2011 BMW 5 Series shows up again..in gray this time

Spy Photos | July 15th, 2009 by 5
bmw 5 series 001 0971417329

It’s not just that we are having the chance to see the 2011 BMW 5 Series in a new color, but the prototypes being tested …

It’s not just that we are having the chance to see the 2011 BMW 5 Series in a new color, but the prototypes being tested seem to be losing their camouflage more and more. It feels that we moved from the heavy plastic camo onto the light one fairly quick and the mysteries of this car are starting to fade away.

Judging by the last spy shots and the renderings we have seen lately, we could pretty much adventure into saying that the 5 Series is not an unknown to us anymore. The overall size has certainly increased over the current model, the front styling is imports some elements from the new 5 GT, but it would be a mistake to assume they will be identical.

The body sides line creases are still slightly covered by the blackĀ  tape, but hey….we know they’re there. The rear-end is the one that still keeps is mysteriously covered and we can’t really tell what to make of it. Some believe it will be an evolution of the current headlights, while others look up to the new 7 for some clues.

bmw 5 series 001 0971417329

White the new BMW 5 Series GT has received mixed review, the truth is that so far the BMW fans’ reactions have been nothing but positive and we hope that when the car is unveiled it will live up to our expectations. The 5 Series has always been a special car in the BMW line-up and it has done very well in sales over the years. We still expect the sedan version to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next year, but we will most likely see the car in its all beauty a few months prior to that.

bmw 5 series 005 09714173212

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5 responses to “2011 BMW 5 Series shows up again..in gray this time”

  1. Lance says:

    From these shots, it seems like the new 5 is going to be a bit boring. It seems like it has the 7 Series door handles. I don’t why they bother putting the arty cover on because from these shots, it doesn’t seem like it has any intersting lines running through the side – it looks very flat, not sculptured at all!

    Furthermore, why is there no chrome surrounding the window? This is an exclusive vehicle! Things must shine!

  2. Rad Dockery says:

    Lord of have mercy, this looks BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree Lance, it does not look sculptured at all!

    Wow, this better come correct. Or I am looking at Audi, Jag and Mercedes

  3. Uxel says:

    It’s taped… and watch the camouflage, they wont use it for fun :)

  4. arun patel says:

    Thats why bangle owns everyone. The god has left the building

  5. Nizer says:

    One word: Disappointed. This looks like a completely ho-hum refresh. Come on BMW, you can do better.

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