Eye Candy: AC Schnitzer ACS7 4.0i – BMW 740i

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We have all seen all sort of reviews lately, from the BMW 7 Series to the X6 M or 5 GT, but we what we …

We have all seen all sort of reviews lately, from the BMW 7 Series to the X6 M or 5 GT, but we what we have not seen in a while, is a review, test drive if you with, of AC Schnitzer modded BMW.

Since we live in the U.S., it’s sometimes hard to get our hands on some of these exclusive European cars, but thanks to our journalists friends across the world, we can still bring you some of these reviews.

The AC Schnizter 7 Series received a series of visual treatments: a new front bumper, larger side skirts, a lifted and widened rear-end and new rear boot and roof spoiler, among others. A new set of AC Schnitzer wheels are available for the new 7 Series: a 22 inches transparent five-spoke alloy wheel and multispoke Type VII, also available in 22 inches.

So if you believed the new 7 was a great looking car, then we have no doubt you’ll like the AC Schnitzer version even more.

ac schnitzer bmw 7 series f01 09 655x382

Video after the jump

Okay, one more thing worth mentioning, the video was produced by our friends at Autoblog.nl, so unfortunately it’s all in Dutch, but we’re working on getting some English subtitles from them (Vincent, we’re all looking forward to the English version)
Update: English subtitles have been added

[Source: Abhd.nl ]

3 responses to “Eye Candy: AC Schnitzer ACS7 4.0i – BMW 740i”

  1. John Pham says:

    This guy has no idea about the tuning potential of BMW engines. Has he forgotten what magnificent engines BMW have provided in automotive history, and how much they have impacted? Lets not forget about the Mclaren F1 engine, Ascari KZ1, Ascari A10 among others before we even talk about their production engines. 252kW to 262 kW from a 3.0 I6 S54 found in the E46 M3 and Z4 M has got to be one of the best N/A tuned engines in the world, ranking up there as much as the 2.0L 4-cyl F20C engine from the Honda AP1/AP2 S2000. How about the latest bi-turbo N54 engines that have created a lot of positive review. Has he also forgotten that BMW has outright won the most awards at ‘THE’ most prestigious automotive awards for engines: The International Engine of the Year awards.

    What an idiot. What a fool!

  2. This car looks beautiful, am really loving the new 7.

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