Billboard Duel Continues: BMW brings the Z4 billboard to Ingolstadt

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For those of you that might not remember, back in April, we were the first ones to show you the now famous “BMW M3 Checkmate” …

For those of you that might not remember, back in April, we were the first ones to show you the now famous “BMW M3 Checkmate” billboard, an article that made waves across the internet and it still does today.

The so-called “Billboard War” went on for a few days when both BMW and Audi were dueling with some innovative and funny billboards. Even though it seemed that BMW has won that round, the truth is that both companies received plenty of free publicity and it started some interesting conversations between the fans of the two brands.

The article was so popular that made it all the way to New York Times, just to prove how powerful the online media can be these days.

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And apparently, the fun continues….it was brought to our attention that BMW has just placed another billboard, this time in Germany on Audi’s own field, Ingolstadt. The Z4 billboard was placed about 300 feet away from the  Audi Zentrum.

Now let’s take a look at the banner. “Vorsprung durch Technik” is the main Audi slogan in German, while BMW is pushing their latest models under the “Joy” marketing campaign as reflected on this banner as well: “Vorsprung durch Freude” – “Joy starts with the new BMW Z4 Roadster”. We’re not quite sure what BMW is hinted at, maybe “progress through Joy”, but if any of you are marketing experts, feel free to pitch in.

While not as powerful as the “checkmate” billboard, it’s quite fun to observe the duel from distance and we wonder if Audi will reply in any way.

14 responses to “Billboard Duel Continues: BMW brings the Z4 billboard to Ingolstadt”

  1. Rui Costa says:


  2. Giom says:

    To me, it sounds like BMW is out to make some trouble. Naughty fun, if you will :)

    Funny thing is – and if I’m not mistaken, for the first time, it’s BMW starting the duel. Usually it’s Audi. But it could be “Vorsprung durch… a lot of other things too.” for BMW. Joy is the bonus.


  3. KillDork says:

    “Vorsprung durch Freude” is, as you say, a play on Audi’s “Vorsprung durch Technik” and BMW’s own long established, at least in German-speaking countries, “Fahrfreude”. Best translated to “Joy of Driving”.

    I’m sure everyone in Ingolstad who sees this billboard knows both car makers slogans like americans know”Just Do It” etc.

  4. Peter Louies says:

    How ironic, there’s an Audi TT in the picture, with the ugly LED lights.

    Slightly off topic: I do hope that BMW will not jump on the trend of using LED lights too like Audi, Mercedes, and other brands are doing at the moment.

  5. Ramon Juarez says:

    The LEDs are nice, but they would, in fact, look ugly and not original in a BMW, as if they were copying Audi

  6. andrew says:


    The “Vorsprung durch …” thing is a long-time Audi slogan. The slogan is usually: “Vorsprung durch Technik” in English, “Innovation through Technology”. Better explained here:

    With the current ad, BMW’s taken a huge stab at Audi using their own slogan… and on their home turf too. I haven’t been to Audi Zentrum but I can imagine they have the “Vorsprung durch…” slogan everywhere…

    I can only expect those LED eyes to get meaner… :)

  7. ThijsM3e30 says:

    In German Vorsprung means ahead/advantage, so vorsprung durch technik translates to ahead because of technology. BMW has a its sllogan freude am fahren wich translates to the Sheer Driving Pleasure slogan. Combined the line of vorsprung druch freude will translate to something like the advantage by joy.

  8. Stephan S, says:

    OFF TOPIC – Still nothing about THE BMW news of the year on BMW gets out of the formula 1 – press conference tomorrow at 10:00 o’clock CET

    • Horatiu B. says:

      We posted the story Stephan…sometimes we don’t get to all the news right the way, but we kinda did this time

      • Stephan S, says:

        Not the slightest problem…

        – Gratulation on – absolutely great blog.-

        Forget about the question marks, BILD is a boulevard newspaper – but and nevertheless, actually in Germany the best informed magazin concerning sport news – this is sure for 99%.

        Main reason (my linked BILD news)

        New adjustment of the BMW group – sustainability will be the most important value for BMW, the Formul 1 does not fit any more into that strategy.

        However, BMW will be further involved in motor sport – but indeed, no formula 1 anymore…

  9. Plamen says:

    That’s It:)

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