BMW to give $4,500 Eco Credit toward your purchase of a 335d or an X5 xDrive35d

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bmw x5 diesel test drive

BMW is offering the rebates on the X5 35d and 335d as an “Eco Credit” Back in February, BMW North America announced that the two …

BMW is offering the rebates on the X5 35d and 335d as an “Eco Credit”

Back in February, BMW North America announced that the two diesel powered vehicles for sale in the U.S. will benefit from a tax credit, $900 for the BMW 335d and $1,800 for X5 35d.

Now BMWNA is making these diesels even more attractive by coming out with a new, tough to ignore rebate program. As a response to the government “Cash for Clunkers” program that rewards Americans for driving more fuel-efficient cars, the BMW incentive program takes that even further by offering a $4,500 ECO Credit toward the purchase of a new BMW 335d and X5d.

The program runs through August 31st and it’s being advertised as a one-time special offer. Having recently tested a BMW X5 xDrive35d over a distance of 1,800 miles, we can attest to the impressiveĀ  fuel savings and fun to drive BMW diesel vehicles. With 580 miles per tank and 20% reduction in CO2, the environment is a bit happier with us and we never felt that we had to sacrifice any performance and joy to drive.

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In their press release, BMW mentions a $2,000 savings in fuel costs over a period of four years. We’re a bit in a hurry now, but it will be interesting to see how the 335d fuel costs compares against the gasoline powered 335i and the same with the X5d and its gasoline counterpart.


Efficiency may be the buzzword of the moment in the automotive industry, but it’s hardly a new concept at BMW. We’ve always lived by the EfficientDynamics philosophy – less emissions without sacrificing performance.

So when the government recently announced its ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program to reward Americans for driving more fuel-efficient cars, we were inspired to begin an incentive program of our own. Now through August 31, BMW will give you a $4,500 Eco Credit toward your purchase of a 335d or an X5 xDrive35d – the most fuel-efficient vehicles in their class.

But the savings go beyond this limited-time offer. You’ll also receive a $900 tax credit3 on the 335d and $1,800 on the X5 xDrive35d. And like any BMW, both diesel vehicles come with 4 years/50,000 miles of zero-cost maintenance. Plus, its best-in-class efficiency will save you approximately $2,000 in fuel costs over four years.4

The question now is not should you or shouldn’t you. Instead, it’s simply: Are you in the mood for a sleek, all-new sedan or a versatile Sports Activity Vehicle?

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9 responses to “BMW to give $4,500 Eco Credit toward your purchase of a 335d or an X5 xDrive35d”

  1. Vitric says:

    Too bad neither have manual transmissions..

  2. Dede says:

    There is some discussion on other sites about why they aren’t selling well. In my opinion it’s the following:
    1. American’s still have a misunderstanding of what clean diesel is.
    2. American’s think not a drivers car and they need to be showing the car in action.
    3. American’s think diesel is hard to find – which is wrong.
    4. The 335d and the X5 xDrive35d are the wrong models to sell here to reintroduce diesel. They should be offering 1, 3, and X3 series with the 23d engine. People will compare the car to the base 3-liter engine and not the twin turbo.

  3. Mauro Corti says:


    In US BMW sells cars with 300+bhp, how could you try to sell a 200bhp diesel engine in that market? You are saying BMW should sell an engine with 200bhp in a market where NOW they only sell 300 plus bhp cars… that’s odd don’t you think? It would be easier to sell really powerful diesel engine like the 35d or the 30d I think.

    Until you’ll have a 4cyl petrol engine, you’ll not be ready for a 4cyl diesel.

  4. jkp says:

    Mauro, what are you talking about? The US-spec 128i and 328i comes with only 230 BHP and 200 ft-lbs of torque – and the 328i is very much the ‘bread and butter’ car for the US market. The 335d comes with 265 BHP and over 400 ft-lbs of torque. It is a better performer than the standard 3-series by that score alone.

    The truth is that the 335d is a bit of a bad market fit because it is overkill. The sort of person interested in the economy that a diesel sedan has to offer isn’t going to be attracted to the nearly $50,000 MSRP of a well-equipped 335d. The 6 cyl diesel BMW brought over to the states is a remarkable achievement, but it’s an answer to a question that wasn’t being asked. BMW should’ve brought over the amazing 200 HP/300 TQ turbo 4-cylinder diesel and made it available in the 1 and 3 series. It would’ve fit right in with the 230 HP/300 TQ engine already available and could’ve been priced to sell, especially in these tighter economic times. The 4-cyl turbo diesel is truly the ‘have your (performance/economy) cake and eat it, too” engine.

  5. Dede says:

    @jkp….my thoughts exactly. I am looking at ordering a fully loaded 328i, looked at the 335d after the incentives, and think it is overkill. Would have ordered a 323d though.

  6. Dede says:

    The BMW 23d twin turbo engine features 200 bhp and (gulp) an unbelievable 295 ft lbs of torque!
    41.3 mpg (US) on the combined european cycle
    31 mpg city
    and a stunning 51 mpg highway based on my conversion from the UK figures.
    Would love to have this vehicle!

  7. Wey says:

    I got the Run around from BMW 800 number as well as BMW dealer. I was told that Eco credit was not available at time of purchase on 7/30/10. Question is if Eco credit was available But not provided is there any recourse?

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