2010 Jaguar XJ: A tough competitor for the BMW 7 Series

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The 2010 Jaguar XJ was unveiled a few days ago and without a doubt, it will join the big boys – BMW 7 Series, MB …

The 2010 Jaguar XJ was unveiled a few days ago and without a doubt, it will join the big boys – BMW 7 Series, MB S-Class, Lexus LS and Audi A8 – in the high-end sedan luxury market. Judging from the reactions seen on several auto media publications, the new XJ is really a huge step forward for the Coventry based Jaguar.

And to us, the BMW fans, the Jaguar XJ has proven to be a huge surprise and at the same time, it brought back the usual question: how will it stack against the BMW brand, more specifically against the new 7 Series? The exterior design of the new XJ has been revamped, renewed and it is quite appealing. Without a doubt its front-end design is one of the biggest improvements with the trapezoidal grille seen in the XF models and a more refined, elegant look.

The body sides are a bit more plain, with very few design lines or creases as you would see on the 7, but we do see some of their fans adoring that simplicity. The rear-end is unconventional and unseen in a Jaguar model before, with a tall vertical LED taillights that “climb” the trunk.

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Inside, as seen in any Jaguar before, the amount of technology is overwhelming, but welcomed by many enthusiasts. The backlit in a blue color matches the overall design, a much sportier approach than we have seen before. The wood is less obvious before and has an interesting approach of wrapping around the dashboard. The round shapes seem to dominate the interior, from the circular air vents, to the control knobs and speakers.

An interesting thing that stood out in front of us is the touchscreen LCD screen which allows for input from the user, a feature that many BMW consumers have requested in their cars as well. Overall, a great interior design and this comes from someone that has been in-love with the 7 Series interior for the past week or so.

But let’s move forward onto an area where BMW has dominated its competitors: engines. The base engine is a naturally aspirated powerplant which produces 385 horsepower and 385 lb-ft of torque. The midlevel engine is supercharged and delivers 470 horsepower and 424 lb-ft. And if that wasn’t enough, Jaguar introduced a new super duper powerful engine: 510 horsepower and 461 lb-ft of torque. Official numbers rate this engine at 4.7 seconds when running from 0 to 60 mph.

The BMW 750i is powered by a 4.4  liter twin-turbo V8 engine which outputs 400 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. The acceleration on the 750i from 0 to 60 mph is rated at 5.1-5.2 seconds.

The pricing was set accordingly to the performance and looks, so the entry level XJ starts at $72,500, midlevel model at $$87,500 and the high-end XJ Supersport at $112,000.

So, we’ve given you a quick background on the new Jaguar XJ, threw in some numbers as well, now we would like to hear your opinion on this: could the XJ really steal away some 7 Series customers? Can Jaguar match the dynamics and handling of a BMW 7 Series and most important, how is the visual aspect compares against the 7?

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32 responses to “2010 Jaguar XJ: A tough competitor for the BMW 7 Series”

  1. BmwM5Fan says:

    Im sorry man, but these cars are not competitors, both of them have absolutely stunning looks. 7 series is gorgeous, the new xj, i didnt expect it to be so good looking. in any case for a person who wants a luxury sedan, he will not have to problem of choosing between these 2 cars. its just, u cant choose jaguar only because its beautiful, 7 series has all the gadgets u want, its practical, and for me as a fan of bmw, jaguar will not feel like a bmw.

  2. The Jags rear is hedious, might change my mind if I see it but I don’t think I will

  3. BmwM5Fan says:

    agreed, it looks like citroen

  4. Vaybach Khan says:

    i agree with ‘bmwm5fan’ their not competitors..and it could never steal bmw 7er customer cos its a different car…jag is jag…about the looks jag is continuing the bad design approach…just bad specially the side lines and windows it looks like audi only worse…only thing is awesome thats interior,just perfect…but when compared to bmw the jag have that gt approach..and bmw has the cockpit of jacht or airplain minimalism style but high luxury …
    so my vote goes for bmw 7er,and next vote ,and next…..

  5. Rad Dockery says:

    BMW customers are very loyal. I doubt Jag thinks they can steal a 7 client. However, they can get new customers who are considering a move up to this class.

    While the pricing is similar, I see these are two different cars. XJ is more of a threat to the S-Class, A8. The 7 series is different from all cars in the segment due to performance… That being said, I think the XJ is gorgeous! Where the 7 is aggressive and can out perform anyone.

    • Kels says:

      A threat to the S Class? huh.. tell me you were laughing out loud when you wrote that… In case you didn’t know, even the 7 series is no threat to S class!

  6. Mauro Corti says:

    The rear of the Xj is disgusting…

  7. viper says:

    its no competition at all….
    but fancy interior though
    ala samsung cell phones

  8. Rafael Zacharias says:

    Camon man this rear is so ugly!
    It looks like a citroen.

  9. Kodey says:

    The back of the Jag looks like a Maybach and the only appealing part of the jag is the interior. When i 1st looked at it i thought that it was going to be competition but now the more i look its not even close… the 2008 XJ had a better shot than this, they should of keep the exterior looks but changed the interior to what the new XJ has.

  10. jag and 7 series cant Be compared,
    I agree With BmwM5Fan that These both have Its own features i am A jag fan but for a sedan I would like to choose bmw 7 series too,

  11. The rear end is just Ugly! Maybe some of the Jag customers will prefer the less radical and more Elegant 7 series… The BMW 7 Series also has a number of interesting Technologies; Active cruise control, Night Vision, All wheel steering, sideview cameras etc. As far as Dynamics i Believe the BMW will be Better…

  12. Gil says:

    Different target market, I think. Not competitors per-se. Each appeals to its own followers. Buy one of each! :)

  13. Rad Dockery says:

    Jag has more technology toys. The average Bimmer driver from what I have seen is more interested in the ride with driving technology.

    Like I said, the new entrant into the high end segment is where the battle line will be. The XJ will make its mark there I think. As for the rear, I saw a video of clip of it in motion and its fine to me.

    I prefer the 7 series exterior, prefer the XJ’s interior.

  14. Gord says:

    Well compared to the old XJ this one looks pretty good.

  15. Giom says:

    Naturally this XJ will take a few 7 sales, but hardly knowticable to anybody. The reason I say this is that it will strike a chord with some 7 series drivers – enough for them to say, “Wow, I’ve got to have that car!”

    But I agree with most of the above statements, it will more likely take sales from the other marques. I spent some time with the 7 this weekend, and I’m just so totally in love with that car, because it is so well thought out, so perfectly put together and it oozes emotion.

    I also had a look at the new MB E class. I have to admit that in the flesh the car looks a whole lot better than on photos, but it doesn’t speak to my emotion. But allready this XJ has a lot of emotional qualities going for it, we’re all familiar with the love or hate emotions from recent BMWs, and it gets people talking. And talking about a new car is what brings it into the spot light. So, by copying BMW strategy rather than design, they will get good sales with it.

  16. John Brooks says:

    The new Jag looks like a Volvo at the front and a Bentley at the rear.The sides are plain like the Audi A8.The roofline over the rear door is so low that it rules itself out of the chauffeur driven market.This car would lend itself to being a two door coupe with its sloping roofline.The interior is tacky with too many Jap stlye lights.

  17. BmwM5Fan says:

    btw another fact that most of u would agree, that if the man, who already before had a bmw, and he is trying to choose between these 2 cars, he will choose a bmw again, its sort of a passion for a bmw owner, he gets what he expects from the car.

  18. Kels says:

    My God, the Jag interior is on point.. but f*ck it, the 7 series would kill it!

  19. kcsnayud says:

    to be honest, the xj is stunning, but its aiming at s class market, not 7 series. and s class is already best at whats it doing, so the 7 would cream it soooo badly.

    If they say the xj is better than the 7, than #$#@#@@#$%@$#@#@#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. bmwfan says:

    760i is the best f********* of the rest!!

  21. Straight Six says:

    Why are you saying XJ rear is ugly? I think its marvelous, unseen as written and very elegantly looking and so what if it looks like Citroen C6? That car is more a piece of art than a basic luxury sedan. BMW looks fantastic rear and front no doubt, but Jag is no worse either.

  22. RJ says:

    I found this blog via the Jag website!! and was very intersted in your comments. As a Jag fan I was a “bit surprised” by the new XJ, but recently saw one on the M1 out for a test run in Dark Blue and it looked really good much better than the pictures, in fact on the motorway it looked smaller than I expected.
    I liked the Bangle Beemers – that edgy design gave them real presence and fluidity to look at and the new one is a more mordern softer looking version – more grown up? (Works better on the7 than 5 ).The XJ is not going head to head with the new 7 or C class. More of an extra option between the two. They are not aiming at flooding the market ie Audi style – a car for every minute of the day! – but like a Maserati its another choice.
    At least if they keep trying to out do each other we all benefit in the long run!

  23. RayCee says:

    I’m not a fan of BMW but know they make good cars. I love Jags and this is a stunner. In my opinion the best in class. Having said that, others will disagree and that is what choice is all about.
    It will take sales off other brands but it doesn’t go head to head with any brand in particular. Jaguar has its unique style which appeals to some and not others. There is also brand loyalty as some are showing here in their comments.

  24. emanuel says:

    sorry, but from my point of view one can never compare ANY of the BMW cars with XJ, when we talk about interior/exterior look. As for driving experience, indeed the two are different: one flies, the other one gives you the raw power. It’s a matter of taste.

  25. Eric says:

    I’m a novice when it comes to this class of car. I’m an owner of a lumbering expedition. I was stationed in Germany for 5 years and completely fell in love with BMW. So I bought a ’99 3 series when they first came out and loved it. Unfortunately I had to trade it in because the family got bigger. I always vowed that I would get another Bimmer, and am about to make the big purchase soon. I was looking hard at the 7er and was all set to get one, till I saw the XJ in person. It blew my mind to look at it, and fascinated me when I test drove it. It’s the in between vehicle. Doesnt handle as well as the 7er (close) and just as luxury as the S-Class and LS. Very vehicle. Jag has created a monster.

  26. Riley Evans says:

    Hi I work for jaguar and I’m not going to biased but I can tell you jaguar are sorting out the rear end of this car before any of you complain

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