You complain that Z4 2009 is 200kg heavier than the old version. I think that it’s really good result of cutting mass. Car got heavy as hell hard top, so it’s little wonder that it’s heavier, but Z4 sDrive30i or sDrive35i is lighter around 300kg than MB SL350. This difference only confirmes that BMW indeed is going to make lighter cars. Just take look on M3 e92, it’s only car from its segment that have carbon roof.

      5GT is fat, but it is consequence of its size. This car has 7-er platform and is higher than 7-er.

      • Paul says:

        You are comparing a SL mercedes with the Z4??? ever heard of slk?? thats the one it should be pitched against…and audi and merc are using fabric rooftops with there new convertible (A5 and e class coup)…and the carbon roof…dont get me started on that…thats just save 4 or 5 kg over the conventional tin top!!

        every new generation of vehicles from bmw is heavier than the previous…so when you say – and I quote – only confirm bmw indeed is going to make lighter cars- end quote. Where?? Alice wonderland maybe??

        • wazon says:

          Ok. My fault with Z4 and SL. Z4sDrive30i is the same heavy as SLK350.

          Well, it’s not the only BMW’s problem that previous models are lighter than actual one. Actually, you can find that each producent deliver heavier cars from generation to generation. Explanation of this state of affair is simple: Cars get more safety technologies and more electronics than previous models and all those things weight a lot. Cutting mass programs are rather aimed on keep mass similar to the previous model. I don’t know why you ignore this when you complain on weight of actual models. Better think how weight cars would be, if they were made the same way as previous models and get more on the broad. You tend to compare statistics of weight without even taking into consideration that cars is getting more electronically advance and that they have to have more and more safety technologies. Where cars wouldn’t get mass when taking more and more heavy technologies on board?? Alice woderland maybe???

          • Paul says:

            what are you talking about?? the new e class is packed with new tech, is longer, wider and yet kept the same weight!! thats called research and the use of new materials…so that you can increase the tech and safety features without increasead weight…obviously i am not comparing a model from 20 years ago with one from today, but 2 gen ago its obvious the increase…and more obvious with the Z…200kg from one gen to the other is alot no…mate, i think you Live in alice´s wonderland…wake up…the only reason why bmw cars are getting heavier is only because is more expensive to make them lighter…the upcoming 5 series is ditching aluminium for steel (heavier btw) because is cheaper!!! so no, its not a question of more mass and new tech, is just a question of the financial minds in munich trying to get more bucks from you and I

          • wazon says:

            I am affraid that you live in alice wonderland. You claim that current E-klasse is lighter than previous. Let see weight statistics:
            E200 W211 (1570kg)/ E200 W212 (1615kg)
            E350 W211 (1610kg)/ E350 BlueTEC W212 (1735kg)
            E500 W211 (1570kg)/ E500 W212 (1830)
            E220 W211 (1610kg)/ E220 W212 (1735kg)
            E350 W211 (1670kg)/ E350 W212 (1825kg)

            Take BMW 5-er limo:
            520i e39 (1470kg)/ 520i e60 (1460kg) – lighther, slightly, but it is, isn’t it?
            523i e39 (1475kg)/ 523i e60 (1575kg)
            525i e39 (1575kg)/ 525i e60 (1585) – no so bad
            530i e39 (1540kg)/ 530i e60 (1605kg)
            540i e39 (1740kg)/ 540i e60 (1725kg)
            520d e39 (1490)/ 520d e60 (1585kg)
            530d e39 (1625kg)/ 530d e60 (1655kg).

            Gaining mass in BMW is not as bad as you claim. Just compare it with E-klasse about which you falsely claim that it got lighter, I don’t see it from any official stastics.

            You complain on steel chassis, but just look how MB got mass with aliminium chassis. Each E-klasse version is heavier than its counterpart in BMW’s offert. If MB’s weight reduction politics is good – as you seem claim – then BMW seems to do even better.

            Stop complaining on Z4 2009, it’s got hard top, so it has to gain at least 200kg, which is good result IMO. You just ignore this simple fact. Once again car weight is similar to SLK.

  8. Karl says:

    Looks like an old VW from the 80’s!?!

  9. Doug says:

    Wow, this thread got way off track.

    Horatiu, how do we know it’s going to be a new old M1, and not a new new M1? That is, a car based on the 1-series. One could speculate on the 11k rpm 4-banger with KERS and some carbon thrown on. The standard 911 isn’t a speed demon by any stretch, unless you mean turbo or GT series’.

  10. viper says:

    its not for u moron , the post above me was obviously deleted

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