Autocar drives the new BMW 760Li

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Auto publications around the world are starting to get some time behind the wheel of the latest revealed BMW model, the 760i and 760Li. The …

Auto publications around the world are starting to get some time behind the wheel of the latest revealed BMW model, the 760i and 760Li. The top of the line 7er is powered by an all new 6.0 liter V12 Twin-Turbo engine which produces 535 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. For the first time, the new ZF eight-speed automatic transmission is featured in a BMW model, beside the upcoming 550i GT.

As expected, the performance is quite impressive even when compared with far more sportier BMW model, 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

In the U.S., the long wheelbase 760Li comes with a hefty price: $136,000. While we haven’t had our turn yet to drive the car, we will let the fellows at Autocar UK to give us their first impression of BMW’s most expensive production road car.

bmw 760li 2010 655x436

What is it like?

So how do you distinguish a V12 7-Series from the lesser versions? Other than the badges there are a few tell-tale exterior signs, the most obvious being the quad exhausts, but also V12 labels next to indicator repeaters, and additional chrome detailing. And as with some previous versions, the kidney grille is also more prominent, this time by increasing the thickness of the chrome surround rather than actually enlarging the grille itself.

Inside, as you would expect the interior is packed with toys otherwise optional on other 7 Series models. Bespoke to the 760Li is a particularly plush looking leather and alcantara roof lining and wood trim featuring walnut inlays (other trims are available).

To drive it is, as you would expect given the outputs, very brisk indeed. BMW claims 4.6 second to 62mph, which seems completely believable. Top speed is as usual limited to 155mph, and as a measure of the performance when the limiter kicks in, even doing so gradually, the reduction in acceleration is marked. What the 760Li isn’t though, is a hot-rod in the vein of Mercedes’ similarly priced and S63AMG.

For the most part the BMW’s V12 remains almost completely silent, whether at idle or low to mid range revs, and unless you have an awful amount of space available, you will rarely get the engine spinning much beyond 4000rpm.

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2 responses to “Autocar drives the new BMW 760Li”

  1. viper says:

    cant wait they test this thing against S600 or 63 new A8 or whatever…numbers of 760 are very impressive

    • Jordan says:

      ya i’d like to see that too. im not that surprised about what they said with the turbo, how the only real indication of it being forced induction is a slight hiss and said the power is right there when u need it. i test drove the 750Li and i was very impressed. same with the 335i…. BMW seems to have the turbo tech nailed down pretty well. that said, i think their new turbo 4s will be a hit.

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