BMW 760Li U.S. Pricing: $136,600

7-series | July 24th, 2009 by 33
BMW 760Li price

We just received notice that the new BMW 760Li is available to order at U.S. dealerships. We also learned more details about the top 7 …

We just received notice that the new BMW 760Li is available to order at U.S. dealerships. We also learned more details about the top 7 Series model which will be powered by a new 6.0-liter V12 all-aluminum engine with Twin-Turbo Technology,  High Precision Injection with fuel injected directly into the combustion chambers.

The engine produces 535 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. It runs from 0 to 60 mph in only 4.5 seconds. The BMW 760Li base price was set at $136,600.

Some of the standard equipment included are an 8-Speed automatic transmission, Heated sport steering wheel, Integral active steering, Lane departure warning, Active blind spot detection, Head-up display, Sirius XM radio and Premium sound.

BMW 760Li U.S. Pricing: $136,600

Other standard features:
ARS, Auto, open/close tailgate
Soft close doors
Front and rear ventilated seats
Active front seats
Rear comfort seats
Ski bag
Heated rear seats
Ceramic controls
High beam assist
6-disc DVD changer
iPod USB adapter
19″ wheels

Thanks for the tip Collin!

  • joe

    Li must be another word for m7. 0 to 60 4.5 (imazing)

    • Jag

      no, it’s 60 for M, like 7M :))

  • steven

    is there a short wheelbase 760 or are they only long wheelbase? if theres a short, will it come to the US?

  • Edox

    Holy that’s expensive!

  • BMW sales

    No short 760 for the US market. xDrive 7-series only available with V-8 engine as well.

  • Gil


  • German Cars For Sale Blog

    Ceramic controls? Like porcelain dials or something?


  • kcsnayud

    that is a wicked value, since the s class costs 10, 000 more. looks and feel AWESOME

  • Giom

    I’ll take 3. All in black, thanks!

    • arman

      check out the bottom posting by me…gives a descirption of my new 760li….just completed the paperwork…i have mine in white…tell me when u get yours…

  • Doug

    A V12 is an odd engine to turbocharge given the advances in turbocharging in smaller engines. Surely they could have made a larger V8 to turbocharge for the desired power/torque curves. Or even a V10.

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  • John Brooks

    I have ordered the ceramic controls for my new 750Li it looks good and a bit different to all of the rest that will be on the road.

  • viper

    great competitor for S600 and all new A8

  • Mike

    expensive? here in Israel a 740i costs 250,000$ so I won’t talk about the 760LI hah

    • Giom

      Think again… In South Africa we’re looking at over R1,000,000 for the 750i. I’m sure by the time all figures are calculated, the 760Li would cost about R1,400,000.

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  • Heath

    I think a 750Li is just fine for me

  • bsd107

    What exactly does “Sirius XM Radio” mean? Does this mean BMW is finally offering a satellite radio that allows choosing between Sirius and XM service? Or is this the same Sirius tuner that we have on the other 2009 models?

  • Vitric

    Heh, it’s faster than the B7. Definitely not as unique though.

  • nabil

    woahhhhhhhhhhh 760li for only $136,000.00 thats preety cheap dun u recon?

  • Babken

    BMW 760Li will not have a competitor (as always).

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  • http://n/a 760li owner

    Holly Hell..just put a down payment on the new 760li…fully loaded around $160,000..that is if they do not add more options…took a long time at the dealer but finally completed the purchase…white exterior…black interior…21 inch rims…cost an extra almost $7,000…cant wait to test out the twin turbo v12….am going to need to carry an extra tank of fuel just in case…i will post some pics for you guys to see when it arrives…the dealer said earliest delivery would be early december…need to get ready for the estimated $2,000 a month payments….

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  • Rlavoie136

    sexeiest big body in tha biz

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