Breaking: BMW to exit the Formula 1 at the end of this year?

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Breaking news: Several publications across the world announced that BMW’s future in Formula 1 races is in serious doubt. The rumors are that tomorrow a …

Breaking news: Several publications across the world announced that BMW’s future in Formula 1 races is in serious doubt. The rumors are that tomorrow a press conference was called at the BMW Headquarters in Munich where the main topic will be “‘current developments in motor sport.”

The press conference will be hosted by Dr. Norbert Reithofer, CEO of BMW, Dr. Klaus Draeger, the director for development, and Mario Theissen, BMW Motorsport director. Such an impressive line-up might lead to an important announcement. There is also another rumor going around that Robert Kubica will replace Felipe Massa at Ferrrari at the end of this season.

BMW entered the new F1 season with high expectations after a previous round where the cars and drivers performance has improved, but unfortunately the current season has been a cruel disappointment to them and and their fans.

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The KERS technology that BMW had high hopes for has also failed them and the abandonment of it could might play a role in any future decisions.

Will BMW follow Honda out of the Formula 1 races? As BMW Motorsport fans, we certainly hope not, but we’re also aware that from a business and financial point of view, it might just happen.

We’ll stop here and we’ll keep an eye tomorrow for news on this.

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18 responses to “Breaking: BMW to exit the Formula 1 at the end of this year?”

  1. Doug says:

    Unfortunate news.

    I hadn’t followed this much, but how did KERS fail them? In an earlier post, you wrote about them running the cars with and without KERS, what did that indicate, in retrospect?

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Doug, I’m not the biggest F1 expert, but from what I gathered, KERS didn’t bring them the technological advantage they were hoping for. Maybe someone with more knowledge can pitch in and tell us why.

      • AutoCritical says:

        KERS was something that BMW invested in heavily, and how it turned out that all of the F1 winners did not run KERS systems must have been frustrating (until the last race). They then removed the KERS system, with no real improvement.

        KERS provided a power boost, but could be argued that because of its weight, did not really provide an obvious benefit for all teams.

        I think BMW had alot of KERS technology promotion planned, but with a lack of racing results…it can be difficult.

        What a shame, they had so much promise at the end of the last season… They should have held out till the end of the next season before calling it. I will miss what they bring to the track, but i’m glad for the team members that someone is likely to take on the team.

  2. Derek says:

    Wow! And I thought this season couldn’t get more disapointing.

  3. Bradley Wint says:

    Well that sucks. I mean KERS was an all round failure if you ask me (with maybe the exception of this weekend’s race at Hungary. I mean it’s just one season. They shouldnt throw in the towel just yet. However I dont know if they can say that with the way the sport itself is being run. F1 on a hold is in a tight spot with the corrupt leadership and inflexible environment, so let’s hope they dont drop out. Ive been supporting them for 8 years… and I want to make it another one.

  4. None of the F1 sites I follow has this news, I don’t think that’s the case maybe they are announcing something else ?

  5. Alan says:

    I hope the conference is only about management reshuffelling for the F1 team because for the recent poor form in F1. But if it is true, oh well.. Go Team Brawn and Red Bull! :P

  6. Alan says:

    Oh well, it’s been confirmed. This would be the last season for BMW in formula 1.

  7. Peter Louies says:

    According to the online German car site Autobild will BMW leave the F1 at the end of the year.

    The reasons are the dissapointing result that BMW archived so far in the F1, the high financial expenditures and a change of strategy within the enterprise.

  8. Josh B says:


    I love love formula 1!!!!
    BMW has the best box at the melbourne gp,
    the atmosphere, facilities….
    i want to be pampered!!!!!!!
    I love the whole f1 experiance,

    and is massa going to be out completly then?

    • viper says:

      Oh Yeah , I like ur tone , Im so glad that they are stepping out of this ridiculous f1 nonsense , eat ur heart out they are gone

  9. putman says:

    Oh well, perhaps it will free-up financial resources for them to finally make a halo car or supercar.

  10. wazon says:

    To be honest, I’m not surpriesed by their decision to leave F1. Of course, it is defeat and perhaps will have some bad influence on marketing image. After all, they leave as one of the weakest team. But on the other hand, a lot chages have been made in F1 rules since 2009 season. Each team gets already made parts and their crucial work consists on setting up bolid from this parts provided by F1. Among these is main BMW’s weapon – engines! Last year their bolids had engines designed by themself and they were in lead. This year their bolid based on already made engine in which BMW’s engineeres can change only settings. In result, we get weak performance. It’s little wonder that when you take its best weapon from BMW back, they won’t achieve a lot. They had a lot hopes concerning KERS, but after all it was too heavy and give less advantage over bolids without it then it was expected. This with heavy driver such as Kubica, made BMW’s bolids less and less competitive. After KERS failure, they didn’t have enough time to develope other technologies in their bolid and in consequence they ended with weak performance.

    The only scenario that could change decision to leave is two or three races with great result. I don’t know whether it’s possible this year.

  11. Giom says:

    I’m devestated!

    My thoughts go with all those who now sits without a job. It’s not only Heidfeld and Kubica, but the entire work force. A lot of very talented people there… hope they get positions elswere quickly.

    I’m just so sad now…

  12. Nizer says:

    Maybe Bernie will finally get the message: if you abandon your participant’s most lucrative market – North America – they’ll ultimately abandon you. I put this down mainly to Bernie’s greed.

  13. ultimate driving machine haha says:

    good decision!

    they can’t win anyway

    just make fast SUVs instead, or SAVs if you wanna call it that way haha!

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