Truth or just another rumor: BMW M cars could get diesels?!

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x5 m diesel

This rumor has been going around for a while and we honestly don’t know if it’s worth reporting on it, but hey….we cover everything and …

This rumor has been going around for a while and we honestly don’t know if it’s worth reporting on it, but hey….we cover everything and anything from the BMW world, so let’s roll with it. According to Autocar UK, the BMW Motorsport Division has not completely ruled out the possibility of using a diesel engine in the future.

Some of you might have already started to pose the obvious question: Why diesel powerplants and why in an M? Well, apparently the M people are striving to improve the carbon emission ratings on their sporty cars and a diesel engine is well suited for the job.

“With cars like the X5 and X6 M, the torque characteristics of diesel engines would make them the ideal choice, were it not for their unsporting character,” Development boss Albert Biermann said.

In an effort to diffuse a possible breaking news headline the next day, he rebounds with a “corporate talk” approach: “I don’t think there’s a proven business case for big diesel-engined performance cars yet,” he said, “but if that changes, we’ll be well placed to take advantage.”

x5 m diesel

Now to give us more solid and palpable, he talks about the M Division being in the process of developing some performance applications of BMW’s hybrid technology. Don’t think too far, like a full hybrid M, but rather think about battery-assisted technologies that increases the performance of a gasoline engine.

Even though it has been reported many times before, Herr Biermann shatters the dreams of BMW fans that were hoping to see a Z4 M Roadster in the future. At the end, he decides to give some hope to the BMW fans out there and he talks about a forthcoming roadster based on the new 1 Series which could get an M variant. Well, that’s where we got lost….the only upcoming roadster that we know is the Z2, which will be offered both in a coupe and cabrio variant……so where does the M fit in?

“I would love to produce this kind of car. It’s very difficult to make the numbers add up, but I know that I’m not the only person who likes the idea.”

Not sure if we would love that also, but we sure will love to see a true 1 Series M car, regardless if it’s the M1 or simply the Supersports.

Okay, wait, we got sidetracked for a second… how about those rumors of an M diesel? In our opinion, those plans might not fly amongst the BMW consumers……but could BMW pull it off? Without a doubt, if they can built a tri-trubo diesel engine with 354 horsepower, then no doubt they can aim higher.

[Sourse: Autocar ]

11 responses to “Truth or just another rumor: BMW M cars could get diesels?!”

  1. ga41 says:

    First they ditch naturally aspirated engines for turbocharged ones, then they decide to produce M SUV’s and now they’re considering diesel engines?? The horror! The humanity!

    Where does it end BMW? Huh? Where?? lol

    • John Pham says:

      For starters, if BMW did not follow others (like Audi) in producing FI engines, how can they be as quick? Most of the FI Audi cars like the RS6 out run their BMW and Merc rivals – quick comparison RS6 Sedan vs M5 Sedan. There is no way to keep up! Plus, there is nothing wrong with using Forced Induced technology (turbocharging and supercharging) other than the issues of reliability. However, with exceptional engineering – seen from BMWs N54 twin-turbo engines, most of the German brands might even produce more reliable turbo/supercharged cars than some aftermarket turbocharged Japanese cars. Think Supra, Supra with 2JZ-GTE is insanely quick with larger turbo, but 70% some issue comes up very early, especially it the level of boost they use.

      As for M SUVs, there is nothing wrong with producing M SUVs. Quite frankly, their sales have been good and here alone in Australia, there has been a lot of growing interest and orders for X6 M (unfortunately X5 M won’t be available).

      There is also nothing wrong is using diesel engines for high performance vehicles. A fair few companies out their (Read MotorAuthority) that are very interested in using Diesel high performance vehicles. Plus, extra torque is very fun to play with. Plus its very efficient!

      • Carlos Perez says:

        With you here, except for the comparison of the RS6 and the M5, i think that on the track the M5 still faster dunno for surem but if i accept the electris tesla a MD aceepted

  2. viper says:

    a 500hp and 1000Nm M d , welcome , has more torque and drinks less…..why not

  3. Lance says:

    BMW Diesel M power! This is the future. Diesel is the new trend.

  4. jon H says:

    please no diesel. please.

  5. Mathis says:

    might or might not happen, with the new turbo gasoline engines its not really as necessary. in Germany that rumor is really old and keeps surfacing every so often, basically ever since Mercedes had an AMG Diesel powered C-Class. Similarly Audi has been asked if they will bring out a Quattro S4/6 Diesel, but in the end neither company did it. BMW more than any other company makes great diesel engines, so I am sure they could. But the real question is why?
    They sell their best diesel engines: 123d, the 330d, the 535d or now the 740d perfectly well without the M badge and bringing such engines as M powerplants would only bring the risk of alienating current M customers.

  6. X5SoB says:

    Well, you know, a large portion of the X5/6 demographic are doctors, and they’d love to have one that says MD on the back!

  7. Doug says:

    Is diesel — even BMW’s diesel — ready to be a replacement for M engines? I just can’t see this happening in the next generation, and likely not future ones as gas/hybrid systems’ broader performance characteristics continue to evolve.

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