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While European journalists are currently enjoying the new BMW 760i and 760Li, BMW has decided to publish the official press release filled with all the …

While European journalists are currently enjoying the new BMW 760i and 760Li, BMW has decided to publish the official press release filled with all the information around these two new models. To spoil us even more, a series of videos have been posted as well, showing us the interior and exterior design of BMW’s most expensive production road car – the 760Li sells for $136,000 in the U.S.

Here is the press release along with 65 pages of information, technical details and ….more information.

Supreme motoring culture and luxurious comfort in perfection: The new BMW 760i and BMW 760Li twelve-cylinders mark the pinnacle of the fifth-generation BMW 7 Series. Superior powertrain technology, generous space and comfort, and unique features all round create an incomparable driving and traveling experience impressively confirming BMW’s leading position in the global market of luxury performance cars. Two body variants and a wide range of customization options provide a huge margin of freedom for enjoying the exclusivity of this twelve-cylinder luxury saloon in your own, very personal style. Together with the BMW 760i, the BMW 760Li with its wheelbase extended by 140 millimeters or 5.5″ and particular emphasis on rear-seat comfort is also entering the market as the absolute climax in motoring luxury.

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The newly developed V12 power unit with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, -High Precision Injection and double-VANOS infinite camshaft adjustment delivers maximum output of 400 kW/544 hp from engine capacity of 6.0 litres and develops peak torque of 750 Newton-meters/553 lb-ft from just 1,500 rpm. A masterpiece in modern engine technology, the all-aluminum twelve-cylinder power unit stands out through its effortless surge of power, unique acoustic and vibration-damping qualities, and a level of efficiency never seen before in this performance class. Naturally, both the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li comply in full with the EU 5 emission standard.

Both the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li come with brand-new eight-speed transmission featured in these outstanding models for the first time. With its innovative gearset configuration, the new transmission offers additional gears while maintaining the dimensions and weight of a conventional six-speed automatic. This makes the eight-speed automatic transmission an ideal match for the power and performance characteristics of the new twelve-cylinder, bringing out the comfort and dynamic qualities of the V12 in particular style. And at the same time the new transmission enhances the all-round efficiency of the car to an even higher standard never seen before.

Full Press Release / PDF

9 responses to “Press Release and Videos: BMW 760i and 760Li”

  1. viper says:

    this last one is very funny…..very expensive and very luxurious , I think its a descent competitor for the S600 L…..

  2. monolith says:

    Apple and BMW are similar companies especially in terms of clientele. But Apple’s products are getting less expensive as time goes on a BMW is getting more. With this economy and the new world mindset as to too much , this car will do less business than ever.

    • Gord says:

      But the new generation of iPod Touchs from Apple are still pretty expensive (but I think they are quite loevly too).

  3. autostry says:

    Perhaps its because BMW is adding more to their cars than before.

  4. Doug says:

    Interesting post, and a very interesting car from the engineering perspective.

    It’s also interesting how BMW values this target customer; it makes a bold exception to its values and strategy of green, efficient performance. But, II can completely see certain 7 owners I’ve known lusting after this in every regard (this has a double meaning).

    Question — why combine an 8sp with a V12 that has the widest power band seen outside of a veyron? Is it just to achieve 21mpg?

    I wish the videos showed less “stately” driving, like perhaps cornering/slalom, etc. (perhaps evading those vagrants begging at intersections, or dead polar bears). The PDF notes that the 760il comes with active roll stabilization (some implementation), but the videos don’t demonstrate any benefit. Motorweek recently ran the 750il through the course and the roll characteristics looked positively awful, especially for a BMW, though they didn’t mention if it had this feature.

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