Marketing 101 : How would you market a BMW?

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Here is a question that was posed by a BMW marketing person on a the Germancarzone forum.While I am not a marketing major graduate, I …

Here is a question that was posed by a BMW marketing person on a the Germancarzone forum.While I am not a marketing major graduate, I have always been fascinated with the themes and ideas behind the launch of a new BMW product and have always wondered what would I have done differently.

Most of their recent marketing themes have been quite inspiring, but others were lacking the punch that pushes a product forward.

With that being said, take a look at the questions below, read upon their idea of a marketing theme and let’s see what we can come up with. Btw, this focuses on how you would present the canceled BMW CS Concept(7 Series GT as known internally).

How would you market a BMW?

“Since there is a varied interest in what I do how would you market a BMW?

Here is a chance to show your creativity and share your ideas for a presentation for the ( say if it was happening) and I will make it easy or hard the –BMW CS Concept aka
BMW 7er Gran Turismo.

bmw m711 655x491

The above image is just an artists rendering of what the BMW 7 Series GT might look like

What visuals would you use? What kind of music and what demographic are you aiming for with this car?

Your challenge is to develop a theme using the below brief.

“The 7er Gran Turismo will be the flagship of the BMW brand. A worthy dynamic car that will be unsurpassed , unrivaled , unequaled and unbeatable. The design is a sleek low four door Coupe in which it’s jaw dropping design is just the beginning of how the car drives and performs. Inside the car is luxurious with a sporty edge , 4 passengers sit in supreme luxury. The car is the epitome of what the BMW brand is all about “Sheer Driving Pleasure”

Themes to be used can include : Design.Luxury.Comfort.Sport.Dynamic.Efficiency.Performance.

I will go first.

A floating line which moves like a snake appears as it moves across the screen we have some text “unsurpassed” and then another line ,”Unrivaled” then another “Unequaled,” then another and so on before they begin to form the outline and the areas of the car , as it flashes to the actual car where the CGi generated line equals the car , the rear swag line , where the rear wheel arch sits and so on to the lines form the car and then the CGI lines form the car which then from the shadows reveal the actual car.
Still in the shadows we see the sculpted bonnet spread as the light hits, illuminating the BMW badge , then the side sculpture , glasshouse , rear wheel arches , the outline of the taillights , the roof and so on , Then after a pan to the front the LED angel eyes illuminate as the close up goes to the LED and more floating lines that move like snakes begin to form the interior again the same idea as the interior emerges from the shadows. showcasing the comfort and luxury awaiting the owner.

For the driving sequence – I would use either an Asian city either Singapore , Shanghai or Tokyo – A modern metropolis besieged by light and visuals. Driving at night with the car on the streets that reflect it’s neon to the cars surfaces. driving through the city streets at night on overhead highways plenty of driving shots across bridges – engine at full growl , stop-start and Brake energy regeneration at interchanges and stop-lights. POV of the car driving through the streets. And then a cut to to the world famous high way in Abu Dhabi where the car will be seen negotiating the curves and straights allowing plenty of helicopter shots from the air and gyro camera shots from the ground over , aside and on the car as it negotiates the road.

The final stop would be in a City at sunrise as the car pulls to a stop the sunlight reflects the cars design sculpture as it pulls to a stop at sunrise with a new metropolis behind it (say Dubai).

The music to begin with will be low electronic beats per minute , till we get to the driving sequences a bit more electronically with classical overtones – Euphoric music.

Now you go.”

End Quote.

8 responses to “Marketing 101 : How would you market a BMW?”

  1. Gord says:

    My little film would start off with a premiere event where everybody is arriving in CS’s (blacked out of course).

    At the event the BMW CS is in the dark, lights carefully roll over to expose different parts, and when the car is visible, the camera zooms into the kindey grille and then zooms out.

    When it zooms out the CS is driving on a high mountain road where its engine is heard.

    Then the screen slowly changes to an urban scene where the CS is cruising around.

    Then the screen again slowly changes to a nature with a little waterfall and some animals, where the CS is slowly driving through (on a road of course).

    The the screen again slowly changes to a highway, and follows the CS’ path. The CS goes off an exit ramp and into the city. The CS’ then drives to the premiere event’s location, and enters it where it joins the first CS.

  2. Philmoney says:

    Starts out with a E23 745i Turbo flying down the Autobahn. 80’s electronica (or hell, the Scorpions) blasting. As it exits, the skin peels away and turns into an E32 750i pulling through Los Angeles and arriving at a fancy restaurant. Now there’s ritzy, classical music playing.

    A wealthy-looking older gentleman gets out. He hands his keys to the young valet. Valet smiles and gets in. As he pulls away, camera sits low on the street, skin sheds to reveal the E38 with the shards of old car still there in front of the camera. Manson is on the radio.

    Valet pulls into a parking garage and as he does so the skin sheds again and the E65 pulls out. As the camera turns to follow it we are in Moscow as it starts to snow. The E65 pulls over near a loud, thumping club, techno playing, and as a Mafioso guy gets out the camera pulls inside. The door clicks and as it starts to drive away the skin peels off again.

    Now there’s modern music playing, something reserved. We see it from the outside and it is the new F01 driving through the streets of Munich. It pulls into the BMW headquarters and through some shadows the car transforms one last time, now into the CS. The lines of the car flash with electricity, highlighting certain points of the car as designers walk around it.

    As the camera flashes around the car, the number 7 and the letters CS sizzle across the screen, and we see the 7 begin to change into the letters, then they lock in. The result is the badge of the new car, chrome on a black background: CS.

  3. MiguelBM says:

    Do this BMW its beautiful!!
    It´s a Audi A7 com competitor? And if it is will crash the A7

  4. viper says:

    it will not , trust me , bmw wont come up with a 4 door coupe for at least 4 four more years , by that time u will see third generation MB CLS and second facelifted generation A7…..

  5. bmw says:

    Who hear remembers the Hire series from BMW that was extreme probably the best marketing scheme ever

  6. LBOOGY says:

    My theme would be simple, The scene would open up with the camera moving towards the CS and then, all of the sudden, the car would start rocking!, ?. The camera than moves inside revealing me having sex with Halle Berry. Then it would close saying, “LBoogy The Ultimate F!@#%^* Machine! Now thats marketing!!!!

  7. They are amazing, don`t need a lot of words.

  8. Babken says:

    What a wonderful-looking car. Unsurpassed design. I wish BMW made such a car. If 7 Series had such an exterior, it would finally destroy the s-class.

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