BMW M boss Dr. Segler says no M7 planned

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BMW M boss Dr. Segler says no M7 planned, haven’t completely ruled out an M based on the 1 Series Not that it needed any …

BMW M boss Dr. Segler says no M7 planned, haven’t completely ruled out an M based on the 1 Series

Not that it needed any more confirmation, we’ have been saying this for months now, but once again, BMW shatters the dreams of any BMW fans hoping for a BMW M7 based on the current generation 7 Series.

Rumors of a possible M7 spotted by spy photographers came up early last month when many publications rushed into speculating that an M7 is currently being tested. It turned out that BMW was simply showing the upcoming M-Sport Package for the 7 Series.

In an Automotive News interview which took place at the international launch of the X6 M, Dr. Segler confirmed that there are no plans for an M7 and all the efforts will be concentrated onto the upcoming 760. “We’ve looked at that and decided not to do it. The 760 with awd is a very strong offer. The M sales would be too small for our total investment.”

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If our sources are correct, the highest-end 7 Series models will be the V12 760Li and also a tri-turbo diesel 7er(354 horsepower).

We also believe that the Alpina B7 could satisfy the needs of any customer craving for a more powerful 7.

As far as the extremely demanded Motorsport car based on the 1 Series, Dr. Segler has said:

You need an entry into M pricewise, but whether we can do that economically has to be determined. Dreams are always there, but we have to pay for them. An X1 is not a car that we would have.” “Give me a year or so to look into the 1 series.”

If the canceled CS Concept makes a comeback, it will be branded as the 7 Series GT and most likely it will be the BMW flagship.

[Source: Automotive News, – sub. req’d]

15 responses to “BMW M boss Dr. Segler says no M7 planned”

  1. viper says:

    once again S63 n 65 will rule without any fear at all…
    whens the 760 coming out?
    CS most likely wont make a comeback , 7 GT will look nothing like it , it aint a four door coupe

  2. Vaybach Khan says:

    what about the 6 series gt?! i think 6gt is cs resurrection…not 7gt,cos its nonsense ,if 7gt is next cs ,whats up with 6gt ???in my opinion they should never make m7 or gt…they should leave 7er as special high end luxury model…or if they decide to make 7er supercar they should name it differently..

  3. Lance says:

    I also don’t think the M7 would be a profitable product… CS neither, and why a 4 door coupe when you already have a 4 door sedan?

  4. _Auday_ says:

    Have you driven any AMG car before? just curious, because the ones I tried were nothing but crazy amount of torque and HP, anything else is no were near any BMW M car, so I dont know where this glorification for the AMG cars is coming from, IMO they are nothing but luxurios Muscle Cars, and should not be classified as sport cars.

    • viper says:

      the torque is way more important than horse power and thats where amg rules , ur M is nothing but big hp but even in hp it loses to amg , so all u have is razor sharp handling and better track times

      • Lawrence says:

        So what if you have torque and hp? These so called Merc sports cars (wannabe’s) translate all those into smoking wheel spins and unwanted lack of grip because their cars are so badly bulit that all that torque and power are constantly lost along the way. Furthermore, their engines are extremely inefficient, which is an important factor – this is the 21st century, dirty muscle cars are so out! It’s like putting a big engine in the VW Polo and compare that to the M3.

        The big joke is that Merc uses a giant 6 litre C Class to compete against the 4 litre M3 and yet the C Class is so much slower in terms of track lap times. This just proves the utter rubbish that Merc is producing. Merc is no where near to be classified as proper sports cars.

        Furthermore, when you’re comparing engines, please compare apples with apples. Most BMW M engines are NA. If BMW decides to put in turbo’s, your Merc will not be able to match at all, just like the ones in the 335i and 135i – International Engine of The Year for a few years in a row. So don’t come compare engine superiority with BMW. Your Merc is way below standard.

        • viper says:

          no I disagree , maybe bmw is more efficient with smaller engines , but u cant really compare the two , in general Mercedes Benz is a better car. period . AMG is luxury power and sport and prestige , ur M is just one of those , maybe two. I felt a lot better in S55 than in M5 , in fact I feel much greater and more superior in E class than in 5er , or any other bmw for that matter , I aint even gonna go with SL CLS CL and SLR….those things are just way beyond bmw. PERIOD , like it or not.

          • Simba says:

            viper, I am afraid to say that your feeling may well be a sign of aging. You are rocketing into the Merc crowd. I guess you like the old subtle look of the previous generation S Class as well?

          • viper says:

            of course I do , W220 is a beautiful looking car , looks better than any bmw , in my opinion, although I am a fan of both , I think in terms of design and some technologies the S class is some three maybe even more years in advantage.
            and No , I aint getting older at all.. u would be surprised how young I am..Im just looking things different way

  5. Bradley Wint says:

    Small correction Horatiu…in the 3rd paragraph…it’s supposed to be Segler and not Siegler.

  6. Would loved to have seen the M7.

  7. What i would like to see now is the x6m engine dropped into the 7 series. Hartage or G power will probably come up with this special now that BMW won’t build the M7.

  8. Gord says:

    What happened to the other M boss Richter ?

  9. Tine says:

    Mr. Segler is the new BMW M president (he was MINI brand manager before that). He succeed Mr. Willisch (who was appointed chief of European market sales BMW Group in May 2009). Willisch (ex BMW Deutschland chief) succeed Dr. Bruhnke in 2007 (who came into this position from Mercedes AMG after longterm M chief Mr. Prommesberger retired in 2003) .

    Dr. Richter was a long-term vice-president @ BMW M & the development + engineering chief @ M division. In early 2008 he was appointed to run “Project Gran Turismo” project – a 4dr coupe based on Concept CS. His position was filled with Dr. Biermann (former E70 X5 project manager) – and today Mr. Biermann is still a development chief @ M GmbH.


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