BMW to kill 5 Series Wagon in favor of the 5 GT?

Rumors | July 10th, 2009 by 24
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Many auto publications were reporting yesterday that the future of BMW 5 Series Wagon model in the U.S. market might be in jeopardy. During the …

Many auto publications were reporting yesterday that the future of BMW 5 Series Wagon model in the U.S. market might be in jeopardy. During the BMW 5 Series GT preview event, the 5 Series Wagon sales numbers have come up and while nothing has been confirmed by Martin Birkmann, Manager Product Planning and Strategy, some publications interpreted some of his statements as a hint that 5 Wagon era is coming to an end.

Again, we can’t confirm these rumors, but we do have to agree that a move to phase out the grossly undersold 5 Series Wagon model could be a smart move in BMW’s part. The year-to-date sales of the 5er Wagon total 395 units, a comparable difference between now and four years ago when the 5 Wagon sales peaked at 2,351 units sold.

Even though the 5 Series GT was not built to compete against the Wagon models, the concept behind this car seems to be far more appealing to many people. Despite the higher base price, the  5 GT truly is a premium luxurious car and at the same time, a perfect vehicle for longer journeys as well.

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The BMW 5 Series GT will launch in the U.S. market in November and BMW expects to sell more than 4,000 units per year. The base price of the 5 Series GT is rumored to be between $65,000 and $70,000.

If BMW decides to pull the plug on the 5 Series Wagon, it will be a decision that will draw some criticism from the BMW community and might even increase the price of used 5er Wagons.

[Source: Car and Driver ]

24 responses to “BMW to kill 5 Series Wagon in favor of the 5 GT?”

  1. MIrza says:

    I sure hope that this would not be true for Europe because Wagon is an importent modell over here:)

  2. Bradley Wint says:

    I dont think the GT looks all that great as compared to the wagon honestly.

  3. kafkef says:

    @ Bradley Wint – I think the complete opposite.
    I doubt BMW would kill the wagon in favor of the GT, especially not in Europe. The GT just isn’t as practical, which is important because in the end most people who buy wagons have families/children and need the boot space the wagons have.

    • Bradley Wint says:

      Interesting point you made there. I would have to agree that in the EU regions, the wagons are popular for that sort of thing, but over here, when you think of families, you think of the soccer mom mini vans, and I think thats why there have been such low sales of the 5er wagon (less than 400 unites of the whole of the US). At the end, I don’t know what the final result may be, but I know when people have say 2+ kids, they get those big mini vans, so many potential BMW family owners may turn towards the X line. who knows.

  4. kcsnayud says:

    Guys, think about this. BMW is smashing the wagon cos nobody buys them. If we needed the wagon this much, it would sell better :I

  5. tiM3 says:

    Will be a sad day for those of us who own these great, practical vehicles.

  6. viper says:

    since when the wagon 5er is in the same league with the coming 5 gt…..that is the stupidest thing

  7. Lance says:

    If I was in this market, I would definately conside the GT and not the wagon. As for whether they shouold pull the plug, well, they should have thought about this when they were making the GT. I don’t think BMW should take it out completely. Afterall, how much does it actually cost for them to ship it to the US? (assuming that they’ll keep making it in Europe) – more choices will be beneficial to BMW. You don’t want those customers who would have wanted the 5Wagon but do not want the GT to go to Audi or Merc. Offer both as it does not cost BMW much more money to have the wagon as well – it’s basically an extended 5 Series.

  8. pkfolly says:

    Seems a pity to me, I think the wagon is the nicest looking car in the 5 series, and if I was in the market to upsize (we have a 3 series wagon) that’s the one I would look at.

  9. The Lee says:

    What a sad day it’ll be when the touring is ditched in favor of that fugly (IMO) GT.


  10. Gord says:

    I thought the GT had as much space as the 5 series wagon ?

  11. Gil says:

    Ugh… I haven’t warmed up to the 5 GT. Yet.
    I still prefer the 5 wagon. :(
    Then again, even if they discontinue the wagon here, they will still sell it in Europe, right? Can’t we take European Delivery? :)

  12. AC says:

    I’m one of those wagon fans that will be sad to see the Touring go. I recently bought a 2010 535 wagon with the M-Sport package and not only it’s a great car but it was a SMOKING deal!

    Here are some pictures

  13. I’m a delighted E61 owner who was impatiently awaiting for the F11. This would be sad news for American consumers… :( Those are great vehicles for people with families who don’t want to drive boats. The GT is really more going towards the X line & minivans, which just doesn’t do it for me. BMW would loose my business there if I can’t bring one back to the US!

  14. Jeff Moore says:

    where was the smoking deal? What was it?

  15. John says:

    The GT looks like an overpriced Chevy Citation mixed with a dose of dodge charger. to date the ugliest BMW I have ever seen.

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