Rendering 2011 BMW 5 Series: Could this be the real deal?

Rumors | July 9th, 2009 by 24
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It has been a while since we have focused on the upcoming 2011 BMW 5 Series models, but we are back today with news, rumors …

It has been a while since we have focused on the upcoming 2011 BMW 5 Series models, but we are back today with news, rumors and of course, computer generated images. The latest edition of the popular German magazine, Auto Zeitung features on the homepage a front-end rendering of the new 5 Series.

We remember the days after the BMW 5 Series GT came out and every single rendering artist out there was trying to guess the new 5 design based on GT model, an assumption that over time has proven to be a wrong. Very many people close to BMW have confirmed the 5 Gran Turismo and the new 5 Series model are very different. First, the 5 Series will have a lower sitting position and second, the front-end sports smaller kidneys than the ones in the GT.

So when this new rendering came out, Scott27 jumped in and stated that the rendering is very close to the real deal, but we can’t confirm anything at this point. We’re working on getting more feedback from other BMW sources and see what the general consensus is.

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He does seem fairly comfortable stating that the rendering is not that far off from this and points out that BMW has recently previewed some of the development features for certain journalists.

We have to admit that the rendering looks quite intriguing, but for some reason, the car looks to massive for us. While we know that the new 5 is a bit wider and longer, the above rendering gives the impression of a 7 Series wheelbase.

We do like the kidneys far better than on the 7, smaller and a bit stretched out horizontally. The front bumper is exactly as the one that leaked last year, so no major surprises here.

Recently, we also learned that there is a high probability the new BMW 5 Series will be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010.

[Source: via GCZ ]

24 responses to “Rendering 2011 BMW 5 Series: Could this be the real deal?”

  1. Giom says:

    I think it looks massive because the artist used a 7 series as his base work. Even if he had shrunked it down to more 5 series proportions, the side graphic still remains familliar to us as a seven.

    As for the rendering, looks pretty good!

    Question: Why is the GT and sedan so far apart? Is this strategy or engineering? My thinking is that BMW needed people to get used to the GT (the new concept) without the distraction of the sedan (the well known establishment). When it comes to new things, people need a little shove in the right direction before they can accept it – and BMW probably knows this more than anybody else.

  2. Bdor says:

    The next 5 series is already outhere, it’s called GT. Of course it will look like a sedan, but the front and side lines will be the same.

    • remus says:

      “Very many people close to BMW have confirmed the 5 Gran Turismo and the new 5 Series model are very different.”…. have you read this article at all?

      • Horatiu B. says:

        No, didn’t read that one too well….after sleeping 6 hrs in 3 days and driving pretty much all the time, kinda hard to focus…I do count on you guys to keep me honest..

  3. Tony says:

    Looking good :)

  4. Gasper says:

    From someone who works in Hella factory I have an infomation that the front lights will be same as GT has it.

  5. _Auday_ says:

    the front looks nice, but I’m afraid the actual car will have BMW(tm) beaver face of the 7/X1/5GT with a taller kidney grills that streach down below the lights level

  6. viper says:

    looks good , I think its about 90% the real deal , but what really caught my attention there is the new S class…that car looks amazing and sorry I think the 7er has no no No and no chance at all when the new S arrives , a lot of problems for both will give the all new A8…..again in terms of design and beauty bmw failed again , miserably. sorry for off topic chat but I am a huge fan of Benz and Bmw , and I ave to say really… Benz is a whole class above bmw….two classes goes as far as for S class vs 7er

    • Giom says:

      Thats down to taste. A lot of people probably think as you do, and a lot don’t.

      I took one look at that S class and thought -damn, how to Japyfie a Benz in one easy step. That thing is hidious!

      Look, if there was one design that all found acceptalbe, it would be a pretty boring place. Your view of the 7 is that it’s ugly and it woun’t sell as well as the better looking S. My view is that people who like the 7 better, will buy it. Others that find the S better will buy that one. They do cater for different tastes.

  7. Vaybach Khan says:

    you can see the grills at last spy photos post here at bmwblog…if bmw 5 sedan have the same front as 5gt then gt will lose his charm…and point of existence…i think it will be different, not much,but still with his own charm…and whole gt idea is to be special kinds…

  8. jason says:

    @viper: the s class to me looks a lot worse than the 7 series, they did a good job with the new taillights though, the s class is too similar to the maybach, bmw has more personality and style in the current 7

  9. Lance says:

    I think the car looks good. Looks like it’s alive! The question is… will BMW make it look worse and come out with something disappointing, which seems to be the norm these past few months.

  10. Frederik says:

    This does look good to me, but I really hope they’re not going the same way as Audi, where the A8 and A6 can hardly be told apart, except if they’re next to each other.

    I simply hope the 5 series won’t become a miniature 7. (And the same thing for the next 3 series)

    @Viper: I agree on what you say about the next Audi A8 (Audi is the hardest competition for BMW at this moment, not MB)
    However, I do think the S-class will always have its own audience. The problem with any Mercedes is that, if you want a fast one, you have to get the really big (and expensive) engines.
    BMW has far better cars, even if the engines are lighter.

  11. viper says:

    it sucks when audi is our competition these days…it really sucks….I think MB never was a bmw rival , correction , MB has no rivals , all the others are one class below….audi shares 2nd place with bmw

    • _Auday_ says:

      could you elaborate more on why you think MB is no1 ? is it sales (negative), build quality and materials (negative), sport drivabilty and handling (absolutly negative), ride comfort( positive, right BMW are a bit harsher but sportier), luxury (subjective but I’d say negative, bmw interior is more luxurious these days), design ( subjective, but yeah I would agree with you on this one).

      Overall BMW bypassed MB in almost everything, even the brand name. if you are talking 80s then yes MB was in a different class, now BMW is becoming the standard, while MB sank down since the days they were 27th on JD power rating.

    • Bradley says:

      I disagree with that viper. Guess who’s running for best car in America now? BMW…they are pushing Lexus off the top spot. Also, BMW is a driver’s car rather than one of be driven it. Mercedes is coming out with a whole host of powerful cars, yet their biggest downfall is that the power cannot connect to the road, only a bunch of wheel spin, lack of control and excess smoke. BMW may be have less powerful plants, but at least they are very tight on the road and handle like a racing machine.

      BMW offers great style and innovation, a ton of comparable and even better features than the MB, sells better, etc. Audi in no way can be compared to BMW, neither mercedes as a matter.

  12. adrian says:

    i love that new 5er!!!!

  13. adrian says:

    I totally agree with viper

  14. adrian says:

    and frederik has a really good point

  15. viper says:

    thanx adrian, to auday and bradly u guys obviously cant stand the facts…..MB is a better car , accept it or suffer cuz u cant see that….in terms of everything MB is a better car , top end models AMGs are overpriced though but who cares….ur bmw is better on the track its got sharper handling and that about it…..that is ur bmw , ur bmw has a new rival called audi….although fwd its pretty close to bmw..examples are Q7 , R8 , RS6 , Q5 , the coming A7 , multitronic…and it looks better and sexier… BMW is simply in opinion getting to old..there was something… a few years ago called CS…

  16. audi a8 used says:

    I love reading this article, a very informative one. Nice article, thank you.

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