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Spy Photos | July 21st, 2009 by 34

Almost unnoticed, the BMW 3 Series GT showed up during an early stage test drive somewhere in Germany. The secrecy around this new niche model …

Almost unnoticed, the BMW 3 Series GT showed up during an early stage test drive somewhere in Germany. The secrecy around this new niche model from BMW is bigger than ever and not many information have leaked so far.

But here is what we know so far: the PAC, short for Progressive Activity Coupe, is built on a long-wheel base 3 Series. The Progressive Activity Coupe has a higher roof when compared to the existing 3 Series Wagon and of course, a longer wheelbase as well. Following the steps of its “bigger brother”, 5 Series Gran Turismo, the 3 GT will be available in a smaller segment and will share some personalization features such as optional bench or individual seating . It will bring a personal approach to luxury and will differentiate itself from the Wagon model.

Since it’s based on a 3 Series platform, BMW’s plans are to maintain the performance and dynamics seen on the other 3er models. The engine range will include the latest six cylinder turbo(N55) found in the GT and the latest six cylinder diesel , additional petrol and diesels will include BMW’s upcoming four cylinder Turbocharged petrol engine and the four cylinder diesel.

bmw 3 series gt spyshot 655x436

Some of you might ask why the “Progressive Activity Coupe” branding name? According to sources close to BMW, the name comes from the way the roof slopes down at the rear, but instead of a larger glass area as in a Wagon model, the BMW 3 Series GT will have an additional quarter light and a wrap around tailgate. The rear end could be defined as a combination of a Wagon and a Shooting Brake design .

The 3 GT will not feature the flexible trunk arrangement, but instead it settles for a traditional trunk which gives the option to lift the glass area for easy storage and then have full use of a tailgate as you would have in an SAV or Wagon.

Even though it has not been confirmed by multiples sources, the rumor is that the BMW 3 Series will be introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in a concept format.

Below you can see a rendering of the 3 Series GT

bmw 3er gt rendering 655x396

[Source: Car-vs-Car ]

34 responses to “Spy Photos: BMW 3 Series GT”

  1. Brouns says:

    Oh GOD! no money for M3 CSL of a super sport model a la Porsche GT of Audi R8 but there’s enough money for craps like 3GT, 5Gt of X5 M and X6 M!!

  2. Edox says:

    @Brouns: I completely agree with you on that! I wish BMW would spend more money on projects that the majority of consumers would like, not another GT model.

    Think of the potential of a possible M3 CSL based on E92 version. It’s already very powerful and successful and to bring it up another notch would make it such a powerful car. Yet they decided to try out another GT car.

  3. L. Harsh says:

    I like the other render based on the x1 parts.

  4. Luis Mendez says:

    Gentleman, id like to address my great displeasure about the GT models and it’s iin line with what Brouns wrote: BMW needs to hear our pleas and understand what WE, the fucking CUSTOMERS want. WE want a god damn R8 competitor, WE want the damned CLS model, WE buy what WE want to buy.

    Audi is engulfing BMW and only their god damn big head won’t see it coming.

    Proudly driving an Audi today. /sad panda.

  5. _Auday_ says:

    BMW doesn’t need a super car, it’s reputation as the ultimate driving machine is “untouchable”, so they will only build whatever brings more money. Plus being in F1 (although sucking in it) seems to be satisfying enough for them.

    Mercs used to be the top car when it comes to luxury and quality, both BMW and Lexus cought up and probably surpassed in the late 90s, and Mercs is paying for their arogance now. Lets see if the competitors could do the same to BMW.

  6. Jag says:

    I disagree with those who say the GTs are crap. BMW should and would build vehicles that many would BUY, not things many LIKE but only SOME would BUY. Be practical!

  7. Giom says:

    I think the GTs will win new costomers rapidly simply because the thought and research behind it is what drives them. I love BMW for not following others in creating a sedan that looks like a coupe but with four doors. This is unique! It’s practical and beautifull at the same time.

    I hope the 3 GT receives the same agressive front end of the 5 GT – I love that car :)

  8. viper says:

    they have enough money for everything , this thing costs a lot , so did X1 and 5 GT , what I dont understand is how come they dont have enough money for the CS , X7 and a spuercar…or m3 csl….this is bullshit…fuck u bmw

  9. guido says:

    Shame on you . This is the 5er Gran Turismo.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I thought we’re looking at the 3 GT, at least that’s what we were told. I wonder why the 5 GT will still be covered up.

      Regardless, it was still worth writing more details on the 3 GT. I can really form an opinion until I see it, but I showed some BMW folks the following rendering, the were impressed by it also.


      I was against the 5 GT also, but after seeing the car, my opinion shifted a bit.

  10. bunker says:

    yes, the whole GT idea chews monkey spunk, but jeez…there’s a lot of vitriol in these posts. can’t we just clean it up a tad?!?

  11. n8n says:

    Imho: “DO NOT DO THAT!”… Another ugly car… yuk!

  12. M. Pertz says:

    waste of talent…..

  13. I don’t understand the GT thing… can’t they just offer a station wagon model with the 3.0TT engine for the 3 series, and the 4.8L V8 for the 5? With an extra premium package to add on to the one already listed?

    Man, next thing you know, they’ll be making the 7-series coupe, the 6-series sedan (oh wait), the Z4X, and the 5-series coupe, complete with 6-series body paneling and… you get the idea.

    For some reason every time something like this comes out, I wonder why they don’t listen to what the fans want, and instead just build a bunch of random stuff. Oh well, I guess it’s “business as usual” in our world today. Still doesn’t mean I won’t love their cars and bikes.

    @Jag, Porsche built the Carrera GT, many liked but only a few could buy.

    • Jag says:

      Come on man, don’t compare the manufacturer with annual productivity at 10000 units/yr with one has 1M units/yr. They have totally different manufacturing systems. And look at what Porsche has come up with: being bought by VW!

  14. guido says:

    Here we fucking go again.
    Let me tell you that the Audi R8 is specifically aimed at improving Audi’s image. BMW did not need such a car because the BMW image is evident in every BMW even the euro based 116i our entry and cheapest BMW. One car does not reflect the BMW image but every BMW model reflects the BMW image that is why our cars in driving comparisons leave Audi and Mercedes-Benz second and third respectively.

    VAG can be more cost efficient with the R8 because it is built using shared platform and components from it’s Lamborghini Division , which given the imminent digestion of Porsche is concerning many Porsche enthusiasts as to what the future holds. The R8 stems from the 2003 Le Mans Concept Car so it is not a relatively new project had the idea arisen today it would not be green lighted because of the economic situation. Cars like the R8 were conceived many years ago and are only making their way to the market.
    In regards to the GT well I am here to defend it because since we began tracking our interest in newly launched models The GT has been one of the highest with the largest amount of tracking going to the X1. Not every BMW is intended for North America , we as a company make cars that will work in all markets, not every car works however as the new BMW 1er Sporthatch will not be federalized for the US Market as for every positive comment there are many more negative comments that outly the decision that the US cannot change overnight.

    The GT is purely personal and in our quest for the car to be accepted we have shown the car to businesses, creative people , even having a preview in Cannes at the film festival where the car was well received. We even have hotel chains ordering their GT’s in the current line of downsizing to more cheaper and economical ways of transport. There is a customer base for the GT because we identified it just as there was a customer base for an X6 , X3 , X1 , 1er coupe and so on. In north America we see the GT as an alternative to the Touring models that do not sell in the higher numbers as they do in Europe and the UK.

    If BMW go down the Supercar route then it will not be as what Audi and Mercedes-Benz have done , BMW’s idea of a car that should sit at the top of the Portfolio and bridge to Rolls-Royce is the BMW Concept CS which was cancelled last year however with many working towards have products that are aimed Post recession for people who will have serious money for a car, That BMW will have to be in this area and with the bulk of engineering and preliminary development and final designs all signed off the CS could be this car.
    Seeing as the Compact class is the segment that will experience serious growth in the next few years that all attention has been turned to focus on the expansive 1er family that will showcase BMW’s penchant for compact focused sportycars for every lifestyle take shape. MINI will also expand with a Speedster and a Coupe -internally known as Broadspeed to compensate for demand in small exciting cars.
    Just because BMW are not interested in following that it’s own agenda is mis-directed. You can have cars which are compact , very dynamic , great to drive in the 1er family that will respect your heritage and philosophy , you just dont have to have one to compensate that this manufacturers cars image is emphasized by one model. Which is the mistake many people do not identify or understand with BMW.

    At a recent GT Q&A I met with a customer who was ordering the 530d GT. I asked him why he was ordering it and he says he likes cars that ooze individuality and personalization as it’s core attributes , he also says he likes something unchartered and exclusive when I ask what his current vehicle is he tells me he has a VW Phaeton and why he has a Phaeton is because no one else has one.

  15. Hodge says:

    as with the 5 GT replacing the 5 wagon, the 3 GT will replace the 3 wagon…not that hard to figure out why they would bring this to the market.

  16. Derek says:

    Come on BMW. We get it. You are trying new things and reaching into different markets. But at a certain point you need to step back and think about the customers you already have. It’s cool to try something new, but I think things are going overboard. Anyone wonder if some of these designs have anything to do with Bangle leaving? If I saw these coming down the shoot I’d leave too.

    And if they are going to go with this hatch GT design, I say we start with the 1 Series hatch that they already made and decided not to bring to the US. That was actually a cool car and would have been a great car to put up against the A3 and the R32.

    Sorry BMW, you are missing the boat with your current fans yet again.

  17. Gord says:

    Well, I guess this is really a new style BMW will make. Of course, if they make a 7 series GT like the CS concept then I’ll be happy. :)

    But personally, I think the GT is okay, just make everything a bit lower (ditch the Command seating position) and you basically have a concept CS.

  18. Giom says:

    @ Derek: “Sorry BMW, you are missing the boat with your current fans yet again.”

    What an arrogant little thing to ‘say’ to BMW – one of the top car manufacturers of our time. This is the typical thing a spoiled teen brat would say to its parents when he doesn’t get his way.

    And they ARE thingking about their customers and what they want. That’s the whole reason these new GTs exist. What, do you think someone just sucked it out of their thumb and the whole company just follows blindly? Grow up! The world doesn’t revolve around you and your in-ability to adapt. And I’m not going to explaine to you how companies opperate… go study!

    Rant over :)

    • _Auday_ says:

      Giom, Derek has a point. Fans care about the brand but they don’t care much about the corporate, managers on the other hand focus on whatever makes money and sometimes end up forgetting what the brand is all about which in the long term would hurt not only the brand but the corporate too.

      Fans have to criticize when they dont like something otherwise BMW will think that their brand and reputation is invulnerable and keeps capitalizing on it without maintaining it. I remember Jeremy Clarkson once said if BMW literally makes a piece of Sh*t and put BMW logo on it people will still buy it, it seems to me like BMW might believe in that to some level.

      BMW cars are getting less sporty (compared to previous models, not competitors) and softer with each generation. For example the new Z4 is said to have come closer to the Mercs SLK and farther from the Porsche Boxter, and this is a clear shift in the essence of BMW brand. The build quality is also going down too, especially the interior, which makes Japanese companies like Lexus and Infinite on top of the game when it comes to the build quality and reliability.
      BMW will still dominate for a while because the brand is still recognized as the icon for sport luxurious car, but this will not last forever if BMW keeps going where they are going now IMO.

  19. Nick says:

    I think they need a z4 GT

  20. nPeter says:

    Another sad day :( If they make one more car like the recent ones, i’ll go to Audi.

  21. Vaybach Khan says:

    i love gts..its dream…for others just go to audi…
    WE dont wont ,and bmw dont need the m3csl?u wanna buy one?i dont think so…u would by only a poster..
    or if u have that money go to the tuners stupid….
    i notice that a lot of comment show lack of knowledge of bmw brand here…
    so read a little bit first ,and then come here…

  22. Giom says:

    @ Auday

    When you compare BMW interiors to Japanese interiors – thats when you lost all credebility with me.

    And, if you think that BMW thinks they can build crap cars and maintain sales – you’re way off again. They don’t build crap cars, but sometimes they do get some aspects wrong… like styling. I believe the previous Z4 didn’t sell because it didn’t look right.
    Now, the previous Z4 got nailed by the international press for having a too hard ride. This time round, they changed it’s focus and the result is a much softer (but luxurious) ride. Now ‘fans’ nail BMW for getting soft. In return, they get very positive revues from magazine and web reports, which promotes sales and good image.

    Also, if you’re saying that BMW must listen to the fans… what good will it do them, to build a few cars for a few guys – that got stuck in the past, and loose out on mega sales from a public that want newer material?

    Oh, and one more point. If you seriously listen to Jeremy Clarkson and thinks his opinion is worth anything… you should reconsider your knowledge about BMW.

  23. _Auday_ says:

    Giom, I’m comparing reliability and build quality, not design, functionality, ergonomics …etc, a Toyota Corolla interior has less tendency to break than a BMW interior

    BMW will never build crap cars , but they are shifting away from the image they had in the 60s-90s, i.e. sports focused luxury street cars.
    In the end BMW is a corporate and they will do their best to sell more cars… but it gets tricky when your main selling point is your reputation of being sporty and involved, yet 95% of your customers are looking for comfort and luxury although they get mainly attracted to the sporty image.
    BMW compromised it’s main line gradually but kept the legend going by keeping the M cars rough and sporty, but now they are compromising that too.
    They should listen to fans not necessarily follow what they say, The fans are the 5% who keep the image that sells the car going so a little bit of money here and their for a CSL, a 135 tii, real sport packages for all models (not a couple of spoilers and M stitching), even a Super car would balance it well for them IMO.

    Agree, Clarkson is highly subjective and biased, I just quoted him here because what he said made sense to me.

  24. Doug says:

    I have to agree with Auday and Derek. I was an Audi fan long before I was a BMW fan, and it was really BMW’s sports car stature (and resulting handling gains) that made me cross over. I had also always disregarded BMW as a luxury toy, but it was the discovery of E36/E46/M3 fans for its sports car virtues that won me over. Their direction is to sacrifice such core values in the interest of… what– some abstract high level management thinkspeak?

    I’ve also always wanted a hatchback for practicality, but now to get it, they’re asking me to sacrifice the reason I switched to BMW in the first place. I am disappointed in the E90’s height increase, and am even more disappointed with this adventurous GT thing. Is it forward looking? Maybe, but only if enough customers adopt it to forget about the ones lost.

  25. Nick says:

    Who told you that BMW is dropping the 1 3 5 or 6 series? Or even the M series? Just because they are adding one more option should make the BMW fans happy. Now stop being argumental for the sake of argument and post only when you have something meaningful to say.

  26. BMW!!! DO NOT continue with the 3 series AZTEK!!!!!! DONT DO IT!!!!!!

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