Exclusive: MINI Broadspeed – the future MINI Coupe model

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The news about a new MINI model are continuing to come in and we have already heard this from two different source: BMW is considering …

The news about a new MINI model are continuing to come in and we have already heard this from two different source: BMW is considering a new MINI model, a coupe like vehicle based on the upcoming Speedster version and will carry the name Broadspeed.

The MINI Speedster is based off the R57 MINI Convertible platform with a wider track and it is more of a classic convertible rather than the typical MINI open-top. A memo within the company states that the MINI Speedster car body will be built by another outside contractor, but definitely not the Austrian company Magna who will be producing the MINI CrossOver.

Designed entirely in Munich and based on the existing R57 MINI cabrio Platform the Speedster is entirely cost effective mechanically with extra budget attatched to the design of the small car. It is  a two-seater car which still keeps some the core MINI design elements. The Speedster Concept will be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

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Featured: 1965 Broadspeed GT

Now the MINI Broadspeed Coupe will be a derivative from the Speedster, using the same platform. While the final decision has not been taken, BMW already began the market research associated with a new model. The Broadspeed Coupe will be a front-wheel drive vehicle that will retain the MINI Go-Kart feeling. For those of you familiar with the MINI history, the name Broadspeed was actually used in 1966 for the Broadspeed GT Coupe.

So why a Broadspeed Coupe at the same time with a Speedster model? MINI’s customers have been worried about the new direction that the Oxford based brand has taken, with the introduction of a first MINI Crossover and the rumored MINI SpaceBox model, a Progressive Active MINI. The Broadspeed Coupe could appeal to those customers that valued the true classic British Sports cars.

The engines will most likely be  taken from the current MINI models, including the powerful but yet efficient, 1.6 liter twin-scroll turbo engine which outputs 211 horsepower and 206 lb-ft of torque.

Like all the Gran Turismo models from BMW, the idea behind such a niche MINI product is that it will imply lower development costs and the profits associated with the car can be quite significant even with lower sales.

As things develop, we will bring them forward to you and we’re hoping to learn more at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

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  1. Opal Rings says:

    that looks To classy,
    It Would Be too good If We can See a better BroadSpeed I rememeber My neighbours had That and Its Sound Was a Bit Cool

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